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Stop Playing Games And Truly Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

I’ve Mapped Out The FOUNDATIONS For Creating A Vibrant Social/Sexual Life REGARDLESS Of Your Current Situation

Imagine living a lifestyle that is filled with constant thrill and adventure. A life where gorgeous women are CHASING YOU while you simply LIVE LIFE and make it a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.

I’m talking about…

  • Becoming A “Fascinating Man” who NATURALLY compels women to CHASE HIM and attempt to win him over. Allowing YOU to “truly” choose the women YOU WANT.
  • Becoming A “Fascinating Man” who is both socially and SEXUALLY fearless. Shamelessly building/living the lifestyle YOU WANT because YOU find it most fun and enjoyable
  • Becoming A “Fascinating Man” who intrinsically has HIGH STATUS by simply being and expressing yourself
  • Exploring The “10Lifestyle” Process that allows a person to EXTENSIVELY DESIGN both YOUR social life and sex life in whatever manner YOU think is IDEAL.
  • Understanding “Proof Is In The Pudding” because it’s YOUR LIFE. Either YOU ARE “living life” or merely surviving.

This Is YOUR OPPORTUNITY To Start Living Life

The “window of opportunity” is wide open and I’m here to help you. FIRST, I want to EXPOSE that majority of the celebrities and wealthy people who through social media created this “illusion” of living life. I can tell you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that majority of them live a rather mundane/boring lifestyle while the other handful live a life of “inconsistency”. Even some of the people I knew and learnt from were NOT living life on a consistent basis. This for me was one of the saddest realizations since I learnt that “to them” I was the one living life. O yea, and those women you find on social media taking all those selfies. Let’s just say, the process of them taking a selfie was generally the “highlight” of their night.

Regardless, people in general live mundane and boring lives. Just ask any random person how their social and/or sex life is looking. Which is why it is YOUR DUTY to inspire them by simply GOING FIRST and becoming that “Fascinating Man” who gives others THE OPPORTUNITY to come along into his lifestyle.

Society, Culture, And The Dating Industry Have It All Wrong

One of the biggest issues when it comes to lifestyle design and dating in general is the swarms of dogmatic beliefs ranging from “social norms” to the “seduction community”. People are giving advice with little to no FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. Simply throwing out assumptions and logical theory with attempts to seem intellectually knowledgeable. They’re just making the situation worst.

Did You Know That…

  • Women actually LOVE SEX
  • While focusing on living an amazing life, women who you’re highly attracted to could be CHASING YOU
  • You can have an abundance of women without having to chase them
  • You can “agree” to hookup with someone in the span of 5 minutes
  • You can “hookup” with a woman just off the basis of having a fun time together
  • You don’t need to ever go on a “date”
  • You can go out EXPLORING the mindset of being a “Fascinating Man” and actually experience all of the above

You wouldn’t know at this “current” moment since YOU LACK THE EXPERIENCE of being a “Fascinating Man”. However, YOUR OPPORTUNITY IS COMING…

Most Men Are Either “Passive Daters” Or “Serial Chasers”

There is no way for these type of people to ever know certain “potential possibilities” since one “majority” is lucky to meet 1 girl in the month while the other “majority” is at your random pub hitting on every chick hoping someone decent enough will choose him. Are you the type of guy who meets 3 to 4 women a month hoping to end your dry spell? OR that guy who HIT ON 30 different women in a bar a night hoping to find a decent girl who is down? Regardless which answer you choose, IT IS TIME TO CHANGE…

Truth Can Withstand Even The Most Rigorous Tests

Proof is always in the pudding and “experience” is king. I can provide you the roadmap to DRASTICALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE but it is your duty to actually go out and gain experience in order to verify what I myself have explored for the past two years now.

See, if your knowledge isn’t based on sufficient PERSONAL EXPERIENCES and you simply just believe or disbelieve then all you’ve done is made an assumption that now limits you.

For instance, imagine an experienced hunter who spotted a certain “track” and KNOWS the animal MOST LIKELY is headed to high ground due to PAST EXPERIENCES. Meanwhile the 2nd hunter who has a Degree in “tracking” simply says “not high ground” due to what a textbook says NOT his own first hand experience. For the “experienced” 1st hunter to agree with the 2nd hunter would mean he gave up knowledge/truth that he knew based on the CONSISTENCY OF PAST EXPERIENCES for the faith of some dogmatic beliefs in a text book that probably wasn’t ever actually explored by anyone.

That sort of dilemma is exactly what is happening when it comes to people’s social/dating life, a lot of dogmatic beliefs with little to no FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE to actually assess the profitability AND PROBABILITIES of its application. How do I know this?

If YOU KNEW Majority Of Women WANTED TO MEET YOU All You Had To Do Was GIVE HER THE OPPORTUNITY Would You Ever Be Fearful To Go Up To Her And Give Her A Chance To Meet You?

What I’m providing to YOU is the “foundations” that will enable you to create every aspect of both your social life and sex life in the manner YOU CONSIDER MOST FUFILLING…

  • I will teach you about the “explorers mindset” which will allow you to avoid falling into dogmatic beliefs as you learn how to TRULY experience, learn, and grow while also uncovering new “potential possibilities”
  • I will teach you “how to” shift your whole viewpoint almost over-night INSTANTLY reducing your fears and making life much more fulfilling
  • I will teach you “how to” be the social maniac moving in the FAST TRACK of your lifestyle development
  • I will teach you about the “supermodel” mindset that will INSTANTLY boost your confidence and self-worth, which will compel women to chase you
  • I will teach you about “sexuality” and “The Gray Area” that I actually learned while hanging out with my gay, bi-sexual and lesbian friends. If you thought you knew about expressing sexuality, you’re in for a GAME CHANGER
  • I will REVEAL the “unbias” truth about women. The irony is how practical and straightforward it is. Of course, EXPERIENCING IT PERSONALLY is where the profound breakthroughs occur
  • I will DE-CONSTRUCT the “10lifestyle” Process STEP BY STEP. Once learnt, you can basically go to any new city alone and build a vibrant social/sex life.

Harmoniously mesh together social circles, social networking and cold approach to take your lifestyle to the next level.
Living a life of abundance and enjoying every moment of it, being a fascinating man women can’t help being drawn into, building a social circle of beautiful women and amazing men are some of those things that aren’t talked about or really even considered in the pickup artist community.

The community places a large emphasis on the technical intricacies of cold-approach and “training” to become an effective chaser, through thousands of rejections, but rarely tell us where the whole thing is supposed to be heading. Well, let me tell you…

1. Cold Approach Mastery Is UNPROFITABLE Your life will pass you by if you spend it TRYING to gain “cold approach mastery”…

You will be 3 years in and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it besides a few epic stories. You will also find it TIME CONSUMING just to even get abit of consistency.

And so most pick up artists, even the ones who achieve mastery, end up with a cool little skill (being able to walk up to stranger and get an interaction going), but since it was so hard for them to acquire it, and after such an emotionally-charged “training”, they fail to recognize that cold-approach is just a tool, and besides some basic social skills, there’s not much other tools they need to express who they are and get access to the best life has to offer.

The second big shift in perspective, you will make is the following:

2. Focus On Living An Incredible Lifestyle

You don’t need to ever hit on chicks or TRY because you are naturally attractive. YOU ARE THE OPPORTUNITY. The best route is developing your life around things your passionate about and continually take it to the next level. Allow people to come along by simply inviting them to come along. This is the highest form of expression as it shows WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE.

Socialize during the day and night but focus more on living. What do you do in life? Welp invite people. You like watching some tv show bring 2-3 chicks over to chill and drink. You like shopping for food, bring 2-3 chicks along and to smoke with you later (for you weed heads). You’re going out with your boys, bring 4-5 girls along.

The gist is to always have women around you as you go about your life. But how do you interact if your no longer CHASING?

3. It Is Time To Build Your POOL Of Women To Chose From
“Emotions are like cocaine” does not matter her logic. You set this frame she is compelled to chase especially if your THE RIGHT GUY. The gist of all this is “Women are willing to do anything with the right guy who creates the opportunity/excuse”.

These three ideas are the foundations you’ll build your lifestyle around.

This is where this book comes in…