Arman Saij – The Power Will Be Yours Download

Not just any “personal power” however. The power that I am talking about is… wearing woman-pulling magnetism like a second cover.

My credentials? I am not a PUA.

In fact, 99% of what’s taught in the “Seduction Community” turns my stomach.

From the bafoonish “approaching”, to the pretentious “opening”, to the manipulative “patterns” and verbal routines.

Now and again I see the faces of some of those positioning themselves as gurus on “Inner/Outer Game” and I see someone bereft of integrity and TRUE love for women.

Only pretentiousness and unchivalrous “confidence” stand out.

So no, my report is NOT about any of that stuff.

My report will teach you how to cultivate the very traits – until you reach the point of EMBODYING them in your DNA itself – that cause you to naturally and effortlessly gravitate women towards YOU.

Ramifications: “pickup routines” and “approach techniques” will no longer be a necessary part of your life; they will become redundant.

The report is different for another reason: It is a labor of love for one whom I had lost to cancer years ago. This gentleman was my best friend.

This man was my father.

I was born to very loving parents. But unfortunately, one of them – my mother – had (and continues to live have) unresolved childhood traumas.

This inevitably spilled into my father’s life. Inspite of the hard work and sacrifices he made, he found no nourishment, no recuperation in his married life. Only aggravating stress. Only heart-hardening strife.

And divorce was not an option, as we were born in a culture where this was frowned upon and meant instant ostricization from everyone – including your family and best friends. Effectively, you’d be an outcast.

So my father stayed there to the bitter end, until the lack of nourishing love of a female companion left the stresses of his life untrasmuted; paving the way for cancer, at the young age of 52.

I was 18 at the time, but I learned my lesson early on.

While spending that summer taking care of my father in hospital (you were given that option), and painfully watching him slowly whither away into a shell of his former self, I recognised the nightmare for what it was: a very ugly teacher in disguise, but a teacher nonetheless. And I was an alert student. And very willing: I would never allow for a repeat of that experience for myself or my childen.


I understood from very early on – and through observing the healing power that more loving interractions between men and women had (through going to my friends’ places and staying with them now and again) – that until the man finds THE RIGHT WOMEN to settle down with (if he chooses to settle down), few things in life are as important as his ability to have an UNLIMITED CHOICE with as many women as possible.

And sorry, try as you might, but you won’t get this from the “PUA”/”Seductin” community. You will only get this ability by “re-giving” it to yourself; by unleashinig the latent magnetism you already have.

And this is precisely what I have succeeded in doing over the years.

I do NOT memorise routines, patterns, or other corny creep talk. But I am one of the most successful men that I know of personally (and per the admittance of my many friends, they themselves know of) with women, and I owe it entirely to my own personal magnetism.

And I wish to offer you this ability, in a report that I WILL make a necessary part of my own childrens’ education when they come of age. Infact, I will take their education on this as seriously as their school curriculum (if not moreso, as ALL success will find its ultimate propelant here).

It’s a way of combining the RIGHT affirmations, with the RIGHT energy work, and let me tell you, NOTHING like this has EVER been put out anywhere else, at ANY price.
It is potent. It is life-altering.