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“How A Clueless, Longing Virgin And His Friend Discovered The Secret To Creating Authentic Attraction And Deep Connection With Women, Without Putting On ‘Social Masks’ To Do It– Develop The Foundation Of Confidence, Power And Authenticity That Men Respect And Women Are Desperately Looking For…And Eliminate Approach Anxiety, Self-Doubt, And That Gnawing Fear Of Being Alone Or Missing Out On The Gorgeous Woman Of Your Dreams…”

Dear Friend,

  • Do you ever feel afraid (or even resigned) that you might not have what it takes to create a deep connection with a woman who is totally beautiful inside and out?
  • Do you ever get concerned that more and more time is passing by and you still haven’t found a woman you really connect with?
  • Have you ever been with a woman you really liked who started to pull back from the connection because she could feel your growing neediness?
  • Have you ever felt absolutely paralyzed at the thought of approaching a woman you’ve never met? Like when you’d get a boner in math class in 6th grade just as the teacher invites you to come up to the black board? (“No thanks, I’ll take an F.”)
  • Have you put time, money and energy into products or courses that promised you a lot, but left you feeling resigned when your hopes for a big breakthrough didn’t come and the same things that always held you back still hold you back?
  • Do you ever try to distract yourself from feeling the hurt, anger or loneliness that comes with desiring women? (As ironic as it seems, this is where most men miss a key to having what they want)
  • Ever met an amazing woman, had a great connection and you felt really excited about her and then she never returned your calls? (Damn, that stings.)
  • Is it just plain hard for you to meet women and have them be attracted to you?
  • Do conversations you have with women ever feel forced, shallow or superficial?
  • Do you have a hard time feeling relaxed, enjoying the moment and just being yourself around women you feel really turned on by? (The irony is that they desperately want you to relax, enjoy the moment and be yourself… and yes, you’ll learn how here.)
  • Do you ever ask yourself, “Why does it have to take so much *#@!# effort to create what I want with women?
  • Is it hard for you to physically escalate with women? In other words to go from talking to touching to kissing to fondling and on, etc?
  • Have you ever felt totally powerless about how to meet a woman that you consider absolutely stunning? (It’s that excruciating moment of “Oh my god, there she is… Here she comes… There she goes.”)
  • Do you have the nagging feeling that your challenges with women aren’t going to be fixed by any “outer-game” technique, strategy or pick-up lines?

If you answered yes to one or more of these examples, don’t worry, you are not alone.

I’ve experienced pretty much all of these examples (multiple times) and if you can relate to any of these as well you probably don’t want to ever deal with them again.


Growing up, I spent most of my early life buried in fantasy novels, Dungeons and Dragons and video games. I was so desperately clueless about women that I didn’t even know enough to complain. During high school, I’d lay in bed at night and pray to God to help me get a girlfriend.

It wasn’t until college that it became painful at a whole new level. The girls I had longed for growing up had now become stunning, beautiful, exciting women who were all around me.

I felt like they were living in a completely different world. I had no idea how to relate to them. I was just some poor, geeky, messy, socially inept kid from the Midwest and they were… radiant, beautiful creatures.

The more I noticed the distance between myself and the women I desired, the more it hurt and hurt and HURT! Can you relate?

For a while I even began to reason that maybe some guys had it and some guys didn’t. Have you been there? You start to wonder if maybe you just got dealt a bad hand or got hit with the “unlucky stick” – and you would never be good looking enough, have the right body or be naturally good at meeting women and this is simply as good as it is ever going to get.

And that’s the part that hurt the most.


In the late 90’s I met a student of psychology named Decker and through a mutual interest in meditation we quickly became good friends. We were a lot alike in terms of our background with women. Decker was a skinny, messy, poor, mumbling, army brat who had been so clueless about women that he didn’t even know he was clueless.

That part seemed comfortably familiar to me. However… even Decker’s lifelong friends reported that by the time Decker and I had met, he’d completely changed in an extremely short period of time.

While most guys were trying to figure out how to “ACT” so women would be interested in them, Decker had naturally discovered how to “BE.”

I would listen to this painfully skinny, mumbling, messy, baby faced simpleton say what seemed like the most obscure and irrelevant thing to a beautiful woman and then watch her completely open up to him the way a flower can’t help but open up to the sun. Women were constantly intrigued and captivated by him from the very moment they’d meet.

“I’d just met a guy who was JUST like me EXCEPT that he had facility with women beyond anything I’d ever imagined was even possible.”

Time after time after time, Decker would create the kind of experiences with women that I’d only dreamt were possible. It was a painful, frustrating contrast. I was in a constant state of frustration. Even when I would approach women with his exact same words I still got zero response!

It took us both years before we would realize that:

  • Women could instantly feel where we were both coming from, loud and clear.
  • I was coming from a place of fear, doubt and insecurity and women would instantly feel it… regardless of what I said.
  • Decker was coming from a place of inner solidness and presence and women would instantly feel it… regardless of what he said.

But That’s Hardly Even The Tip of The Iceberg.

The women I was most attracted, drawn to and inspired by never wanted to be with me. How was I supposed to come from inner solidness and presence when I felt so crappy about the fact that women didn’t dig me?

Listen… if you can relate to what I’m saying so far, you can relax. If you don’t have what you’re looking for yet, it’s ok. In fact, it’s not your fault.

Most guys live in quiet desperation and will never really get what they want with women because no one ever taught them the natural foundations of what really creates attraction and connection.

I refused to believe that I didn’t have what it took to have my own unique version of the “mojo” that Decker had, and so we began a path of constant investigation into what was causing women (and the rest of the world) to respond to Decker with such attraction.

We had no idea that what we were about to discover would impact the lives of so many men. We simply wanted to understand it ourselves… starting with me.

It took us years to figure out exactly what he was doing…

And When We Finally Deconstructed Decker’s Experience Into Small Enough Pieces, We Discovered That It WAS Learnable.

And when those pieces finally started coming together for me…the results were nothing short of miraculous.

Even women who had completely shot me down in the past were now seeking me out. Like Decker, but in my own way, I had a shift that had me showing up totally differently with women and everyone, and the world was responding accordingly. Women started calling me back, and for the first time, women were pursuing ME!

As we continued forward Decker and I realized that everything we had created in our 5-stage model for internal development called the AMP Holarchy, was scientifically backed by somatic therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Buddhist and Zen philosophies, Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Qi Gong, Holotropic breathwork, martial arts as well integrated with the teachings of Ken Wilber, David Deida, The Enneagram and Eckhart Tolle, among others.

Within a few years we had our own building in downtown San Francisco and had created sold-out weekend courses with men regularly flying in from as far as New Zealand and Germany to take our program.

We’ve been interviewed dozens of times on the radio and in magazines, had our own live call-in radio show, and in the last ten years our team of over 20 highly trained P.H.D.s, facilitators, therapists and life coaches has worked with thousands of men collectively.

Stop Slapping Paint on A House With No Plumbing!

Look, if you live in a house where the plumbing and wiring are falling apart, you can paint the outside to look as great as you want (“outer game” tricks, gimmicks and techniques) but you’ll never be able to invite a woman in without her instantly knowing that it’s a mess in there.

We looked around and realized that the “outer game” methods currently being offered to men were a “paint the outside” quick-and-dirty fix that would eventually lead to even more dysfunctional relationships and more disappointed men and women.

The fact is that the Foundations of Attraction and Connection start from the inside out.

We assembled our most skilled female coaches, filled our audience to capacity, and for three solid, jam packed days produced one of the most groundbreaking new approaches to creating the highest quality interactions, experiences and connections with women that has ever been done. (In fact, we received a standing ovation at the very end and you can see why for yourself.)

“Foundations of Inner Game I: The Power of Presence”

3-DVD set with case


90-page eBook Illustrated
Training Manual

(also comes with audio-only MP3 downloads for you ipod users and commuters)

This experiential, interactive 3-DVD set covers what we’ve discovered to be THE FIRST and most important Foundation of Inner Game: Presence.

It’s PACKED with the no-B.S., concrete, real-world training material from our sellout $2,000+ AMP weekend intensives. The insights and breakthroughs you’ll receive from this can directly impact your interactions with women, IMMEDIATELY.

“I’ve only just seen the first 25 minutes of your Power of Presence program and for the very first time, after endless pick-up programs, I’m taking notes. It feels like every thought brings me closer to where I want to be, where I can be me. Thank you very, very much, so many things became clear to me already. Keep up the incredible work!”

Dan S., 31

Here’s a quick sample of some of the great things you’ll learn in these 3 DVDs:

  • If you want to have those instant, “Wow, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off you” reactions from women, see 16:17 on Disc 3. Note: It has nothing to do with what you say or how you look.
  • To “expand” your presence and develop an authentic aura of “sureness” that’s instantly attractive to women, see 34:20 on Disc 2.
  • If you’re sick of being “Just Friends” and have trouble getting women sexually interested to you, see 11:01 on Disc 3 to discover the root cause of your problem, and why it’s easier than you think to turn it all around.
  • When a woman doesn’t respond to your jokes, stories, or attempts at having fun conversation, chances are you’re making this critical mistake. 29:29, Disc 1.
  • Learn to create a powerful, seemingly magical “bubble” of connection with a woman, whether you just met at a bar, it’s your first date, or she’s your long term girlfriend. 10:43, Disc 3.
  • If you can have spontaneous conversations once in a while, but can’t figure out how to have them whenever you want, see 9:18 on Disc 3 for an exercise to instantly bring out your natural inner conversationalist in any situation.
  • How to interrupt any conversation without being rude – she’ll even be grateful that an interesting guy stopped her mundane conversation. 31:45, Disc 2.
  • If women are occasionally attracted to you for reasons you don’t understand, see 1:24 on Disc 3 to learn how you can experience this consistently. (Plus: A detailed description of how attraction really works.)
  • If you want more passion and connection in your relationships, see 23:29 on Disc 1. (Plus: the “correct” attitude for keeping your relationship.)
  • If you’re often “in your shell” and have a hard time initiating conversations, see 35:50 on Disc 2 for a time tested method for learning to fully emerge from your shell with strength, peace and sureness.
  • Learn the hidden criteria most women judge you by BUT will almost never tell you to your face, on Disc 2 at 56:00.
  • If the depth of your connections with women is limited, see Disc 2 to discover what’s stopping them from going deeper with you. (Get just this, and your connections with women will be deeper and richer for the rest of your life.)
  • Learn the surprising truth about how primal, magnetic attraction is created. (Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with how “hot” you are.) 26:58, Disc 1
  • Eliminate the three biggest mistakes men make with women in just a few weeks, with specific guided exercises covered throughout the program that take just a few minutes a day.
  • Ever feel like you’re intruding when you approach a woman? Learn the practice that will have women stop their conversations and turn to welcome you, without you saying a word.
  • When she is feeling radiant and joyful in your presence the sky is the limit. Learn how YOU can turn a woman into a giddy, giggling playmate and enjoy each other more & more. <See it demonstrated>
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed even before you approach? Learn why men who do specific physical practices are better able to approach radiant, gorgeous women. (We’ll show you these practices, so you can do the same.)
  • Ever felt that sense of deep disappointment when you have a hard time getting a second date with a woman you really liked? Chances are you didn’t take THIS aspect of her experience into account. Discover what has women eager to see you again.
  • It can feel frustrating to interact with “short attention party girls.” Here is how to “gift” a woman with such depth of Presence, even for a moment, that even the girls who don’t even have the attention span for MTV will remember you for the rest of the night.
  • Learn how to focus your Presence into a compelling force that has women feeling exhilarated and alive, just by being around you. First dates will feel like you’re already making love…
  • When you’re not feeling social, you can turn your entire night or day around by using this technique shown on Disc 3, 42:00 to help you get back into your groove.

Plus, bonus footage of AMP facilitators and female AMP coaches working 1-on-1 with participants, where you’ll:

  • See how Jason taps into both his heart AND his raw sexual desire and rocks a woman’s world. Watching this will help you “get it” for yourself.
  • Watch as Victor discovers how quickly women can see right through a smile to the real truth of your emotional state. Women will never, EVER trust you until you get this. (We’ll show you how)
  • Watch Chip engage in the classic AMP exercise to get you “out of your head” and into your body, accessing your masculine core. You’ll be almost as amazed as she is to see his inner shift. <See it demonstrated>
  • Watch Scott learn how to let down his emotional “body armor” – the protection that keeps him away from true connection with women. See how much she opens up to him as a result.

What makes these DVDs so special is that…

Never before have such a team of razor-sharp, compassionate, radiant women been assembled in service of men’s greatness, trained to offer spot-on, in-the-moment feedback and support men in gaining life-changing realizations.

Never before has a path to rock-solid Inner Game been so simply, entertainingly and practically laid out. Without guidance, our inner worlds can just be damn confusing for us guys! So we use high quality video with entertaining stories, examples, visuals, audience participation, a training manual, audio supplements, and personal online feedback to break down our 5-stage training model, and help you really GET and INTEGRATE this stuff.

Never before has such a program been so interactive. Sorry, but we don’t let you just sit on the couch and watch other guys have all the breakthroughs. We ask you questions, have you to write things down and even stand up and practice the embodiment exercises so that women are able to feel you, (yes, YOU) even before they see you.

Never before have men had access to such a high level of follow up support with other students, AMP course graduates, and instructors on our online forum. You can post your insights, breakthroughs, questions and struggles and get direct feedback from other men on the same path. You also have direct access to interact with our female AMP coaches who absolutely love men and want to support you in becoming a more powerful, present and badass authentic man in the world.

Never before has a dating and relationship product gone so far beyond the pursuit of women, dating and relationships. This program, if applied, will actually impact ALL areas of your life. It helps you clean out your emotional pipes so that your internal system can flow in a natural healthy way. This creates more inner harmony in your career, friendships, health, finances and day-to-day life. While you’ll be learning about male/female dynamics, you’ll also be learning a lot about having an exceptional life… one that women will crave to be a part of.

Everything that you’re going to learn here is designed to “wake you up” to the badass, authentic man you really are.

Your entire life you’ve been told who you are by your family, your teachers, your friends, the media, etc.

But who you are at your inner masculine core, the unique you that has never existed before nor will ever exist again, below the layers of identity that have been handed down to you by everything in the world outside of yourself, is a pure, potent and deeply authentic man who is just waiting for you to discover what he can create in this world.

Once you have gone through each of these DVDs, practiced the exercises and read through the illustrated training manual, you are going to start to be able to see the real “you” that has always been there waiting to emerge. The you that women are dying to meet.

And here is the best part. At some point your learning will build up, just like it did with me. It will build up just as the consistent drip of water inevitably builds up and overflows over the lip of a small glass and when that moment happens… it all comes together.

You May Start To Notice That..

  • You can finally relax and be yourself even in the most tense situations.
  • Your gaze becomes clear, present, welcoming and warm – and women melt as you talk to them.
  • Someone you’ve know for years suddenly tells you that they feel so much more connected to you.
  • You realize that you can feel intense turn on and enjoy it and women can actually feel it radiating from you in a way that turns them on.
  • You start to realize that you are making choices through the sensations of your body instead of the thoughts in your head.
  • You suddenly realize you are seeing and thinking clearer than ever before.
  • You feel like a badass masculine warrior and not only do you like the way it feels but you can see and feel how people trust you and relax around you more.
  • You suddenly find yourself enjoying women on all levels even as they go through their moods, phases and emotions.
  • You let go of any need to control social situations but instead experience them as a fun, flowing dance that creates more and more turn on with women the more you let go.

It’s up to you to make this happen. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. There’s only one person in your life stopping you from having this for yourself, right now – you!

The women in your life will thank you for it!