Don Amante – The Sensual Hunter Method Download


Hey, this is Don and right now,
I’m going to show you my super-secret process……of luring girls in with very innocent conversations, quickly turning them sexual and, before the woman knows it, we’re in full-on booty call planning mode or she’s dragging me to her appartment.
Why should you listen to me?
Because before I learned what I’m about to show you in the above video, I was an absolute disgrace with women! I went through the first 85% of my life barely even getting an occasional date and nothing I tried worked, no method, no “Get Laid Fast” products, nothing.
I had all the signs of depression. I was feeling:
And that’s when I met Trevor…a sleazy looking guy in a dirty leather jacket
A strange thing would happen every time I saw him out he would somehow get a girl to talk to him for a couple minutes. You could actually see her nipples get hard… and by the end of the night, they’d be walking out of the bar together.
Everything Trevor taught me I will teach YOU inside my new course:
The Sensual Hunter Method
This video course will teach you how to get:

Oral or Full Sex on the first date,
One night stands with women you’re actually proud to show off to your friends,
and quick sexual encounters that you don’t have to spend a ton of time on.
I’ll reveal to you how my trojan horse method disarms any woman’s defenses…
At the start of the conversation, when you first meet a woman, she has her defenses up. She knows she doesn’t want to have sex with you but she’d just love it if you give her some entertaining conversation and buy her a drink.
Before she knows it, the Sexual Trojan Horse is at work. Minutes later you two are discussing your favorite sexual positions and what turns you on.
This isn’t just an eBook, it’s a full multi-media immersion experience
You get full videos where I take you through every piece of your game… from what to do when you step. This is so you know my exact tonality, exact places to pause, and exact delivery. You ever notice that when you try something from an ebook or forum post, it just doesn’t work?
That’s because your brain can’t tell how something is supposed to sound like just by reading it. So I want to make sure you have the full experience. And even include the audio mp3’s that you can download and play in your car.
Fast action bonuses
Order now and get these bonuses absolutely FREE:
Bonus #1: The day game predator sequence

Just to make the whole world your seduction playground, I’m going to include the Daygame Predator Sequence. This way, 24 hours a day, you always have access to the method that can line your calendar with access to hot women.
Bonus #2: How to make a girl ejaculate

You also get the “How To Make A Girl Ejaculate” Training Module. This was going to be it’s own completely separate product. And to be honest, it probably will be sold separately very soon.
But if you know how to give a girl an orgasm she will brag to her friends about. Not only will she keep coming back wanting to sleep with youagain and again, But you’ll be having sex with more and more women.
Bonus #3: 1 Month free trial of “The Amazing 6-Month Lifestyle Challenge”
I’m going to include a free month of my $29.99 Amazing 6-Month Lifestyle challenge.
This is my monthly program where I take you through my entire 6-month journey with my mentor Trevor.
Bonus #4: “1 Weird Trick for Attracting Young Hotties”

There are many ways to direct any conversation towards sex. But there’s one way that works better than all the others put together in positioning yourself as the go-to guy when these hotties crave sex.
I’m going to give you this weird trick to making women want to f@ck you, especially the young hot ones. WARNING! Use this on uglier girls and you might get rejected.
Bonus #5: “101 Sneaky Sexpressions”

I bet you know when it’s time to talk about sex but, most of the times, the right words just don’t come to mind. I’ve put together a list of the best 101 words and expressions that you can review and use on a daily basis.
if you can incorporate even half of them into your daily conversations, you’re well on your way to sparking red hot attraction with ANY female that comes your way.