Andy Randead – The Great Female Con PDF Download

This book will shatter everything you’ve been conditioned to believe about women. We all have seen examples of this. Why is it these innocent, soft, selfless creatures suddenly turn heartless, cold, vindictive, destructive, hard, and mostly selfish? They’re the first to use their kids as a tool in a split-up. They’re the first to call the police and have their spouse thrown in jail when he holds his hands up to stop her from attacking him. What turns these soft, innocent beings into the devil himself, and why are so many men totally surprised when they see it happen? It’s the great female con.

Too often we miss the forest for the trees. We seek convoluted and complex answers to relatively simple questions. In doing so, we miss the answers. At the end of the day, you will realize that men and women are very different, and for specific reasons. It’s not by accident. Biological forces, how they were raised, society’s pressures, and their current options all come into play and affect how they react and interact with others.

We will explore the changing societal standards and laws and how these have affected how people have evolved in the last forty years. We will look at how things were then and how they are now and why. Get ready for the ride of your life as you start to understand the simple reasons women are the way they are, and men are the way they are. Understanding basic human behavior has much to do with trying to understand how people act and react. I have many basic theories, all of which will be explored and argued, and each will be seen by any reasonable person as true. The old saying that no one can ever figure out women is simply not true. By the time you have completed reading this book, you will see things much more clearly and realize where you’ve been going wrong in understanding women.