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Dear Friend,

How successful are you with picking up women? How many times have you been burned, turned down or outright ignored by women that you’ve tried to hook up with?

Hell, striking up a conversation alone isn’t always easy if you don’t know what to say, when to say it, or how to respond to her questions.

And then there are the guys who think a drink is her price of admission! Do you want to be her “bar tab”, or do you really want a fair shot at leaving with her for the night?

Every time I go out I see the same guys, struggling to get attention, looking awkward, nervous and outright ridiculous as they resort to all sorts of drastic measures just to “get the girl”.

Guess what? Those old fashioned, washed-up strategies NEVER work, and if you get caught doing then, you’ll lose any chance you ever had of being successful with women.

But what if there were a way for you to capture the attention of ANY woman you desired, while making HER do all of the work in striking up conversation, while she strategizes how to get your phone number from you before you move onto someone else?

Before I reveal my proven strategies for picking up as many women as you could ever want, make sure you grab a copy of the “Top 10 Pick Up Tips” report by entering in your name and email address below. I’ll make sure it’s sent over to you, in just a few minutes.

Learning how to approach women isn’t as hard as you may think. Even if you are naturally shy, or you lack the confidence that you feel you need, you can STILL pick up women if you know how to push her hot buttons and become a “dynamic listener”.

Women all want the same thing, someone who will pay them attention and who will take a genuine interest in what they’re all about – and you can use their need for validation to your advantage.

Once you learn how to take control of the conversation and turn the tables so that the power is shifted into your corner, you will never struggle with women again.

“Men need two basic necessities, ‘food and sex’.”

As men, we’re straightforward with what we need and are looking for when it comes to women. While we all want a different kind of women and for some of us, certain qualities are more important than others, we still only NEED two things – food and sex.

But with women, they’re complex, complicated and outright confusing..

They’re like a jigsaw puzzle that we have to piece together, only to find that there’s always one piece missing.

It’s like they want to make it harder on us to get anywhere with them, yet they constantly complain that we “never listen to what they want or need”.

Well, let me simplify things for you by getting down to the real heart of the matter.

Women want the SAME things that us men, only they want us to “earn” it rather than give it away to us so easily. They want us to chase them, to “prove ourselves”, to make them feel special and ultimately, to feel as though they are in full control.

But you can easily spin things around so that while a woman you approach might feel as though she is the one making the decision whether or not to talk to you, or even leave with you.. in reality, YOU are in full control of the outcome from the moment you walk up to her.

Face it, the dating game is a mind game, whether you like it or not..

But when we learn what makes them tick, what gets their pulse going, we can easily “exploit” this information to shift the power into our corner and when you do that, there is no woman that you can’t have.

That girl you’ve been eyeing at the local club? She can be yours with this one simple technique.

That hot female friend of yours? Make her see you in a whole new light, when you “condition” yourself to start utilizing these proven pick up techniques every time you see her.

There is no woman that will be out of your league ever again!


“Master The Art Of Seduction Using The “Secret Pick Up Method”!”

The “Secret Pick Up Method” reveals proven strategies to picking up as many women as you desire. You’ll know exactly how to strike up conversation and shift it into the direction YOU want it to go.

You’ll never struggle again when it comes to the opposite sex, because you will be armed with the tools you need to leave a positive impression with every women you meet, and before you know it, you’ll be forced to decide whether to keep playing the dating scene or settle down with someone because there will so many women chasing YOU, that you’ll never be able to keep up.

These are powerful techniques that apply to every women, in every situation you’re in.

While you can make a few adjustments based on where you see a women that you’d like to hook up with, I will show you exactly what you need to do in order to handle EVERY situation imaginable.

Not sure how to hook up with a girl at a bar, club or pub? This ONE ‘conversation opener” will seal the deal!

Unsure how to convince her to leave with you? I’ll show you a simple, fool proof technique to leaving with the girl any time you wish.

It’s time to break through the wall of secrecy and reveal the exact methods used to pick up women quickly and easily, regardless of how inexperienced you are!

Here is just some of what’s revealed within the “Secret Pick Up Technique”!

What a real player is all about, and how you can turn up the heat on your social life in just a few short days!

Do you know the difference between a guy that becomes just a ‘friend’ and a guy who can get anything he wants from women? It’s all about _______!”

Instantly eliminate your chances of being rejected with this one “attraction magnet” that will put you in a league of your own with the ladies!

Never waste time or money on drinks or gifts again until you have “qualified‘ women and are 100% certain she is interested! I’ll show you how..

2 questions you MUST ask every women you meet in order to make sure that you have a chance with her! (find out in less than 5 minutes into the conversation)

The ONE thing that ALL women want and how you can hook up with quality women if you inject a little bit of this into you conversation! Ever wonder how the ugliest guys get the hottest girls? This is how! (See page 28)


“The “Secret Pick Up Method” Isn’t Your Typical Washed Up Ebook..”

There are hundreds of ebooks on the market claiming to offer you a surefire strategy to picking up women. The problem is, the majority of these ebooks fail to give you PROVEN techniques to being successful with women and instead, their strategies are based on “theory”.

Worse, most of those ebooks will tell you that you need to spend a lot of money on women, buying gifts, taking her out to expensive restaurants, buying drinks to seduce her, and all sorts of other nonsense that simply doesn’t work!

You don’t have that kind of time or money to waste.

I’ll show you my personal strategies for hooking with as many women as you wish.. these techniques are based on REAL experience, from years of successful dating.

Here’s just a bit more of what I’ll show you inside of “The Secret Pick Up Method”:

Powerful “opening lines” that will get her attention instantly! Don’t use the old cheesy lines that will make you look like an amateur!

The 2 things that you need to focus on with ANY woman you talk to!

Why you should never offer to buy a woman a drink in the first 30 minutes of conversation!

Avoid “rookie” mistakes when offering compliments using this simple technique that will win her over, every time!

How to get the phone number of ANY girl you wish, guaranteed!

What to say when you are calling a girl you’ve met so that SHE sets up a date with you! Eliminate awkward “bartering” with this simple technique!

The truth about “nice guys” and why you need to take a different approach so you don’t end up just being “the friend”!


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