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Male Potency Secrets – Presented by The Ninja Doctor PDF Download

“Real Ninja Secrets You Can Learn in Minutes,Not Years!”

… Most “Experts” Can Only Talk About This Stuff!

… The Ninja Doctor Can Show You Exactly How ToDo It!

… And You Don’t Have To Be a Ninja Master ToLearn It!

Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of walking around town feeling utterly defenseless? Like a sitting duck?

Do you feel down right guilty knowing that if the donuts hit the fan you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself or your loved ones?

Does this hit too close to home?

Well, you’re not alone. Millions of people are walking around out there knowing they don’t have a snowball’s chance of protecting themselves or their loved ones if they were to find themselves in deep doo doo.

Today is your lucky day … because I’m the Ninja Doctor and I’ve decided to reveal to you martial arts secrets from traditions dating back more than one thousand years.

These secrets have been kept so guarded you won’t find them in any books or on any websites. That’s because these authors and instructors are either unwilling to share these secrets or they flat out don’t know them. Simple as that.

Here are some of the skills I’m willing to teach you:

  • Silent walking techniques so effective not only people but even animals will not be able to hear you.
  • Super secret internal energy exercises that will increase your power and strength far more than any weight lifting can.
  • Super secret Ninja Sex secrets never before revealed to the public
  • The Art of Falling. Ninjutsu drills that teach your body how to fall to the ground while avoiding injury.
  • Ancient Flexibility secrets
  • Energy exercises that open your energy channels. These simple exercises dramatically improve health and increase longevity
  • Endurance breathing secrets that greatly enhance your stamina during aerobic exercise
  • Mind control strategies
  • And much more …

    Male Potency Secrets Presented by The Ninja Doctor – Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.-

    “The One Amazing Secret that has Restored Erections for more than 5000 Years!” … without pills, herbs, or surgery!

    It seems like more and more guys I know, no matter how young and healthy, are worried about whether they can get hard enough, and stay hard for long enough.

    They may be joking around, but their jokes show they’re worrying about whether they’ll be up to the challenge to handle that hot new girlfriend or their hot and horny wife.

    How could a guy not be worried these days? We guys are bombarded day in and day out by ads in the media from TV to the internet about erectile dysfunction and male enhancement.

    Seems like every guy on the planet is limp already or doomed to go limp real soon!

    And if it’s not erectile dysfunction or male enhancement, it’s articles for women on how to be more sexually aggressive with their man so they can satisfy their own needs.

    No guy I know wants to face the nightmare of not having enough sexual power and needing to take a little, blue pill to keep up with his hot and horny lady.

    Most guys don’t realize, though, that all this concern about male potency, getting a hard-on with staying power, is not a fad of the 21st century, nor is developing tips and tricks for developing and keeping sexual power no matter how old you are.

    Sexual Secrets for Male Potency Have Been Known for Centuries!

    From a few hundred years ago to several thousand years ago, advice for men on staying healthy and vital always included lessons on “cultivating” sexual power for general health, longevity, sexual stamina and satisfying a hungry woman.

    Ancient, secret teachings from Mexico, Egypt, India, China and Japan described in incredible detail the physical and energy anatomy of the male and female sexual organ systems.

    These ancient healers and practitioners of the Sex Arts not only studied the male and female parts, they studied how to keep them healthy and strong and in good working order for a lifetime!

    In fact, it has been revealed by a few of these ancient healers and practitioners that many of the major religions of the world have within their most secret and guarded teachings instructions for re-creating the original union of the male and female energies. That is a whole other story for another time …

    It is enough to say that for the Ancients, the Art of Lovemaking was an art, science and religion! They studied long and hard, and they practiced long and hard!

    These guys from long ago were determined to practice their sexual ceremonies for spiritual advancement and maintaining health, strength and longevity their whole lives.

    Therefore, they had to have methods for maintaining long-term penile and sexual health.

    What Did these Masters of the “Bedroom Arts” Know?

    These Masters knew that a man’s sexual power doesn’t weaken because he’s getting old, a man grows old because his sexual power is weakening.

    They knew a man’s health and longevity are directly connected to his sexual health. In other words, if a guy can get a hard erection and stay hard long enough to satisfy his woman, his health is excellent.

    If he is having trouble getting hard and staying hard, his physical health is getting weak and his life span is shrinking.

    This is because sexual energy is pure Vital Energy, the Creative Force within the human man and woman.

    With this knowledge and understanding, these Masters of the Bedroom Arts learned how to maintain their sexual health not only because they wanted to enjoy bedroom delights well into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond, they knew that storing a healthy amount of sexual energy in the body protects against disease and illness and dramatically increases life span.

    Ninja Doc in his 50’s in the Ma Bu stance at sacred Mayan temple 2011 Spring Equinox. Male potency is more than just good in bed!

    Although I am glad to see more and more magazines articles, news programs and books about male sexual health, most of this advice is not only dead wrong but actually harmful to a man’s sexual potency over time.

    Being a licensed physician for more than 20 years and board-certified in two medical specialties, I have seen more and more men completely confused about what to do to increase their sexual potency.

    For the First Time Ever,Real Male Potency Secrets Revealed!

    I’ve worked hard over the past several years to create an easy-to-use program with simple but powerful exercises any man can do based on methods taught and used by Sexual Alchemists for thousands of years.

    I put these exercises on an hour-long DVD called, Male Potency Secrets.

    This program does not waste your time with a bunch of medical explanations and theory but gets right to the stuff you want to know NOW and what you need to do NOW!

    Here is a small sample of the information and exercises you get with Male Potency Secrets:
    ¦“The Alchemists’ Triple Power,” 3 Simple exercises Love Masters have used for centuries to increase the hardness and duration of penile erections!
    ¦What to do to keep the Family Jewels healthy and vital for life-long male potency.
    ¦Why a large belly is not only dangerous to your health but also leads to male impotence!
    ¦How drugs for erectile dysfunction may actually cause a man’s potency to weaken even faster and cause permanent penile impotence!
    ¦The one thing popular men’s magazines are telling men to do that will actually RUIN penile potency over time!
    ¦What you can do to dramatically increase the amount of time you can make love without ejaculating!
    ¦What you need to do with your legs to increase sexual health and potency!
    ¦How kidney health is intimately connected to penile health and what to do about it!
    ¦A special spot on a man’s foot when massaged once a day improves the health of two important organ systems directly related to a man’s sexual health and potency!
    ¦An ancient exercise that takes about 1 minute to do and increases sexual desire and power within minutes!
    ¦Ancient teachings about which foods and drinks harm a man’s sexual potency!
    ¦ A particular habit thousands of men all over the world engage in that can permanently harm a men’s ability to get an erection!
    ¦How to strengthen and increase the flexibility of a certain part of a man’s body that will attract women like a magnet!
    ¦The truth about alcohol and sex!
    ¦An ancient secret the Maya of Mexico taught to dramatically increase life span!
    ¦How to use sexual energy to increase your mental abilities and clarity!
    ¦How to naturally and immediately boost your testosterone (male hormone) levels to quickly boost male confidence and attract women!
    ¦Why protecting your hearing will help protect your male sexual power!
    ¦What to do with your eyes to cause instant attraction in a woman!
    ¦What is means to “hold your space” in order to be more attractive to women!
    ¦How to beat premature ejaculation forever!
    ¦A Sexual Alchemy secret that turbo charges the sexual attraction in a couple’s relationship!
    ¦And much, much more!

    I reveal so much secret knowledge and information I could easily fill several books, but I distilled all this information down to the most powerful secrets and exercises and put it all in one DVD and manual.

    Why? Because I want you to get started immediately toward increasing the hardness of your erections, increasing the amount of time you can make love with your woman, and becoming the lover every woman dreams of having.

    The Secrets to Becoming a Woman’s Dream Lover Are Now Revealed!

    Male Potency Secrets does not make you wait. It gets right to it as soon as you put your DVD in the disc player.

    You’ve waited long enough for this long-held-secret information.

    Believe me when I tell you all those popular men’s magazines do NOT know what they are talking about when they try to give advice about becoming a great lover in a woman’s eyes.

    These magazines give old, worn-out advice anyone can search on the internet.

    Since I was a teenager, I and all the guys I know have struggled to find the answer to the question, “How can I be the greatest lover my woman has ever had?”
    I, personally, was determined to not only find the answer to this question and BE the greatest lover my wife has ever had but also determined to share these secrets with a few good men.
    These are Secrets Men Want and Secrets Women Wish Men Had!

    I have had personal instruction with Shaman and Healers from around the world on the topic of Sexual Alchemy, I have a veritable library of ancient and modern texts on Sexual Alchemy and related topics, and I have “researched” untold hours in our “private bedroom laboratory.”

    Each teacher I’ve had and each ancient and modern text I’ve read has given only a piece to the puzzle. We have put the pieces of the Sexual Alchemy puzzle back together!

    I’ve had to research and test and re-test over many years to finally develop a program that actually helps men develop powerful and long-lasting sexual potency that is safe and natural and actually increases the number of years a man can stay healthy and sexually active!

    Before revealing this information on a DVD, I tested these techniques by teaching other men and taking notes of what worked and what didn’t. Male Potency Secrets contains only those techniques men said were “amazing!”

    My advice to you is to get Male Potency Secrets as fast as you can so you can in the privacy of your home learn within minutes how to become the lover you have dreamed of being since your first laid eyes on a beautiful woman.

    What Some Grateful Men Had to Say

    A professional man in his 30’s from Houston, Texas:

    “Dan, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt my girlfriend was getting bored. I wasn’t lasting as long as I wanted, and I could tell I was not getting as hard as I used to when I was 20. After doing the … exercise alone, I had more sexual desire than I knew what to do with. I was harder like I used to be, and I could tell my girlfriend noticed … I’m definitely more confident now, and the young women in the office notice … Can’t thank you enough.” J.Q.N.

    An internationally known speaker and author in his 60’s:

    “Dr. Cardona, this information that you teach is the correct information … This information has helped me to be a healthier man so that I can do my business, travel to where I need to be, and to do the work I need to do. This information is good for the younger man too, to help him be stronger in bed and during the day too. More men need to know about this. Thank you, Dr. Cardona.” H.M.S.

    Additional note: During Mr. S.’s last tour of the United States, he looked years younger, his normal charisma was returning and his business success was skyrocketing almost immediately during this trip.

    An electrician in his 50’s from Hampton, Virginia:

    “Dear Ninja Doctor, I’ve always been a pretty stout guy, even for a guy my age. But, like any guy I wanted to be a man who a woman won’t easily forget. Your course really made a difference. To be honest, I’ve read about every magazine article and book I could find and none of it really made a big difference. Your course blows that stuff out of the water … It’s kinda funny that I ‘m getting hard-on’s during the day like I used to when I was a whole lot younger, but I like it. It’s also kinda funny that I used to be the one asking my wife for sex, and now for some reason I can’t explain, she’s doing all the asking … They ought to call you the sex doctor! Thanks a bunch, Doc.” D.C.C.

    Here’s How to Get Started Right Away!

    If you’re ready to have the male potency to drive your woman wild right away, I am offering three levels of sexual power.

    The first level is the Master Lover Level and here’s what you’ll receive from me to start building sexual power and endurance faster than you have ever dreamed.

    Here’s what you’ll be getting in your mailbox:

  • 1.Male Potency Secrets DVD –Listen and watch as I teach you how to immediately and easily improve your sexual potency.Listen and watch as I demonstrate for you the exact exercises Sexual Alchemists have used for centuries to heal their bodies and sexual potency and boost their sexual power.
  • 2.Male Potency Secrets Manual – This manual contains clear photographs and concise instructions to each of the exercises on the DVD so you can take the manual with you and do the exercises anywhere.
  • 3.Male Potency Secrets CD – Listen to the audio version of the Male Potency Secrets DVD. You’ll be able to listen to the audio while doing the exercises, or listen to the audio wherever you are to get a deeper and deeper understanding of this amazing information.
  • 4. 33 Ways to Totally Magnetize Women E-book – Truly amazing stuff here. This is not conversational hypnosis or other weird techniques. This E-book will give you exactly what you need to do with your eyes, voice, posture and behavior around women to totally magnetize them to you. This is the stuff that women are instinctively and genetically programmed to be attracted to in a man!
  • 5.Ninja Sex Secrets E-book, Revised Edition – Really deep stuff here. I describe in clear terms what is happening on an energy level during sexual attraction and during sex between a man and a woman. I also discuss what ancient and modern Sexual Alchemists teach about the energy dynamics of male ejaculation.The second level is the Cosmic Lover Level. At this level, you’ll be getting the DVD, manual, and two E-books those at the Master Lover Level receive.Plus you get a LIVE 20-minute coaching call during which I’ll answer all your training questions. I normally charge $600+ per hour for LIVE, private coaching in Sexual Potency and Sexual Alchemy because this information is so rare and it is extremely difficult to get real, authentic information that works!And, I will share secrets with you that I would never reveal on a DVD or written manual, and you’ll never find in any DVD or book anywhere. Even though you will be getting a tremendous amount of material from the DVD and manual alone, more information than most men can use in a life time, these additional secrets will without a doubt turn you into a Cosmic Lover. And, that’s what she’ll say! In the old days, you had to be a high-level Initiate to even get close to getting this information.Or Become a Sexual Alchemist!At the Sexual Alchemist Level you get everything I mentioned above and you get even more private, personal coaching by me, either live in-person or by telephone. And, this coaching can also include couples coaching if you want. You will get all the secrets of the ancient art of Sexual Alchemy. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is held back!At the Sexual Alchemist Level, you will not only be able to dramatically increase your sexual power but also learn how to actually transform (transmute) the sexual energy during sex into the most powerful force in the Universe. This is the true, hidden meaning behind the word Alchemy. This will totally transform who you are and your life!When you order, I want you to keep one thing in mind. A two-week supply of the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction (E.D.) will cost you $200 or more, at the risk of dangerous side effects, not just heart failure from a dangerous drop in blood pressure, but even permanent penile impotence or permanent damage to your eyesight.Now, with Male Potency Secrets any man can Increase His Sexual Power without Drugs, Vitamins or Surgery and become a Master Lover, Cosmic Lover or even a Sexual Alchemist!Note: Male Potency Secrets has not been evaluated by the FDA or other government agency for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. Always see your licensed health provider before engaging in any exercise program.

33 Ways to Totally Magnetize Women by Daniel J. Cardona PDF Download

33 Ways to Totally Magnetize Women – Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.-


The information and advice in 33 Ways to Totally Magnetize Women is based on more than 20 years of researching the scientific literature, interviews with countless men and women, and personal experiences.

The information and advice contained herein is highly effective because they are instructions for the emotions, behaviors and attitudes in a man that a woman is genetically programmed to find attractive when hunting for a mate. The reason for this is these are the emotions, behaviors and attitudes that signal to a woman a guy is likely to be strong and healthy, produce genetically healthy children, and be a successful provider.

Even if a woman is just planning to go out and have a good time, she will still instinctively, either consciously or unconsciously, find these male traits attractive. It doesn’t matter whether she is looking for a one-night stand or a husband!

The advice is this book is practical, easy to learn, and immediately effective. You don’t have to learn weird NLP language patterns, conversational
hypnosis or other manipulative techniques that often don’t work, and when they do work they quickly lose effect over time.

The information and advice in 33 Ways to Totally Magnetize Women unlocks the secrets to becoming the kind of man women want to be with and make love to.

Today’s women are frustrated, and many become hopeless, about finding a man with the qualities described in this book. The reason for this is that many modern men have become confused and lost their way to becoming an attractive, sexually desirable man.

With this book, you will stand out among men. Women will increasingly notice your presence when you enter a room and quickly start giving you signals that they want you to approach and talk to them.

One final note. Although the information and advice in this book will Magnetize Women to you, it is important to maintain these emotions, behaviors and attitudes to keep her magnetized for as long as you want her to be with you. Many women complain the man they are with now is not the man they fell in love with. This often happens because the guy got lazy and stopped being a magnetic man.

Remember, the magnetic traits described in this book are the traits you must have for an attractive, high-quality woman to sexually desire you, fall in love with you, and want to stay with you forever!
Daniel J. Cardona, M.D. October 2010

Ninja Sexual Power Secrets (revised) – Daniel J. Cardona | Ninja Sexual Power Secrets(revised) – Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.- Seven Secrets on Sexual Alchemy… and more!