Bobby Rio – The Player’s Paradigm PDF Download

Bobby Rio - The Player’s Paradigm

Bobby Rio, author of numerous dating books, recently released a new course entitled the Player’s Paradigm. This downloadable resource promises to teach guys “how to think like a player.” In the ebook and supplemental material, Rio offers insights that he says will help readers adopt a mindset that will make them more successful when it comes to approaching and flirting with women.

Rio explains that Paradigm is geared towards a specific type of reader. “If a guy has really been struggling when it comes to meeting women and hasn’t found any help from other dating courses, this is a great option for him. That’s because this book helps guys approach their problems in a totally unique way. It focuses on the inner game, not on pick-up lines or other skills. These other things just don’t work if you don’t first have the confidence to back them up.”
The course begins by stressing the importance of a proper mindset. Rio argues that the way a guy thinks about himself sends off subtle signals that a woman is looking out for. For this reason, he says, an underlying lack of self confidence, gnawing shyness, or even the habit of getting clingy and needy once they have met a girl can really hamper a guy’s efforts to make a romantic connection.

Rio offers readers a number of theories about the player’s mindset and explains how he thinks they can be put into practice. He stresses the importance of a guy thinking that he can bring value to the conversation and also frequently mentions the need for a guy to assume that a woman he has just approached is already attracted to him. These are two examples of the mindset changes that Rio advises his readers to put into practice so that they can improve their chances of success when approaching a woman. In addition to these examples, Rio goes on to explain a number of other approaches that guys can use to change their mindset and exude more confidence and have more command of any social situation.
The other often-mentioned theme in Player’s Paradigm has to do with bring able to handle bad situations when they arise. One of those situations is the art of texting girls. Rio contends that being able to remain cool under pressure is an imperative part of the Player’s Paradigm because “even players have to deal with mistakes or unexpected situations.” Again, though, the idea of the proper positive mindset comes into play, with Rio advising readers about how to “become a spin doctor, and spin the mistake into something positive.”
One of Rio’s supplemental courses, the Attraction Instinct, offers instruction on visualization techniques that can be used to overcome negative habits and instincts and replace them with the same mindset that is championed in the Player’s Paradigm.