Arash Dibazar – Unspoken Taboos Review | Arash Dibazar – Unspoken Taboos Download

Introducing the newest DVD set from Arash Dibazar and Seductive Instinct. Arash drops next-level knowledge in seduction for 5 hours in this 4-disc set. Improve your game with Unspoken Taboos.

Read on below for details about topics covered.

In this DVD set, Arash covers the following and more:
  • Dog training from a game point of view.
  • False rules of getting women – Girls don’t like nice guys, assholes, guys that get girls, going on dates, etc.
  • How to escalate if she is in town for a couple of days.
  • Gaming religious women.
  • What she says she wants but then wants something else.
  • Not looking desperate and creepy.
  • Being a player and a ninja.
  • The power of movies in different aspects of game. Archetypes in different aspects of life (religion, movies, mythology).
  • Attraction to the forbidden and taboo.
  • Using “don’t” and the subconscious to get her attracted. NLP/hypnosis.
  • Developing a solid connection with a girl where she feels she is not being played.
  • Opening conversations.
  • Gaming in loud environments.
  • Metaphysics and waves to create.
  • Handling multiple relationships, obstacles and flakes.
  • Being cause vs. effect.
  • Superheroes as archetypes.
  • Texting and what to do after getting her number.
  • How to remember people’s names.
  • Being a gentleman from a masculine point of view. (Masculine/Feminine energy)
  • S & R value
  • Swag.
  • The Art of Seduction.
  • Being relaxed and comfortable from Manu’s teachings.

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