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Introducing the New CS Mentoring Program

I spent the last couple years developing a program that would have a profound impact on guys lives all around the world. I have been working with men around the world, one-on-one in my Executive Coaching program for the last several years with EXTRAORDINARY results but I wanted to help more guys. I understand not everyone has the resources to attend such programs which is why I developed this new program.

This program offers the support you need if you are striving to become that top 1% of the men in the world – true ladies’ men that have the women they truly desire.

After working with hundreds of guys around the world I’ve taken some of the most COMMON STRUGGLES guys have in the day to day life and developed a program that directly addresses these issues so guys can begin having the women they truly desire.

Maybe you can relate to some of their issues.

The CS Mentoring program is based on a key aspect of my Executive Coaching Program – where I work closely with my students, over an extended period of time, to help them gain the SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE they need to go out in the real world – and live the life they desire with the women they really want. I realized that this support was missing for guys who were working with my teaching on their own in my other products.

Which is exactly what this new program offers and much, much more…

Here are just some of the things you’ll get
if you apply everything I teach in the CS Mentoring Program…


Develop rock solid sexual CONFIDENCE
Get rid of your anxiety around women
Make women MELT over you everywhere you go
Date several women you desire at once, without lying or deceiving them
Become that guy women FANTASIZE about every night
Have the women you desire come to you naturally, without saying a single word
ATTRACT women with your EYES alone
Never doubt yourself around women again
Have fun, be PLAYFUL and FLIRTATIOUS around women
Be that guy that women pamper and shower with gifts
Know that there is a GIRL YOU WANT for you everywhere you go
Become a guy that naturally attracts the super-hot blonde over the tall, dark, handsome dude that is right next to you
Be that guy that is literally IRRESISTIBLE to women