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Captain Jack – Force 21

Captain Jack’s Legendary Force 21 program.

I have created a program to help you crack the back of your most persistent sticking points. It is called Force*21 and it has the potential to spring you to the next level in a mere 21 days.
Force*21 Is not a bunch of theory. It is not a bunch of rehashed techniques. It is the application of my newest technology to YOUR Game with me as a guide.
It will crack the back of your most persistent sticking points and spring you to the next level.
I want you to have my new technology. Pick-up for me is so easy now, I seriously doubt very many have reached this level in history.
I don’t say this lightly… or, to brag. I have studied the works of the famed Casanova and others so I know what I am measuring up against.
Again, not bragging here… I just want to get this across to you… there is no reason for you to suffer. The strides I have made in these last few months, starting with the Game Dynamics and the discovery of the true definition of Alpha will turn out a new batch of world-class PUAs.
You have to remember, no one was talking about Same Night Lays and Sexual Framing with any real reproducible tech behind it before me.
Most thought it was impossible and when it did happen they thought it was fool’s mate… until we started teaching men to get them on a regular basis.
The Force21 program is a concentrated 21-day push to get you to the next level.

Captain Jack – Sexual Framing

Romance = Male-Female Sexual Tension
Women are starving.
I’m sitting in the bookstore right now and the Cafe points directly to the Sex, Relationships and Romance Novel section. There is an absolute STREAM of women going over there. Those sections are NEVER empty.
Women are literally starving for the male-female sexual dynamic. Now, that’s not the word they use for it.
They call it ‘Romance.’
But, most men cringe and think of Romance as flowers, expensive candlelight dinners, chocolates and kissing her ass.
It’s not that at all! And, women know that. Have you ever READ a romance novel? They are filled with sexual tension, secret sex liaisons, forbidden pleasures… I made my way through half of one and I swear nearly every character had sex with every other character by the midway point. I stopped reading.. I got it.
Romance = male-female sexual tension.
Not that other shit we’ve been trained to think. Romance can occur anywhere. A bookstore, a sidewalk, an expensive restaurant… wherever. It’s not the environment, it’s the tension. If you make her feel feminine and sexy, she’ll WANT to have sex with you.
And, there’s no better way to create that male-female sexual tension than with Sexual Framing.
Mastering Sexual Framing will give you the absolute power to have sex pretty much whenever you want it.
(It has NOTHING to do with dirty talk or being a creepy horny guy… It’s MUCH MUCH MORE than Strawberry Fields or Rings on Fingers, too.)
Not only can you have a life filled with sex, you could easily use it to get a girlfriend. Or, have a few girlfriends at a time. If you were really perverted you could use it to create a Harem of chicks who basically act as personal assistants. (That’s right, they’ll run your errands and shit and ENJOY IT! Strange, I know but I’ve done it and so have countless others.)
And, you can have these types of relationships without lying or drama. See, YOU set the rules by your frames. The problem is when you go around Gaming you have no friggin’ clue what Frames you are setting.
Even worse, you have no idea of the Frames SHE is setting and you are unwittingly AGREEING to…
Shit man, you could even use it to get married.. and, then, keep the marriage alive and spicy for years to come.
Sexual Framing and understanding the female psychology of sex really decomplicates things… Do you feel pick-up is hard or draining or complicated or takes too much time?
Sexual Framing makes it easy.
While I’ve talked about it on my blog and a little in my eClass it is something that requires a little more delving into. Framing is derived from NLP and relies heavily on Presuppositions.
It’s just as much a mindset and understanding female psychology as it is a framework of techniques. You need ALL 3 to really make it work.
Once you get it you will look so smooth people will watch you and swear you’ve been good with women all your life.
No one understands it better than I do and I can TEACH you how to apply it every day no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Captain Jack – Get a Girlfriend Teleseminar

Dear PUA,

Did you know there is something you should NEVER do within the first 30 minutes of meeting a girl if you have any desire at all to make her your girlfriend, fuck buddy or mLTR? (Or, at the very least, if you want to keep those options on the table.)

Ninety-Five of all guys do this, even in “The Community.”

I’m going to tell you a little more about that and the real reason girls like “bad boys” in this post. I’ll also discuss what I consider one of true “missing ingredients” to success in getting good.

But, first, I want you to do something.

Get out your cell phone and text this to the women you are Gaming:

“Hey sexy, we should hang out soon…
I’m starting to forget what you look like.”

Do it now… I’ll wait…

You may have already seen this on my blog. It got great responses from my readers (maybe you were one of
them). A few of them went on to have dates, make out with girls, have sex with them and so forth.

Do you know why it works so well? It’s based on a marketing psychology principle called “Loss Aversion.”

You see, that text message tells her that she already has a certain favorable status in your mind. Further, it tells her in a very simple, non-needy and non-irritating way, “You’re about to lose something!”

But, not only that, you’ve told her how to keep it! (…”we should hang out soon…”).

Let’s say her desire to go out with you before that little nifty text message was at 12%. The psych guys suppose that this little tactic will probably triple that, maybe even quadruple it.

All that PSYCHOLOGY in a little 15 word text message.

I got the idea for this text while reading a psychology/marketing journal for a client. The authors said that a pile of studies have shown that a person is many times MORE LIKELY to take action to save something they already have than to get something they don’t.

Interesting, huh?

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