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Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Living a Life Unfiltered
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Neediness Matrix
Decker Cunov & Ken Wilber – Sticking Points
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Having fun with conflict part II & Part I
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Power of touch part 2 and part 1
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – How To Call a Woman Out + Newsletter
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Authentic Conversation Skills
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Inner Circle Newsletter FULL Vol. 1 + 2 + 3
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Authentic Sexual Escalation
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Cultivating Inner Peace
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Seductive Presence of The Man Who Accepts His Death
The New Man Podcast – Decker Cunov: How to Learn to Trust Your Gut
The New Man Podcast – Decker Cunov: Choose Everything in you Life
Authentic Man Program (AMP)  – The Secret to Masculine Wholeness and Feminine Sexual Turn On
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Authentic Style
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Authentic First Impressions
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Dark Side Of The Masculine Bonus Material
Bryan Bayer & Garrison Cohen – 5 Games and 2 Tips for Amazing First Dates
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Bright Glow of the Dark Masculine
Alissa Kriteman with Bryan Bayer – The World of the Empowered Man
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Making all your relationships a work of art
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – How to set yourself apart from every other man she meets
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – How To Be Yourself In Bars And Clubs
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Big Picture
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Myth of confidence
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Trust – the ultimate aphrodisiac
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Myth of rejection
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Navigating her emotional world
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Advanced Relating
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Myth of confidence
Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Authentic Attraction
Bryan Bayer & Travis Decker (Authentic Man) – Ultimate Guide to Inner Game Sticking Points
Bryan Bayer & Travis Decker (Authentic Man) – The Holarchy: A 5-Stage Inner Game Training Model
Travis Decker (AuthenticMan) – Dealing with Approach Anxiety : How Dawn met Decker, and an example of what’s possible in a first meeting, when you’re fully present, in appreciation and with integrity.Arriving at your own experience of Presence, Appreciation and IntegrityThe paradox of deep realization versus practice.Us wanting more relationship with YOU!
The audacity of wanting to richly enjoy your life and relationships.The difference between the external behaviors and the internal experience.Lipstick, faking orgasm, outer game for women.
“The good stuff is somewhere else” phenomenon.Is there anyone’s life you’d rather live than yours?The culture of reductionism.A genuine smile can’t be faked.

Authentic Man Program (AMP)  – Women in the Clubhouse : In this recording… a 3-way dialogue (trilogue?) between Decker, Robbie (our enrollment manager), and David Bollt, AMP Grad, Course-Leader-In-Training and nationally renowned tattoo artist, weigh in on the topic of…

Women in the Clubhouse

An exploration of involving women more in the work of AMP – starting with the recent co-ed Aletheia course co-created by AuthenticWorld and Integral Institute, and continuing to the Online Inner Circle Forum…

How do we act differently when women are around, and how come? And when is it appropriate to Set Boundaries (integrity), while Celebrating Her (appreciation)…

It’s the dilemma of wanting richness of men’s culture separate from women, but also the appeal to having the contribution of women on the Inner Circle…

We be exploring…

– Why we’ll “drink from the well of the feminine” even if we’re getting kicked in the head while doing it…

– Getting real about the gender differences

– The responsibility (or lack thereof) of women to be “in integrity”

– Craziness and irrationality of women, and the gift…The women of the Integral community, “What’s up with this ‘boys club’ – you guys scared of us?”

– How much we as men feel free to open around women vs w/ our boys…

– How saying no to a woman can be one of the most loving things we can do…

And, Decker has a request: He wants YOUR input on the idea of having men and women TOGETHER in this conversation, and an exploration of How Women Are before we invite women into what has previously been a Men’s Only Space…

Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll – Interview with Kendra & Decker : Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll is a ground breaking new comedy written, directed, and hosted by Stuart Davis. This bold series features edgy humor from an open-hearted maniac. Each episode follows Stu performing stand up comedy, news, sketches, interviews and his acclaimed music. A twisted mind and a sensitive soul, Davis has made a career out of parsing tricky topics, and Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll finds this ‘Punk Monk’ at his multi-faceted best.

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Bringing Boldness : In THIS recording: Bringing Boldness — Saying What’s True we cover…
* How to be unapologetically BOLD in your interactions with women…
* How I’ve recently been THROWN by a woman – and gotten HOOKED
* Decker tests my composure with this woman… * How to deal with rejection with artistry
* How to get a woman’s world when she’s “not feeling it” with you
* How we can become subtly manipulative, and how to detect whether we’re “running a script” or not
* How to have fun in getting triggered with women, and getting the gifts from being triggered
* What’s behind Decker’s spontaneous, simple comments, such as, “I like your face,” that seem to light women up…
* The difference from having your interactions being Bold and Beautiful, even if it’s not “Pretty”

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Cultivating Social Circles : Bryan here with your download of the month.This one is an audio recording of me and decker on the topic of social circles.
We cover:

* The ‘lighthouse’ vs the ‘spotlight’ approach to meeting new people * How to discover the unique gifts in each social circle we’re connected with… * Why you shouldn’t let me near anything that requires stability, and why you shouldn’t count on Decker to bring dynamism — an exploration of synergy and interdependence that you can leverage in your own
social circles
* The benefits of a social circle, and why you’ll never have to do another ‘cold approach’ again when you get this down
* The 3 ways of creating connection with new people
* An exercise to notice the subtleties, and making distinctions that will allow you to celebrate the uniqueness of each person, each relationship you have — this is a key practice for building authentic community
* How to help others find their own unique gift that they have to offer to community……And much more.
I’ve been loving riffing with Decker on these monthly recordings!  May this download support you i having richer and more rewarding social circles!

Authentic Man Program (AMP)  – What No One Will Tell You About “Drugs” And Inner Game :
Since the dawn of humankind natural substances that grow from the earth, (also known as Entheogens) have played an enormous role in the evolution of human consciousness. For that reason it seems authentic for us to acknowledge these substances and discuss how they can assist in personal evolution on all levels for those who want to learn more about them.
While some Entheogens, experienced in the right context, may lead to a greater understanding of self, the world and relationships, we are not advocating their use. In fact they are in no way necessary to have a better life. But our hope is that this recording will lead to a greater understanding of an aspect of our world that few people are willing to talk about.
Some of the topics we cover in this recording are:

Mainstream perceptions of Entheogens.
Why people distract themselves with substances.
Once you’ve had an experience does it really transfer into your life
The danger of any ,drug focused culture
The difference between distracting yourself VS accelerating your self-evolution.
Bryan’s concept of True-ing Up.
Why its important to be doing personal work on yourself if you do Entheogens.
Hear about how deep and conscious self-transformation can be self designed.
Why most people have reservations about Entheogens.
Bryan shares his experience of how during heightened states of self-awareness he has been able to bring insights to others that instantly changed their lives.
Why improper settings or intentions during use of Entheogens, can destabilize relationships and self growth.
How healing, self love and higher states of being are accessed and maintained.
Who should NOT take Entheogens.

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – 12 Practices For Deep Connection : Like an NBA basketball player drills on the basics to make art in the moment, or a martial artist trains in particular moves, these Connection Practices are your “chops” for creating deep connection and rewarding interactions.
As you practice your “chops”, you’ll find yourself putting these pieces together, doing “combo-moves”, and eventually weaving them like a symphony, and as they become second-nature to you, you’ll find yourself making ART in your interactions…! THIS IS AN OVERVIEW, NOT A COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL I could write for days about these practices, but the bottom line is that most of this stuff is NOT best learned from reading about it. Read through the practices, pick a couple to explore for a few days, and give it a shot even if you’re not completely sure how it will land, and then adjust from there.
But first, I’m going to share with you an article I wrote a couple years ago for our AMP Inner Circle Members that demonstrates several of these practices in a fun interaction I had with a woman at a house party.
I’m sharing this story with you to show you: How these Connection Practices apply in a real-world situation – even with a woman who’s pretty feisty!
That this isn’t just a “Decker-only” skill – I didn’t always relate to women like this, but I learned it, Decker learned it, and YOU can learn this, too.
And since I’m an uber-geek about this stuff, I’ll break down the stages of the AMP Holarchy and the AMP Connection Practices as they come into play during the interaction – and note them in

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Get Her World Pitfalls : Everyone who is on the AMP mailinglist should have access to this file. However I’m uploading this for the contributors of Get Her World Groupbuy, who are not on the mailing list. covering the “Pitfalls of Getting Her World”, touching on several pitfall “archetypes” in addition to the:

* Curious Inquisitor
* Self-Important Healer
* Tantric Doofus

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – HOW TO SET YOUR SELF APART FROM OTHER GUYS : Authentic Man Program – Training Download of the Month  JUN 2008 INSIDE THIS

A lot of guys dilute this kind of moment by playing one-up games or trying to make themselves look cool by anticipating how they’re going to look, trying to qualify the woman and getting spun out on head trips trying to “do it right,” all the while missing the big picture.

This recording is a rich one and regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not this will help you learn how relationships never, ever have to get old. In fact Decker and Shana show how any relationship can be a journey of discovery from the very moment you meet through pretty much forever. Even if you?ve been married 50 years. 

Authentic Man Program (AMP)  – Eye Contact
In this recording Decker, myself, and AMP coach Alexis have our first “Live” audio recording complete with audience interaction, laughter and questions! Just as a building is based on a solid foundation, powerful Eye Contact is based on a solid foundation that is in place long before you even look at each other. Once you understand the fundamentals we’ll share with you, eye contact will never look the same again.

Authentic Man Program (AMP)  – Approach Anxiety Antidote
In this recording Decker, myself, and AMP coach Alissa take a look at the inner experience of Approach Anxiety and explore a simple process that can quickly transform what holds you back into what brings you ease, strength and solidity. This includes a bonus download of interactions, questions, live coaching and a whole lot of laughter that really takes this topic to a whole new level.

Authentic Man Program (AMP)  – When Selfish is Sexy
In this recording Decker, myself, and AMP coach Alexis find out how holding yourself as the Most Valuable Player in your life is not only appealing, sexy and attractive to women but it creates an upward spiral in every aspect of your life that puts you right on path with that gold medal

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Sex and the Holarchy Series
How Presence, Appreciation, Integrity, Play, and Wholeness Affect the quality of sex you can have.

We begin our investigation into Sex and the AMP Holarchy beginning with Presence. It’s high time we finally did a recording on how Presence-Wholeness impacts the oldest acts of intimacy in existence. Our beautiful sexpert, Danger F. Riley joins Decker and I, as we explore just how moving, profound and life changing sex can be when we bring our fullest selves to it. And… even if you’re not having sex these recordings can help you get the way of “being” that draws it into your life.

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Threesomes part1&2
This months offering is a sensitive and respectful exploration of a very controversial subject. Whether you ever plan to engage in a threesome or not, this recording offers you a rare lens through which you can learn to embody more of the foundations to living a richly authentic life.

Last month, we had so many questions from our first conversation that it carried over into a whole extra evening devoted to the question of “What is an Authentic Threesome and what are the rules of the road on this unique and beautiful path?” This month, we continue the sensitive and respectful exploration of a very controversial subject. Whether you ever plan to engage in a threesome or not, this recording offers you a rare lens through which you can learn to embody more of the foundations to living a richly authentic life.

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Authentic Breakthrough
For years Decker has refrained from sharing the breakthrough experience that led to the creation of AMP. In this profound interview Decker shares his experience of suddenly realizing he’d been living inside someone else’s box of reality and sleepwalking through his life, and then… making the choice to let it all fall away.  Listen to not only how this completely changed his life in every way, including with women but the implications it has for your life as well. “

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Power of Transparency

It takes way more energy to maintain a lie than it does to tell the truth, but it also takes way more courage to tell the truth. That’s why it’s so freakin’ sexy to women. So while learning to be Transparent and share fully without shame, charge or attachment is a more challenging way to live, it’s also far more rewarding, revitalizing and can completely shift your life.  

This month Decker, myself, and AMP coach Alissa investigate what it means to live a life of Transparency. We share with you examples, insights and stories from our own personal lives to paint you a picture of what life can look like without the internal resistance that keeps so many men trapped in lives of quiet desperation.”

Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The “Beyond Confidence” Blueprint

“Inner Game Training Downloads of the Month By Garrison The “Beyond Confidence” Blueprint
This month’s audio should be mandatory listening for any man who wants to thrive in the world (women, work, family, friends). What I love most about this recording is that it gives enough fun, entertaining, vulnerable examples that you really get a direct download of what’s truly possible. 
One of the reasons we focus on women so much is that if you can master your relating with women then you can apply that self-awareness to pretty much anything else. It’s like Broadway. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. “

Authentic Man Program (AMP) –  How To Create Three Dimensional Attraction

“Inner Game Training Download of the Month:How To Create Three Dimensional Attraction
This month, listen in on an amazing discussion between Decker, my girlfriend Carolyn and me about how you can create a rich tapestry of attraction across three different dimensions of relating. This info will benefit you whether you’re single, married or dating. Enjoy!”