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Sunday December 13, 2009

Dear Friend,

It hasn’t been possible – until now – to share with you in an effective teaching environment, the secrets of seduction available from a Badboy DNA Techniques Lifestyle bootcamp. For reasons you’ll understand in a moment.

But now, the techniques of Direct Natural Attraction (DNA) can be yours to study at home, and put into practce in field.

Learn the Insiders’ Secrets

These DVDs show you exactly how you can reap all the benefits of being the man who, not only knows how to, but can EASILY put into practice the skills of seduction to get an woman you want.

Imagine how it will feel to wake up every day knowing that you can have choice amongst women, by aking them feel so attracted around you that they can’t help themselves.

The new course is designed to re-create the best learning environment for seduction. We had to make sure that we met the high standards of live training with the in-home course. And that is why we had to be creative in the “way” we put this course together.

“The minute we get there Badboy makes us feel like a friend, and not a workshop student. I introduce myself – and he asks me why I came – and what my sticking points are. He says “All of this will be taken care, I promise” and shakes my hand. He says “Your game is my problem, not your problem.””

– DonCorleone, San francisco

“Feel” motivated to put into practice what you learn

The good news is that we achieved our goals so succesfully that you will be easily motivated to go and do what we can teach you in-field. Not only will it be a rewarding endeavor going out to do it, but the women that is the main reason you are here will be out of this world.. and eating out of your hand.

Unique learning

Follow the “student” in the DVDs who is taken though all the techniques and demonstrates them. You’ll see as he improves under Badboy’s teaching.

And, Badboy himself explains all the components that go into demonstrating direct natural attraction.

Not only talking about it but SHOWING you how to do it.

The Amazing experiences of the seducer’s Life…

Badboy Lifestyle students say, again and again, that this sort of training comes with so many rewards!

“What BB does is change your reality. He takes all the garbage that’s been put in your head and takes it out (from parents, society, whatever). Then he turns you back into you, but in a way that kills the average frustrated chump in you. He goes to work on your inner game, and you don’t even realize how he does it. After workshop it’s like there’s a certain sense of calm that’s come over me and I can stop worrying about learning PU. The model BB gives you is so simple”

– Metro

“It was comical seeing all the guys just drooling over her as I lead her round the club. One guy just kept coming up to her and he couldn’t stop telling her how gorgeous she was! It was funny in a pathetic sort of way!”

– Brightside, London

“For me this is the best model of PU I’ve ever seen. It’s easy and fun and it works. I can stop reading other theories, I can stop learning routines, I can stop spending money on seduction products and I can start having fun and get what I want in life”

– Pimpstylez, Germany

“They will clear the bullshit in your mind so that real you starts to shine through. They will install in you how alphas look, walk and behave. And last but not least, you will know how chicks work as sure as you know what 2 X 2 is equals…

The next day I met a girl on the street. We ended up hanging out two days later and made out in the process. I had sex with an 8 that night as well. Next day I woke up walked the streets and realized I’m not afraid of girls anymore. That was what I wanted actually. Women weren’t special anymore. I felt like a LION who could take what he wants and f**k the brains out of her”

– Ayhan Birsel, Turkey

Now there’s a way for you to jump straight into an amazing – and rewarding – life filled with women, armed with all the tools and techniques you need to not just make a go of it…but to really excel.

Learn from the Very Best

Over many years, Badboy has tuned up and gone into the best ‘natural’ minds in seduction – and gathered from each of them their hard-won secrets, and proven techniques. His training is regaredas the best in the world for success with women.