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Derek Lamont – The Online Game Review

This is a relatively unknown internet dating system by Victoria, BC based self-styled online pickup artist, Derek Lamont. In a nutshell, Derek combines some of the principles of attraction and pickup with online dating.

His system is geared for conventional online dating sites such as, OK Cupid, and Plenty of Fish, but he also covers how to use the system with social networking sites like Facebook and even the long forgotten, MySpace.

Derek devotes two chapters to Social Networking sites, primarily focused on Facebook. He also provides an excellent full-length report called, The Facebook Pickup Method which you can get in the Free Dating & Seduction Books section.

He could easily sell it on Amazon Kindle for the standard $2.99 or more and still provide the reader with a great value. It’s not only packed with very useful dating info specific to Facebook, but loaded with nice pics of very pretty women, which is always nice.

It’s funny how things work…

When you learn of Derek’s background as an enthusiatic student of the Mystery Method and other dating gurus like Ross Jeffries, you automatically think this program is going to be a bunch of regurgitated pickup artist claptrap tossed in the bucket with a few online dating cliches.

But it’s not…

Before he gets into the online dating thing, Derek makes sure you understand the principles of pickup and attraction first. Then he starts building his online dating system in detail, one step at a time.

For example, everyone knows that you have to have a good dating profile, right? Right, when it comes to photo selection, most dating gurus simple tell you to pick some good ones of you smiling and showing social proof.

But Derek doesn’t just give you the obvious. He devotes two entire chapters on getting the right pics for your profile, including a checklist to make sure that every pic on your profile is earning its keep. After all, your profile pics are an extremely important part of online dating and social site dating. And Derek shows you how to get it right.

Along with the manual and bonuses, you also get three professionally recorded audios that recap the program nicely.

I’m also impressed that Derek continues to update the program as needed, so you won’t have to worry about getting something stale. That’s important, and much appreciated.

Overall, this is an excellent ebook package and audio package with some nice bonuses. The ebook is very thorough and laid out exceptionally well. It’s easy to read, easy on your eyes, and the audios are well done.