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Bobby Rio & Rob Judge - Seductive Storytelling Download

Bobby Rio & Rob Judge – Seductive Storytelling you’re going to learn a handful of “conversation secrets” that can turn you into a “smooth” and confident seducer almost overnight (even if you’re usually shy or boring)…

“Hijack A Woman’s Attention with Words…”

Discover Exactly What She Wants To Hear:
Create Heart Pounding Arousal and INTENSE
Emotional Connections…

(As easily as you read this letter)

What if I told you there was a way to get a girl, ANY GIRL, so obsessed with what you were saying that she wouldn’t want to look away even once while you are talking to her?

What if you could eliminate all the other guys in the picture AND make her feel an intense connection to YOU…all while staying completely under her radar?

What if you knew how to make her feel comfortable enough to talk about kinky, sexual stuff with you… (and turned on enough to actually DO the sexual things you got her to reveal to you)?

What if you could do all this by mastering one simple skill?


This is Truly One of The Biggest GAME CHANGERS I Have Ever Come Across…

And now I want to share it with you.

I’ve perfected the art of seductive story so that I am certain that if you tell a story in exactly the right way, you can make a girl lust for you and desire you beyond her control…
No, this is not magic or some sort of Jedi-mind trick or hypnosis. It’s very simple to learn and even simpler to use.

And it works. Here’s why:

When ANYONE, including an insanely attractive girl, hears a good story, they let their guard down…they chill out and kinda absorb whatever ideas are in the story without even thinking about it.

Through trial and error and tons of testing, I came up with a list of words, themes and storytelling techniques that can create burning hot desire and sexual chemistry with any girl.

And best of all, when you use these themes and words, she’ll think that she’s just listening to a good story. She won’t even be aware that she is being seduced.

Think about it (it makes sense, right?): Everyone likes a good story.

I can show you how to tell stories that will make a girl FEEL emotions like lust, passion, and attraction FOR YOU. She won’t be able to decide not to feel it, just like if she was sitting there watching a really good movie.

Picture This:

You come up to the hottest girl in the room (or bar or coffee shop or sidewalk…).

She’s a bit skeptical…and she’s expecting a certain series of lines or maybe a desperate phone number request.

After some casual, no-pressure back and forth banter, you tell her one of the fail-proof story hooks that I taught you.

Two minutes later, she’s concentrating totally on you, making eye contact (almost staring at you), laughing (really laughing, not just being polite), and moving a little bit closer to you (not because she’s trying to hear, but because she is intensely interested what you are saying).

Imagine the feeling of KNOWING that she is totally hooked, KNOWING that she has already decided to give you her phone number, and KNOWING that she is already thinking about going to bed with you.

And all you did was tell her a really, really good story.

When She Hears Your Story, She WILL Want You… Uncontrollably…

I’ve created this course to show you how to make storytelling the most powerful tool you will ever use to have girls begging to spend time with you (and WANTING YOU).

Here are just a few of the skills that you’ll learn…


  • How to use basic storytelling skills to grab her interest RIGHT AWAY so that she won’t even have the chance to get bored or to start looking for an excuse to stop talking with you
  • 15 “Plugin-In” Templates:  Use our templates to quickly create a reportoire of seductive stories you can begin using immediately… (Dominate ANY social situation and command the attention of the group)
  • Exactly what to say to spark her desire so that she will start thinking about you in a sexual way right from the start.
  • How to use characters and themes to show her what qualities you want her to have and to make her feel like she can be completely comfortable talking about intimate, sexual, and even kinky stuff with you.
  • 5 types of stories to immediately eliminate from your tool box- without knowing it you’re coming across as “try hard” every time you tell one of these stories.
  • How to use gestures, body language, eye contact and voice levels to flirt with her during the story so that she is primed to be influenced by your special seductive story techniques.
  • How to use different themes (I’ll teach you 24) so that you can create a seductive story for any situation. You’ll never have to miss an opportunity to hook a hot girl.
  • How to use one of my nine tested and proven “master plots.” You can use these toget her to respond exactly the way that you want and you can make your stories super personal (as long as you follow my plot guideline) so she knows a lot about you without you having to tell her your life story.
  • How to introduce the idea of sex into the story without looking awkward or creepy.
  • When (exactly) you should use humor, and how you can learn from the way she responds to the joke what she thinks of you.
  • How to use surprise to hook her into the story and to keep her eyes glued to you until the very end.
  • I’ll also teach you the basics of storytelling, including all the skills that you’ll need to tell great stories and keep people fascinated in any life situation, not only with girls.
  • How you can multi-purpose a good story so that you can change it a little bit to fit in with the situation you are in. If you understand this, you can find one story that really makes girls desire you and then learn how to use it in any situation.
  • STEAL Our Stories- don’t feel like crafting your own… simply adjust the dozens of examples we provide to fit your own life… use our simple template to turn our stories into YOURS
  • How to create an emotional connection so that she feels uncontrollable desire for you even if her “logical side” is telling her not to.
  • How to subtly put sexual themes into your story so that she will STOP seeing you as a friend and immediately start seeing you as someone she wants to go to bed with. This is one of the best ways to permanently escape the friend zone (even if you have been in her friend zone for a long time).
  • Special stories to use on a first date to make her instantly lust after you and beg you to spend more time with her.
  • How to use under-the-radar themes and plots to change a casual conversation into a sexually charged encounter without having her realize what is happening.
  • Influence her on an emotional level so that SHE is the one who is chasing you, asking for your phone number, for a date, and trying to get you into bed.
  • 3 Element System for Flawless Storytelling: This simple system will quickly hold her attention hostage
  • #1 Type of story for generating an “attractive persona”
  • How to use a “Teaser Sentence” to get her in the right mindset for your story, and have her anticipating what coming next (this makes your job much easier)  – Will teach you simple formula for crafting these sentences.
  • 5 Attractive Character Traits to slip into every story
  • A simple phrase you can add that “baits” her into wanting to hear more she’ll practically beg you to keep talking as her attraction for you is swelling
  • “Invisible Threads”: A simple way to steer and direct a conversation to any topic you wan
  • NEVER display any of these 9 attraction killing traits in a story (you’re probably displaying at least three without realizing it… and you’re definitely losing girls because of it)
  • “Cool Vulnarabily” How to craft your stories to project this desirable attitude women can’t resist.
  • How to display MASSIVE CHARISMA using a simple formula we discovered that positions you as a celebrity she can’t keep her eyes off of.
  • 5 Cut and Paste templates to quickly develop stories on the fly
  • Seductive Thread Jacking:  How to make HER feel like she’s the funny and charming (making her slowly associate those feelings to YOU)
  • 2 Killers of a Good story and how to avoid them like the plague
  • Add these 7“Seductive Details” to every day stories:  These are the single biggest ingredient to have her feeling her pounding arrousal.
  • Our questionaire to help you draw stories from your own experiences
  • How to improvise stories

The Human Brain is Hard-Wired to Seek out
and be Seduced by Good Stories…

Think about this for a second…

Stories move people all the time…good books, movies, and TV shows can change the way you feel.  So it makes perfect sense that you can use stories to bring certain emotions (I’m talking lust and desire) out of girls.

You are probably sick of losing out to guys who you think are richer or better looking or more confident than you.  I’ll tell you right now, most of these guys don’t know how to tell seductive stories.

That’s why this is such a game changer.

Yeah, it’s true.  If you master seductive storytelling, you’ll be playing a completely different game – a game that gives you the edge and gives you the best chance for success.

Other guys will be the ones wondering what the hell you did to get that unbelievably sexy girl to go home with you.

But come on man, you won’t let them in on your secret, will you?  Seducing girls with stories is YOUR GAME CHANGER.

Take a Second to Imagine…

  • Dates that effortlessly flow from casual conversation in a coffee shop… to her whispering needily that she wants to go back to your place RIGHT NOW.
  • Having girls from your office or class constantly around you, fighting for the chance to talk to you.
  • Standing around at a party with girls surrounding you, hanging on your every word, treating you like you’re some sort of celebrity  (while other guys jealously try to figure out your secret).
  • Transforming even the most ordinary encounter with a hot girl in a bar into a sexually charged, elicit, and borderline x-rated conversation that turns her on and has her dying to go home with you.

This is not the type of stuff that you put out there and hope that she likes.  Once you become a master of seductive storytelling, you can expect that she will want you after she hears your stories.


What’s next?

You could go out right now and try to use this idea to get more girls.

Yes, you may figure it out…eventually.  Or you may get lucky the first time.

I tested a lot of stories, a lot of themes, a lot of theories before I came up with the kind of fool-proof, ultra-effective story strategies that I will teach you about in this program.

So yes, you can take the trial and error route….

But why put yourself through that?  Why risk blowing it with a girl you really like because you used an untested story on her and she got offended?

Why waste the next three or four years (or longer) trying to find the perfect stories for seducing girls when you can go through my course and start using storytelling to make girls horny for you TONIGHT?

I have tested everything I teach you in Seductive Storytelling.

I know that it will work for you.