AMP – Authentic Sexual Escalation Download

•How to create intensely passionate “devouring each other” connections… complete with an on-the-spot demonstration with Shana (15:31)
•How to follow the flow of a woman’s body so that you’re BOTH turned on and enjoying the adventure together. (37:50)
•How the power of SLOW TOUCH can accelerate sexual turn on far FASTER than trying to move too quickly. (42:02)
•One way to create such intense attraction that you can bypass any need for contrived “sexual escalation” (Decker tells a personal story that illustrates this perfectly) (47:50)
•The single most important shift in MINDSET that you can make in order to feel completely at ease and confident around a woman when you’re alone (19:50)
•How the old model of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base is an out-dated and “robotic” approach that gets in the way of creating what you REALLY want. (5:51)
•How to figure out and resolve what’s keeping you from having amazing sexual experiences with women. (8:05)
•Decker’s story: “The least rewarding dating experience I ever had was…” and why he says… “I will never do that again.” Learn to avoid the same mistake. (9:44)
•How to find the places in HER that “melt” at your touch. (44:35)