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In fact, most guys have no F*CKING clue what an amazing girlfriend is! If you went by your friends, TV and the media, you’d think it was..

..A Lazy Bitch Who Pretends To Care Yet Secretly Treats Her Man Like Shit!

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

You’ve seen it with your friends or family and thought, “Why the hell is he putting up with this? He could do so much better!”

Because the truth is… he could be doing so much better. And so could you.

Here’s Something Most Badasses Desire:

Imagine having an amazing, hot, devoted girlfriend..

Imagine her GLADLY getting down on bended knee and sucking your hard dick when you want..

Imagine her making you hot tea and giving your shoulders a rubdown whenever you want..

Imagine her bragging to her friends about how much better you are AS A MAN than any other guy..

And best of all, imagine her inspiring you to be…

the BEST, MOST SUCCESSFUL,MOST DOMINANT YOU that you can possibly be

I try to keep my private life private as an award-winning expert in the science of dating, psychology and human behavior..As a man who has dedicated his entire life to transforming men into the most attractive and successful versions of themselves, AND..

As a man who has already successfully done it with nearly 200,000 men in more than 120 countries (after being just a lonely virgin a few years ago!).


I do have a girlfriend who lives with me and is completely devoted to me and what I’m doing with my life.

The fact of the matter is it’s great.

However, with some girls? You need to be fast. With others, they need more romance first.

(I’ve read every book, watched every seminar and even spent hours studying the famous “romance novels” out there. Unfortunately, none of them possessed this hidden intel that’s made turning an amazing girl into your amazing girlfriend easy as cherry pie for my hundreds of happy clients.)

On this page I’m going to show you how to quickly discover which one she is… you can avoid losing her by accident. (Happens all the time.) And then, I may even show you the 5 steps to taking her from “amazing girl” to your devoted girlfriend at the exact speed YOU want it to go.

So if you want it to happen fast, no problem.

And if you want to be patient with it first, and really make sure she’s the right fit before you make her your devoted girl, then we can do that too.

Now remember: With some girls, you need to be fast. And with others, they need more romance first.

Here’s how you’re gonna do it:

7+ Years Of Field Research In This!

In addition to my own tens of thousands of hours of ‘real-world’ experience and coaching private clients, I’ve also read more than 1,100 books in the last 3 years – most on dating, relationsips and cognitive psychology.

In addition, there are thousands of studies being done everyday on male/female relationships. My research team and I continue to go through all of them, so you don’t have to.

After you’ve built up some desire in her and there’s a good flirtatious vibe going on, lead her to a different location.

Doesn’t matter where or how far. It could be from standing up to sitting at a table. It could be from talking inside to getting some fresh air outside. All that matters is you’re leading her somewhere new.

Now here’s the magic:

As you’re about to move, look at her with your best puppy-dog eyes and say:

“Just be gentle…I’ve had my heart broken before.”

Yes, it’s a great line proven to work like magic on her emotions but what’s more important is how she responds.

There are two ways she can respond:

  1. 1 The Playful Response
  2. 2 The SERIOUS Response

If you get the Playful Response, this is your green light to proceed with speed.

If you get the Serious Response, you know she’s going to need more romance and trust-building first.

You’ll know she’s giving you the playful response if she gives you the puppy-dog eyes back, goes “Awwwww!” or gives you any type of playful response back (my favorite was when this former Playboy model told me, “I promise I’ll be on my worst behavior.”).

And how can you tell if she’s giving you the serious response?

Easy – she’ll be serious. She’ll take what you just said seriously and say, “I know, I’ve had that too” or “Yeah, love sucks. It hurts too much.” (BTW, if she does say something like that, you may want to reconsider this girl completely. She may be carrying some heavy baggage, left there by someone else, and you’re too important to be wasting your time dealing with someone else’s mess.)

Now you know which type of girl she is, and you know what to do next. Plus.. that little test right there has saved so many men from wasting dozens of hours and thousands of dollars from taking steps in the right direction with the WRONG woman!

Amazing to think about how many girls you could have gotten in the past if you would’ve just run this little test to find out her type: Was She Secretly A Fast-Paced Romance (playful) or a Trust-Based Romance (serious)?

No worries, because now you’ve got it. But if that’s gonna lead you in the right direction, then…

Knowing The 5 Steps To Getting A DEVOTED GIRLFRIEND are like having the entire treasure map in your possession You know how to do it as fast or as slow as you want.

I was recently divorced, depressed, stupid neediness, the whole thing. Then I followed this, go out first night, and get laid by a 10! Hottest chick I’ve ever been with.

3 months later, she’s my gf and completely obsessed with me. All I want to say is thanks man..

Anders P. – Austin, TX

And doing it this way ensures that it’s not a “typical relationship” where everyone looks at you and wonders, “Why is he with her? He could do so much better.”

Because instead, they’ll look at her and wonder, “How did she get so lucky to be his girl? And why can’t more girls treat their men as amazingly as she does him?”

That’s the intel I’m showing you inside JC’s Devoted Girlfriend System.

That’s the shit I don’t want you to miss out, and can’t wait for you to have.

I never planned on releasing this but a close friend implored me to reveal my most important lessons and best intel, which have taken me years to compile, into a system that I could share with Team Capital.

Dozens of men have already paid $3600 to learn this system and are raving about their results, and that’s what I’m here to share with you today.

You are now one click away from instantly accessing the entire Devoted Girlfriend System.

It includes:

  1. JC’s 5 Steps To Getting A Devoted Girlfriend
  2. The 8 Monster Mistakes That Turn Her “Devotion” Into Revulsion
  3. The 7 Secrets To KEEPING HER And INCREASING Her Devotion To You As Intensely As You Want
  4. The 7 Secrets To KEEPING HER and Increasing Her Devotion

Don’t miss the boat! Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside The Devoted Girlfriend System..

  • I’ll give you ONE PROVEN PSYCHOLOGICAL TECHNIQUE I discovered while reading a book about famous explorers to get a woman who’s unattainable. Either she friend-zoned you or she has a boyfriend. Use this and she’ll think about what a mistake she made!
  • Jot down and remember these three things that get her thinking about sleeping with you. By the time you make your move, you’ll be too late…because she’ll already be soaking wet and slipping her hand inside your pants
  • How to create IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION from the moment your eyes first meet…
  • How to keep her OBSESSED over you–long into the future…
  • 7 ways to have her practically begging to give you blowjobs…
  • The 4 foundation elements of the The Obsession Code man “archetype”: every man who employs the The Obsession Code embraces these 4 characteristics…
  • How to get her to do what you want with a smile on her face–you’ll learn how to create obedience and compliance in a woman (Please understand: She’ll still be strong and independent, but it comes to you, when it comes to her MAN, she’ll happily do what you say. Her feminine nature will takeover)
  • How to create implicit trust in a woman (it’s not what you’ve been taught)
  • 12 unconventional ways to communicate high value (no fakery required)
  • How being in control of your emotions is attractive…
  • The three most powerful TOOLS to magnify and amplify obsession in women…
  • How to know if a woman is irrationally obsessed over you–one telltale sign…
  • How to activate the female obsession DNA gene in a woman (No bullshit–this really does exist!)
  • How certainty influences perceived preselection…
  • How to turn a girl’s life into a romantic comedy where she wants to be the leading lady…
  • How to get a girl to bypass the logical (conscious) part of her brain and tap into the autonomic part–the part that controls her unconscious thoughts and feelings…
  • A woman would do anything for a man who has THIS one intoxicating quality (And it’s NOT looks, money or a big dick)
  • How being “emotionally dishonest” sabotages obsession in a woman
  • The secret to getting a girl to hold onto you for dear life–like handlebars on a rollercoaster ride…
  • How to ignite her “soulmate” fantasy…
  • The one quality that keeps her guessing about you, making you hard to figure out (and why this is ESSENTIAL to obsession)
  • The top three principles in the female mind’s selection process–and how you can shift them radically in your favour…
  • 11 Ways to use the principle of certainty/uncertainty to ratchet up the relationship.
  • The one thing a woman craves more than anything else in a relationship (besides dick)
  • What a group of gorillas (called a flange) can teach us about female obsession…
  • How to use your voice’s tonality to trigger deep unconscious attraction in a girl…
  • 7 unconscious questions that are looping through a girl’s mind about you constantly. Five of them you ultimately want to answer. But there’s two that should never be answered…
  • Why explaining yourself is an obsession turn-off in women…
  • How to communicate your status to trigger obsession…
  • The #1 Law of Fucking…
  • Why “fake till you make it” is a TERRIBLE strategy for generating attraction and obsession in women…

There’s way more. I could go on for pages. But you get the idea.

I’m unleashing everything I know,learned and experienced.

As you can see, the Devoted Girlfriend System will transform you.. and your entire life.

Unlike the other stuff out there, who are amateurs still playing with matches, we’re playing with flamethrowers. And flamethrowers are just fvcking fun 🙂

As you already know, the world is conspiring against ambitious, take-no-prisoners guys like us. Trying to drag us down.

They want us to fall in line like good little sheeple.

Well, that’s not gonna happen. Not if I have anything to say about it.

The only way to push back, to fight back, is as a team. To bond together.

You’ll have ample opportunity to hang out and potentially form life long and career-changing relationships while you’re here.

You’ll see. The guys who are part of my tribe ROCK!

What the Devoted Girlfriend System is NOT:

Let me to be crystal clear about one thing:

  • Devoted Girlfriend System is not about mind fucking a girl. As I said, she’ll be obsessed over you for HER reasons, not yours. She wants you, she wants to be a part of your life, for who you are.
  • Devoted Girlfriend System is definitely not about PUA gimmicks, tips, lines or tactics you can find online (although some off-the-cuff sneaky shit will probably be shared)
  • Amazingly, the Devoted Girlfriend System is not about persuasion, manipulation or being covert. There’s no need when you know these seven forbidden words.
  • The Devoted Girlfriend System is not about some untested theoretical bullshit or motivational light-a-fire-under-your-ass speech. (Although by the end of the event, you’ll be so damn motivated, you’ll swear your hair’s on fire.)

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