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Bionic Verbal Game: The Phantom Stack is a six-week online course designed to help you do four things

  • Implant you with a “conversation roadmap”
  • Empower you with a “verbal toolbox” of exactly what to say in every phase of a seduction
  • Showcase your unique personality in a sexy, attractive way that “hooks” girls within the first few minutes of talking to you
  • Builds our proven “Triad Stack” designed to attract her, connect with her, and close the deal with her (…that you can use over and over)


Week 1: Five-Minute Chemistry


Whether you’re on a date, at a bar, or striking up a conversation with a co-worker she’s making a “snap decision” about you in the first five minutes.

And you have one goal: Create “conversation chemistry”

Here’s the good news

In the first few minutes of a conversation you don’t have to get her attracted to you, you don’t have to make her want to have sex with you, you don’t even have to make her like you.

She just has to want to keep talking to you.

She just has to feel conversation chemistry.

Conversation chemistry is different then physical chemistry or sexual chemistry.

That comes later.

Right now, you just need to show her that you’re normal, fun to talk to, and that things won’t get awkward if she sticks around to talk to you.

Here’s how

Most guys focus on what they’re going to say FIRST. They put all of their focus on their opening line or their conversation starter.

But here’s what is really important:

Your ability to TRANSITION forward.

When you’re armed and ready with follow up material, opening becomes easy.

So in week one, in addition to handing you some of our favorite openers and ways to start the conversation, we begin to build your stack by giving you material to make her feel “socially comfortable” around you.


There are four parts to making her comfortable enough to keep talking to you.

  • Spot clues about what type of girl she is and what she’s most likely to respond to (use our “30 second profiler”)
  • Throw out at least one “socially intelligent” comment that shows her you’re not awkward, creepy, or clueless. (we’ve got dozens to choose from)
  • Quickly “bait” her with girl friendly topics (there is one topic that works best, we’ll give you backup topics too)
  • Transition, Transition, Transition (we’ve got 13 bullet proof transitioning techniques to add throughout your stack)
Here’s why

Because as we build your stack, you’ll have more and more material ready, and mastering the “art of transitioning” allows you to continue plowing forward long enough to flip the attraction switch that gets her wanting to kiss you.

By the end of the first three modules you’ll have a stack of material for starting a conversation, transitioning away from your opener, demonstrating social intelligence, and creating a fun, comfortable conversation that begins to plant the seeds of interest and attraction.

And that’s what we’ll move into next…

Week 2: Flipping the Attraction Switch


There is a moment in every conversation where a switched gets “flipped” and you go from an ordinary friendly conversation into a flirtatious sexually charged encounter.

And it all starts with one well-timed comment, delivered when she least expects it.

Surprise is your friend in attraction.

That’s why the innocent “social comfort” you created in the first five minutes is so crucial to sneaking in under her radar, and giving you the advantage of SURPRISE.

Because before you can get her attracted to you, you’ve got to capture her full attention and that’s what you’ll discovery exactly how to do this week.

The Triad Stack has five very specific “attention triggers” we’ll show you how to work into the conversation.

A good “attention trigger” is designed to
  • Gets her suddenly more engaged in the conversation with you
  • Paying more attention to what you’re saying
  • Finds herself wanting to know more about you
  • Snatches the “conversation power” out of her hands Very subtly positions you as “the prize” (the more overt stuff comes later)
  • Subtly knocks her off her pedestal (the hotter she is, the more important this is)

In this module we’ll show you how to flip the initial “attraction switch”, what to say, when to say it, and how to immediately follow up so that you don’t cool down the tension you just created.

In addition to the “attention triggers” you’ll get 18 of our most powerful “attraction amplifying techniques”, with word-for-word examples, templates, and instructions for customizing them to your unique personality and them to your stack.

Things like
  • Tests and games to add excitement and intrigue
  • Our all-time favorite banter lines
  • When and how to start teasing her to create that “sexualized fun”
  • Role plays
  • The right way to sprinkle in cocky playful statements
  • Frame control techniques
  • When and how to mix touching with your verbal flirting
  • And 11 more powerful techniques at your fingertips

By the end of this module, you’ll have a stack of material you can run a girl and fan the flames of attraction.


We’ll give you a few “attraction tests” you can use to know exactly how attracted she is to you, so you know the exact moment to move her into the next phase.

Week 3: Making Her Work

Did you ever have a girl that you could sense was attracted to you, but by the end of the conversation it seemed to dwindle away?

You were able to flip the switch on, but at some point, the lights went back out, and you wound up losing her interest?

This is because most guys mistakenly think that getting her attracted is the end goal.

Its not.

Attraction is a means to get her WORKING to win you over.

Are you familiar with “Effort Justification”?

Effort justification is people’s tendency to attribute a greater value to an outcome they had to put effort into acquiring or achieving.

This is why a girl can feel a spark of attraction for you, but it can quickly die out before you ever even kiss her.

Because you never made her work. It was too EASY.

Here’s the secret

The minute you sense she’s attracted (you can use one of our “attraction tests” to be certain) its time to flip the switch and get her proving herself to you.

This is what turns attraction into burning desire.

The more she senses she’s proving herself to you, the more committed she becomes to ‘getting you.’

So the next portion of your stack is dedicated to the subtle and powerful technique of Qualification.

On the surface level, qualifying a woman allows her to feel that you like her for deeper reasons (other than her looks).

Which makes her feel validated and strongly connected to you. (Which is a bonus)

However, the effect of qualifying goes far deeper than this.

Qualifying a girl properly is a very powerful “signaling mechanism: that you are a high value sexual selector.

And its this skill, that allows typically unattractive guys date women physically way out of their league.

Qualifying a girl, when done correctly, challenges her to meet your standards, thus flipping the frame and making you the selector.

I can’t tell you how many a situation I have been in when a woman has been falling all over herself to qualify to me.

It’s a beautiful feeling.

And we’ll walk you step-by-step, example-by-example, word-for-word exactly how to subtly get a girl working to impress you, win you over, and convince you she’s girlfriend material.

Then you’ll discover how to seamlessly weave this into your Triad Stack.

Week 4: Comfort & Connection


If you ever had a girl who was really into you balk at giving you her number or going home with you, or later when you text her she doesn’t respond its because you didn’t create enough connection.

See, a girl can feel attraction for you, but if she never sees you as more than a fun random guy she’s talking to, she’ll put the breaks on before sleeping with you, and even if you wind up kissing her, its unlikely you’ll get her out again.

This is why this phase is crucial.

** And in fact, out of all the phases this one is most important, because you’ll spend the most amount of time here.

This is also the crucial phase for turning a girl who’s attracted to you into your girlfriend. It’s where you balance maintaining the fun and attraction, while moving the relationship forward.

The objective in this Comfort phase is to build an emotional connection with the girl.

You get to know her and allow her to get to know you in a way that gives her the sense that you have connected on a meaningful level. She needs to feel that you are someone who sees her for who she really is, and appreciates her for it.

There are two main goals in this phase
  • Make her feel like she knows you
  • Make her feel like you know her

This is where your Triad Stack becomes very personalized, as we’ll show you exactly how to weave your identity and personality into a conversation in a fun and attractive way so that you don’t kill the vibe you created.

Done wrong, comfort can lead to the friend zone speech.

Done right, it leads to sex and relationships.white-line

During week four we’ll customize your stack and give you

  • Exact comfort building material
  • Conversation Topics that you can connect over
  • Statements to weave into a conversation
  • Interesting parts of your identity to share
  • Phrases that draw things out of a girl
  • Types of Stories to tell
  • Questions to ask

Templates, techniques, and word-for-word examples specifically designed to spark an intense and emotional connection in any girl you’re talking to.

By the end of week 4 you’re stack will have everything you need to prime a girl and get her ready to have sex with you.

And that’s what we cover in week 5:


Week 5: Turning it Sexualwk1

We have a saying,
“girls expect things to happen fast when there’s chemistry”

And the #1 reason guys blow it with a girl is that they don’t move things to a sexual level quick enough.

And things fizzle out before you sleep with her.

The major idea you want to really keep in your mind is that women want to have sex, but they don’t want the responsibility for making it happen.

This is why YOU must be able to verbally and physical direct an interaction towards physical intimacy.

Here is a fact
 If you’re deep in comfort and connection type conversation it is almost impossible to lean in and kiss a girl.

This is why you must know when and how to transition to more sexually charged topics, themes, questions, and compliments.

And when you plan on sleeping with a girl that night, you’ve got to create the “sexual vibe” that forces it to happen.

Most guys create the “Friend Zone Vibe” or “The Boyfriend Vibe” neither of which leads to her coming home with you.

This week is all about yow to close the giant gap between conversation and seduction.white-line

During these modules you’ll discover

How to set “Sexual Frames”. Sexual framing is important because it allows you to define the underlying meaning of your interaction as being sexual in nature.

This means that you’re not looking for a shopping buddy. You’re not talking to her because you’re bored or being social. There is sexual chemistry happening when you frame yourself, and her, in the interaction in a sexual way.

  • You’ll discover 5 of the most powerful “sexual frames” to set, with word-for-word examples of exactly what to say.
  • You’re going to get every single one of our verbal and physical techniques to unleash massive sexual tension and get her excited to jump into bed.
  • Our personal “sexual toolbox” of things to say, that we’ve tested on hundreds of girls.
  • Our 12 favorite “sexual compliments” that allow you sexualize a conversation without giving away your power.
  • Complete step-by-step ladder of escalation, to go from innocent touches, all the way to wiggling her out of her panties.
  • Some of our favorite “Under the radar” sexual topics to introduce to get her mind craving sex with you.
  • How subtly direct her mind towards sex by making seemingly innocent statements.
  • 3 specific innocent questions you can ask her that lets you know how likely you are to sleep with her that night.
  • Plus dozens of other field-tested flirting scripts, tactics, and techniques… guaranteed to unleash her wild side…
  • Plus, our 8-point guide to slowing the seduction down, and moving in for the kiss.

Templates, techniques, and word-for-word examples specifically designed to spark sexual attraction and desire, and move things towards the kiss, intimacy, and sex.

Week 6:

Logistics, Obstacles, and Defining the Relationship

How do you verbally suggest going back to your place? What if your place isn’t an option and you have to suggest going to her place?

How persistent should you be when a girl turns her cheek for the kiss? How should you verbally respond?

When do you have the “relationship” conversation with a girl you’ve been dating? What do you say?

What’s the right ways to respond to shit tests like if a girl sarcastically comments about your age, height, or what you’re wearing?

How do you move a girl away from her friends to be alone with her? How do you get her to stay with you when her friends are leaving?

What do you say if she tells you she has to be to up early? Or if she flat out tells you “I’m not going to sleep with you”

Here’s the deal

During the final week of the program Jon and I will answer all the common questions about handling logistics, obstacles, and turning a girl you’re dating or sleeping with into your girlfriend.

But that’s not all…

We’ll also have an entire module dedicated to your specific questions. Throughout the six week training there will be a questions box where you can submit any specific questions you have about what to say, how to answer specific questions like (how many girls have you slept with, should I tell her I’m a virgin, what I live with my parents)…

Point blank. Whatever you want you want to know to make your verbal game bullet proof, we’ll spend the final module of the program going through student’s questions and responding to them so everyone can gain insight.


This is the exact conversation stack that we’ve personally used to go from initiating a conversation all the way to taking a girl home, word-for-word, with fill in the blank templates…

…So you never have worry about running out of things to say or straying off course.

It’s also the exact STACK guys have paid Jon over $1500 to learn from him individually and the stack I teach my $2000 private coaching clients.

We’ve taken guys who were shy, introverted, or just verbally clueless as to what to say, and transformed them into guys dating, sleeping with multiple girls a week, meeting an attracting their dream girlfriend. – 2000.0 Mb – 1024.8 Mb