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Andy “Yosha” Moore Reveals:

“The Swiss Army Knife of Attraction Triggers”

“His 9 Ways of Attracting Women That Go Beyond Just Teasing…And How To Apply The Triggers Perfectly And Never Get Friend-zoned ”

From: Andy “Yosha” Moore
London, United Kingdom

Hey mate,

Have you been to a party, or seen a girl on the street, worked up your courage to talk to her, only to see the interaction go nowhere?

You tell yourself, “It’s alright. At least I’ve tried. Next one.”

And the same thing happens again.

They love your courage, but you can feel that something’s lacking.

She is being really friendly.

You and her connected on a deep level.

But when you try to go for her number, you sense her hesitation.

You can’t help but think…

You’ve just got friend-zoned.

This was actually my story.

For many years.

But these days, this kind of stuff almost NEVER happens to me.

A girl might straight up reject me, but I barely ever get friend-zoned.

The only difference between when I started out daygaming years ago and right now, aside from the experience, is that now I own:

This LETHAL Swiss Army Knife.

Let Me Explain:

Ever since I developed and honed this, my Daygame skyrocketed and love life shot to a whole new level.

Not only did my results get infinitely better, I actually genuinely started to enjoy going out there and talking to girls..

The entire experience of approaching girls and getting to know them transformed from a laborious process to a journey where I was having so much fun.

This is the very stuff that, when girls came on dates, they’d tell me that made them feel attracted to me.

This is the REASON that girls decided to come on dates with me.


What Is This Stuff?

This is also the very thing that 99% of guys that come on my bootcamps LACK.

And even guys who have a good amount of experience with women and Daygame come to my bootcamps because they want to learn how to do this properly.

It’s about how to create attraction.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you extensively in this webinar.

I’m going to give you my Swiss Army Knife of Attraction Triggers.

Knowing these attraction triggers will increase the amount of numbers you get.

But more importantly, it will also lower your flake rate.

Let’s talk about why girls flake on you.

Myth 1: “If a girl flakes on you, it’s because there wasn’t enough rapport or connection”

Now, this is common Daygame myth.

And it’s not true.

Girls give their numbers to guys they’re not attracted to all the time.

Because it’s easier than saying no.

Smart girls know that it’s much easier to get rid of guys they’re not attracted to by just giving away their numbers.

A lot of the time, if you never hear back from the girl, it’s because you didn’t make her attracted to you.

You can have the deepest rapport and connection with someone.

But without attraction, you’re not giving her enough of a reason to get back to you.

It’s the difference between:

“I can’t wait to get back to that guy. I’m so attracted to him.”


“That was just a random but cool chit chat. I’ll never see him again.”

Attraction is the foundation for every interaction.

Without it everything crumbles, and you might as well not have had the conversation at all.

So what are some of the different ways to create attraction?

Myth 2: There are only four “pillars” of attraction.

A lot of pickup gurus say this, including myself at one point.

There’s teasing, challenging, push-pull, and knowledge.

These are certainly good ways to create attraction.

But actually, there are far many other ways to create attraction.

9 ways to be exact.

And I’m going to teach all of these to you.

These are not 9 different techniques, per se.

These are 9 different attraction triggers that can be used universally in all different scenarios.

That’s why it’s called the Swiss Army Knife of Attraction Triggers.

You’ve got all the different types, and it’s versatile and universal.

This is not just Daygame specific.

This will transform you to a more attractive guy in general.

This is stuff that will make girls think, “That guy is definitely intriguing. I want to find out more about him.” even after a quick interaction with them.

You can use them in casual conversations with girls, and you’ll find their eyes sparkle with intrigue and curiosity.

You’ll find that girls in your work or school respond to you differently.

This goes beyond just teasing girls.

In fact, it’s entirely possible to be a super attractive guy without teasing at all.

You can be super serious and attractive at the same time.

Which brings me to my next point.

Congruency Is Absolutely Key For Attraction

This is something that you might have heard, but left you scratching your head.

Now, if you’re the kind of guy that’s super serious, when you tease a girl it might be a little bit too much.

It’s like putting on goth and punk themed clothes just to go to a punk rock concert even when you’re not into punk rock at all.

She could easily sense that something is off about you.

If you’re that kind of guy, then teasing is a bad way to convey attraction, especially if you overcook it.

Every guy has his own in-build attraction fingerprint.

For some guys, teasing and push-pull is like catnip for women.

Whereas for some other guys, challenging and being knowledgeable about something is catnip.

There are lots of ways to create attraction that are more congruent with your personality.

And I’ll show you how you can do that step-by-step in this webinar.

Now, the webinar will be split into two parts.

Part 1: The Swiss Army Knife of Attraction Triggers

I’m going to teach you every single way that I know to create attraction.

All 9 different ways.

A lot of these things are stuff that any of the instructors or I have ever taught extensively in any product before.

We always wanted to focus specifically on attraction.

But because attraction is one, albeit very important, part of the whole mix, we never got an opportunity to zero in on it.

In this webinar, we’re going to really delve deep into attraction and share stuff that I’ve never shared before other than with some of my private coaching students.

Part 2: How To Apply The Swiss Army Knife of Attraction Triggers

This is a very crucial part.

And I want to make sure EVERYONE who attends this webinar learns how to apply this stuff properly.

Knowing how to convey attraction triggers and knowing how to be attractive are two completely different things.

It’s all about knowing where the line is.

This is also why so many guys screw up.

They learn these things, but misuse them.

The more attractive the girl is, the more meticulous and fine-tuned you have to be when you apply these attraction triggers.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you.

I’m going to share specific techniques and strategies you need to use to apply the Swiss Army Knife the RIGHT way.

And there’s one more thing.

I’ve got something special for you:


With this webinar, you’re going to get an Attraction cheat sheet.

I understand that all of this stuff might disappear as soon as you start talking to girls.

That’s why I created this. Before you talk to a girl, you can have a quick look at the cheat sheet on your phone, and you can apply the Swiss Army Knife right away.

It’s very easy to read and well-formatted.

I started giving it out to my private students and they love it.

I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it as well.

Live Webinar – Guaranteed Satisfaction

As you can appreciate, this webinar is jam-packed with life-changing knowledge.

That’s why it costs $97 to attend. I’m not going to justify the investment, or “anchor value” to it.

If you’re the kind of guy we want on this webinar, then you already know the value of knowing these techniques.

Here’s the deal.

I’m shouldering all the risk for you.

When you register for the webinar today, we’ll charge your card just $1. The remaining $96 will be billed automatically, on Thursday at around lunchtime.

In the mean time, I’m going to invite you to put my stuff to the test.

Over the next 4 days, go out there, speak to women, approach girls on the street.

Try it out on the girl that friend-zoned you.