CR James – Super Seduction Power Download

CR James Super Seduction Power Download
CR James Super Seduction Power Download

Attention: Men Who Want To Learn The Truth About Getting Women Aroused …

// Discover How The SSP Seduction System Gets Women To Crave Sex Because of One Simple Thing  That Any Guy Can Do //

This Works Every Single Time!
(You will not find this information anywhere else on the planet.)

Let me introduce myself…

My name is “Instructor CR James”.

I’m not a psychologist.

I’m not a sexual therapist.

I’m also not claiming to be a guy that knows the magic formula for seducing any woman within 14 seconds.

I’m actually a Signal Processing Electrical Engineer with a passion for Persuasion Psychology (from a motivational standpoint).

I also have a burning passion for coming up with original ideas and thinking outside of the box.

But you probably don’t care about me and my desires.

And I don’t blame you…

You just want to know the truth about getting your wife in the mood more often.

You just want to learn something that actually works!

You just want to learn something new and fresh, instead of the same ole’ rehashed stuff that’s floating around.

Well, you can take a deep breath and relax because I have the solution you’ve been looking for.

I discovered how to increase a woman’s libido by focusing on two simple things…

This is exactly how it happened!

The truth is I’ve never really had a problem attracting women and taking things to the next level.

But there was a major problem that I ran into. And I kept asking myself:

“How come my sex life takes a serious nose-dive when I’m in a relationship?”

I was obsessed with figuring this out.

Because when I would fool around with a woman on an ongoing basis (as a single guy), my sex appeal would seemingly never wear off.

But how could a (sexually healthy) woman who loved me, accepted me, found me attractive and would do anything for me – overwhelmingly not have the same sexual intensity as I do?

If the sex life starts out great, why does it have to ‘wear off’ – just because we’re in a relationship.

Again, I was obsessed with figuring this out.

And it’s because I’ve heard of couples who have great sex decade after decade after decade.

So I started looking at things totally different, and then one day…

…it hit me like a load of bricks !

What I stumbled on was a formula that was so simple and so easy…
… that when I thought about it – it scared me!

I kept thinking: This could actually work! …

PHASE ONE: I had to test it out. In fact, I couldn’t wait to test it out!

So I did.

And it worked – but that wasn’t good enough. I had to test it out again and again and again.

So I did.

And it kept working and working and working. For some reason it couldn’t fail!

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’m saying that my formula for making a woman truly have the desire to have sex was successful. And I was reaping the benefits!

Here’s the difference:

Before: Sex Quality was 60% (at best) and took place every once in awhile

After: Sex Quality increased to 95% and was very often!

I never expected for the results to be as successful as they were. I was merely looking for some type of an improvement.

PHASE TWO: I researched everywhere assuming that this discovery couldn’t have been original, but to my surprise I couldn’t find it anywhere.


I couldn’t believe it. This is new stuff!

PHASE THREE: Now, it was time to put it to the real test. It just so happened that I had two friends that were going through the same problem with their girlfriends.

I thought to myself, this is perfect. They’ll be my test subjects. LOL.

I explained exactly what they needed to do, while the whole time I’m thinking to myself how great it will feel when they call me up — thanking me — telling me how it worked for them, too.

But it didn’t play out like that.

To make a long story short, both of them had their unique way of telling me they weren’t willing to try it out.

I was shocked!

This baffled me more than my initial confusion with why I couldn’t get the consistent sex I wanted in my loving relationship.

Well, that’s when I decided to put my strategies in a book.

I just wanted “one other guy” to tell me that it worked for him, too.

Well, let’s just say ‘what ended up happening’ was Earth Shattering!

I never expected for it to be this successful.

Note: Although, this is still a new course that a lot of guys don’t know about, today there are many guys who are now experiencing life with more passion by following the SSP System.

[And when I say many – I’m talking about thousands and thousands of guys from all over the world!]

The biggest factor that makes this system unique is that it was created based on trial and error and real testing.

I’m a real guy. A real husband. The information I share on this page is based on my real life experiences.

In this day and age of the internet, a lot of ebooks on multiple subjects are just ghost-written projects or the expert just copied the advice from someone else. My approach is different. My objective is based on providing a new and fresh perspective.

My advice is based on what I have done.

In fact, deep down inside, I don’t consider myself a writer or an author or an expert. I’m just a guy who figured out some things that worked surprisingly well for me – and then from there I just work really hard — to the best of my ability — to teach others how to follow the same steps that I follow (in regards to strategies that get women to crave sex).

CR James Super Seduction Power

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