Dance Seduction Vol.1 Download | Dance Seduction Vol.2 Download

Dance Seduction Vol.1 Download | Dance Seduction Vol.2 Download
Dance Seduction Vol.1 Download | Dance Seduction Vol.2 Download

Dance Seduction  : Night club dance instructor Chi Szeto reveals how to seduce, make out with, and take home women from the dance floor, even if a man has problems with women and terrible at dancing.

Dance Seduction set reveals methods for hooking up with women from the bars and clubs:
– The dance positions women make when they are really turned on
– Get women into sexy dance positions, smoothly and playfully

Lessons and examples teach:
– Confidence
– Control
– Fun
– Sexuality
– Moves and behaviors that convey the above

Some of the many topics included in Dance Seduction Download :

– A trick to make a girl dance closer to you
– A way to be ambiguously sexy
– Copying other guys on the dance floor will harm your game
– Moving and dancing with seductive energy to get noticed by girls
– Getting a girl to forget her friends are there, with fun
– When a girl is not having fun, what to do
– A two-step move to get a girl grinding with you
– A dance floor awkwardness destroyer
– A dance move to make girls laugh and want to spend time with you
– How to play “hard to get” on the dance floor
– Tension breakers if a girl is uncomfortable with you
– How to get a girl to signal her friends that she wants you and they should respect that
– Become the leading guy a girl listens to with just a few dance moves
– Calming techniques to in order to naturally approach girls on the dance floor
– Moving a girl from the dance floor, to the bar, and then out of the club
– How to a girl thinking about what it’s like to have sex with you, by dancing
– How to do “you’re a bad girl” moves on her
– Touching in sensual places without resistance
– Demonstrate powerful sexuality
– Eye contact without intimidation
– How to use controlled vulnerability to get a girl fascinated and attracted to you
– Opening lines to get a girl on the dance floor
– Signs girls give to let you they like what you are doing and ready for the next step