Arash Dibazar – The Man God Download

Arash Dibazar - The Man God Seduction Material

In Arash Dibazar – The Man God reveals some of his most powerful teachings when it comes to his unique style of game. Learn how to remain unaffected by undesirable outcomes and maintain a position and confidence in everything you do.

Topics Covered in Arash Dibazar – The Man God

– How to go from opening conversations to building value.

– Anxiety and fear of losing a 9 – 10.

– Arash’s best openers.

– Not being creepy and acting like any other guy. How to recover if you are creepy?

– Control emotions and not being reactive.

– What’s the next step after getting the phone number.

– When is a neg too harsh? Neg vs. Insult. (Neg theory)

– Activities to do with a girl on a day 2.

– Qualification.

– Outer vs. Inner game.

– Is it ok to apologize?

– frame control. frame being so strong to get away anything. Having the bigger purpose.

– Ghost vs. Flame.

– Arash’s personal mantra. “… So be it”

– Being social like a dog.

– Attraction phase theory.

– Phone as a wingman.

– Man the animal, man the god.

– Small vs. Big thoughts.

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