Differences Between Gaming Cougars and Younger Women

Differences Between Gaming Cougars and Younger Women
Differences Between Gaming Cougars and Younger Women

Some people may say “age is just a number,” but there are real differences in how you should go about hitting on women that are quite a bit older than you.  In some areas, you have more freedom in how you can act.  In other areas, you have significantly less freedom.  Here are some ways you will need to adjust your seduction strategy.

Cougars Conversational Topics

If you go to bars and nightclubs regularly, you may notice that it can be difficult to keep a young woman’s attention.  There are distracting lights, loud music, and drunk friends dragging the woman in multiple directions.

With older women, you have the advantage that they have matured to the point where they can hold a conversation and not get all ADHD on you.  While younger women have trouble focusing on what you’re saying, especially when drunk, cougars will not only be able to listen, but will appreciate a deeper level of conversation.

There’s also the fact that cougars will be more interested in sophisticated conversation that younger women will not want to focus on, especially while out in the bars and clubs.  This is especially true if you live in an area like Southern California, where people in general are less sophisticated than in urban areas like New York and Boston.  Conversations that interest only the smartest, most sophisticated 23 year olds in your area will be very interesting for most women in their late 30’s or early 40’s.

Here are some topics that cougars will appreciate that younger women will not:

Differences Between Gaming Cougars and Younger Women

• Spirituality (Especially New Age & Eastern Religions like Buddhism, Zen, and Hinduism)
• Yoga & Pilates
• Books
• History
• Sociology
• Philosophy
• Deeper Analysis of Movies & Pop Culture

Now you can easily overdo this, so don’t go into Oxford professor mode and start trying to sound smart. If you are naturally into these topics, you can freely talk about them.  Let me make one thing clear: you are not trying to impress a cougar when you talk about these topics.  You’re not trying to sound “mature” or “intelligent.”  It’s fine if the older woman thinks you’re mature and intelligent, but it should never be your end goal.  The reason I am cautioning you is because once you fall into the trap of seeking a woman’s approval, you make every other part of the seduction many times more difficult.

If you’re into “New Age” practices and concepts like yoga, meditation, chakras, and reading about spiritual gurus in Borders book stores, then you will often have a lot to talk about with cougars.  For some reason, the New Age community is saturated with women in their late 30’s and 40’s.  My own theory is that New Age spirituality is very attractive to people who feel unfulfilled in their lives (at any age), and a single woman at 38 is bound to look around for things to fill the void.

Note that I’m not suggesting you lie about your interest in these topics.  Most of the time, the woman will be able to tell if you’re lying.  Even if you’re a convincing liar, you’ll find it unfulfilling long term to have to use trickery to get women into bed.  Remember that you sleeping with an older woman is a “win-win” situation, so there’s no reason to try to put one over on her.

Cougars Pop Culture References

Surprisingly, cougars are actually pretty up to date with current pop culture references.  Most things you’ll hear on pop radio will be songs they know.  They’re not listening to perpetual 80’s music.

At the same time, your range for humor and shared nostalgia goes much further back with cougars than with younger women.  Throwing a Debbie Gibson or He-Man reference can get you some extra points.
With all women, some shared nostalgia can build a connection quickly.  You may have noticed that when a friend of yours mentions an action figure toy you forgot all about, it’s a happy moment for both of you.

If you enjoyed movies or music from the 1980’s, throw it in there.  Don’t do that exclusively, but if there’s a time to make a joke about “The Breakfast Club,” it’s when talking to a cougar.

Cougars Less Time to Ramp Up Sexuality

I believe that with every woman, you are best making your sexual interests known as early as possible.This goes for both verbal and physical dimensions, though it’s not always said overtly.  With cougars, it’s even more important that you go that route and get her to see you in a sexual frame of mind.  If you mess this up, you can easily disqualify yourself in the first ten minutes of talking to her and no chance Gaming Cougars.