Deliberate Orgasm – Expanding Female Orgasm | Welcomed Orgasm Method

Deliberate Orgasm – Expanding Female Orgasm | Welcomed Orgasm Method

Deliberate Orgasm Tutorial  is about orgasmic peaking and extended orgasm. It is made by the people at the welcomed consensus and demonstrates a technique called Deliberate Orgasm.

Chapter 9: The Welcomed Method written by David Shade

“Most women believe that direct stimulation of the naked tip of the clit is too sensitive. My girlfriend said the same thing. When she masturbates, she goes in a circular motion. She also prefers that I touch her clit in the same manner. She does not like the naked tip of the clit to be touched, as it is “too much”. She prefers the hood to be rubbed over the clit, providing a “pushing” pressure onto the clit.

My friend Brent lent me a video he ordered online he called “The Welcomed Method” from the web site: The guy in the video certainly seems to know what he is doing. He showed how you must directly touch the naked tip of the clit at its one o’clock position (as looking AT the clit) with the tip of the index finger. In the video he demonstrated on a woman. He rubbed her for about 10 minutes. All the time she was orgasmic, but she never “came”. I returned the video and thought nothing of it.

One night I told my girlfriend about what I learned in the video. I told her that the guy said that “Any clitoris can be touched, when touched right.” I said to her “I want to try an experiment.” She said “OK! But I’m a little skeptical as in the past direct stimulation has been too powerful.”

Just as in the video, I had her lie on her back. I sat to her left side and placed my left arm under her left leg with my hand under her ass with my thumb pressing on her perineum (between her vagina and her anus.) The video said this makes her feel secure and anchors the clitoris. My girlfriend agreed with that. The video said to use a lot of lubrication because you must avoid micro scratches. I used Astro Glide, nothing else works nearly as well.

Just as in the video, I slid the tip of my right index finger up onto her clitoris. I smeared the lubrication onto her clit and then began to rub the one o’clock position of the naked bulb of the clit. The rubbing is to be done with the tip of the index finger pointing straight at the clit. The strokes are about one half inch and at a frequency of about 1 or 2 strokes a second. The strokes are to be radial, as if along the minute hand at five minutes past the hour. She immediately responded favorably. She said “I LIKE THIS experiment.” I tried the 11 o’clock position and asked her if that was any different. She said that the one o’clock position was better. I then tried the six o’clock position, and again she said that the one o’clock position was better. So I went back to that.

I don’t know why the one o’clock position is better, and the guy in the video didn’t explain it. I continued. Before long, she said “This feels SO good that I don’t WANT to come!” I instructed her to continue to relax totally. She said she was right on the edge. She was in continuous total ecstasy. This continued for about 30 minutes. Then she said that the pleasure was so intense that she couldn’t take it any more and she wanted to come. I told her the magic words, and she did.

We talked about it and she said “The orgasm was different than any before. The sensation was different. It was like my clitoris was being pulled! It was like I had a penis and it was getting pulled. It is totally unlike the usual rubbing where there is pressure ONTO the clitoris. This was different.”

The next day she said “Every time I think about it, I get really horny. It’s like when you first learn how to masturbate, you want to keep doing it. I’ve been craving it all day, I’m walking around with a clitoris hard on!”

Deliberate Orgasm – Expanding Female Orgasm DVD

Deliberate Orgasm Expanding Female Orgasm DVD

Topics such as the clitoris, superior orgasm, the technique of DOing – Deliberate Orgasm, peaking and the “G-Spot” are discussed in a question-answer format between students and the Welcomed Consensus as this video begins.

The exact location of the clitoris and how to stimulate it for optimum pleasure are revealed in a close-up anatomical explanation of female genitalia. Viewers will witness a man take a woman from a place of low arousal to a heightened state of orgasm through manual stimulation of her clitoris. Throughout the demonstration noticeable signs of increasing orgasm are shown.

This DVD is designed to be educational for all individuals, and is a demonstration of what is possible. There is nudity and explicit graphic shots of a woman’s body.

Originally released in 1996, now remastered for DVD. This video was inspired by the Observation of Intense Coming, one of the most popular courses the Welcomed Consensus teach, which demonstrates a woman in orgasm for one hour. Using the format of the course, the video was shot in one continuous take in front of a live audience. Everything seen is reliable, repeatable and recordable.
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