Captain Jack – 49 Dating Hacks Training Download

I’m going to go over 49 thing that can really rocket you up to the next level in your dating life. The way you should do it is to pick a few to work on at a time. You take a few of them and commit to incorporating them into your Game.

You do that for awhile until you notice your skill go up… then, you grab a few more and work on those. In this way, you’ll get steady yet fast improvement and it’ll be incorporated into YOUR life in Real Time.

I’ve got some stuff in there I’ve never revealed before. One is a “Torpedo Statement” that actually breaks apart any resistance someone has to moving fast in dating. I’ll let you decide if that means moving fast towards getting in a relationship or to getting physical.

Truthfully, revealing just this one thing is worth more than what I’m charging because it’ll save you SO MUCH time on dates and so much money going out and spending money on dates. (If you value your time at all you’ll value cutting out hours and hours and the lost hours in interactions that never an out).

Besides that, there are 48 OTHER things. It’ll save you time, frustration and MONEY.

I’ve also constructed this so that you don’t have to know Sexual Framing or Game Dynamics to understand it. (Of course, you SHOULD already own both Mastery courses!)

But, if you DO have those you’ll find yourself not only REMINDED of key and core concepts you’ll also see things about those in a completely new light. Like my Game, my trainings are also very compact, I try to pare them down to the essentials. This means I have much more unreleased information on SxF and Game Dynamics that will come out in other talks.

This is going to be fast-paced, packed and with no fluff.

If you can’t make the Webinar it’ll be recorded and available in your member’s area. However, the price will rise after we’re done so you’ll want to purchase it before I give it in order to get the best price.

This is something you’ll return to over and over again, I promise you that, because as your Game evolves you’ll see layers and viewpoints that you never knew before. Certain parts of it will become MORE relevant as you progress.