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Get simple, solid techniques on how to get girls and arouse their interest in you very simply and easily transform the level of comfort and rapport you routinely achieve with women to a higher level than ever before. Just enter your name and address and I’ll put you on the Early Bird Notification List and let you know the minute my 15-minute Live Demonstration of Breaking Rapport becomes available!

The basic method is called “Breaking Rapport”. It’s easy to practice and get better at, and when done properly, it always works!

You need to build comfort when you’re first getting to know a girl. Then, believe it or not, if you really want her to notice you as someone different and special, you need to have a good way to break that rapport. There are fun ways to make a girl laugh and how to flirt with girls playfully.

This is how you can break her out of her assumption that you’re just another guy… and make her really take notice of you!

Listen: Attractive women are generally used to having men come up and talk to them all the time. There’s even a predictable cycle of talking to one guy and then moving on to the next that often becomes just routine for them… part of their typical expectations…

I’ll tell you a lot more about how this works in the live video… And I’ll show you why breaking rapport is so powerful and effective. I’ll include lots of stuff about how to get girls, how to flirt with girls, how to make a girl laugh and more…

It’s also a bit of an underground technique because most guys have no idea how simple and important this one little step can be… In fact, most guys would think you’re a little nuts if you even TOLD them about it!

This technique is a little edgy, I admit it, but it’s one of the most powerful tools in my entire arsenal and if you’re serious about getting more girls in your life, you owe it to yourself to learn it.

If you want to know how to use breaking rapport to increase your dating success, then enter your name and email to sign up for my “Breaking Rapport Early Bird List” and you’ll be among the very first to know when my 15-minute Live Demonstration of Breaking Rapport is released! You’ll see me demo this live on camera… It’ll help!

Adam Lyons Breaking Rapport : He had an average upbringing, good family and a pretty normal social life that involved his work and going out to the bar with his friends. What troubled him was the fact that girls only ever saw him as a friend.He would hang out at the bar with his friends knowing that each night he went out the girls in the group would talk to him, hang out with him, eat with him.

His problem was that he made the same 6 mistakes that every single guy in his position makes

The fatal mistakes that ensure you’re stuck in the friend zone or worse having girls completely indifferent to you while some other guy gets your girl.

It wasn’t his fault that he made these mistakes, in fact modern society teaches us that these mistakes are the right thing to do in order to get a girl to like you.

The problem is every time you make one of these mistakes you cripple your chances of getting a girl to be attracted to you.

Well this guy didn’t want to accept his situation. he wanted to do something about it.
So he jumped on the internet and researched the worlds number one seducer, pick up artist and dating coach Adam Lyons.
Breaking Rapport by Adam Lyons Includes
He wanted to learn how to get himself out of this predicament.
He wanted to learn how to get girls to be attracted to him.
He wanted them to look at him like they looked at other guys he knew.
He wanted them to desire him, to flirt with him, to want him sexually.
He needed to learn about the 6 mistakes and how he could stop making them.

Mistake Number 1: Most guys don’t understand girl fun Most guys idea of a fun time involves carefully structured games. Look at men as children. They play sports, or battle games, video games and board games. Girls are different. As children girls are interested in word and rhyming games, their life in the future, and social events.

This disconnect continues throughout the entire growing up process. Leaving most men struggling to connect with girls they’re attracted to and the girls often move away from guys that bore them in favor of talking to other guys or female friends who know how to help the girl have a fun time.
Mistake Number 2: Most guys struggle to cross the physical gap Sometimes 6 inches can be the largest distance to cross in the world. Especially when that distance is between you and a girl you want to touch. You know that if she was ok with you touching her everything would be ok. The problem is most guys don’t know how to tell if a girl is ok with being touched.What would make it even easier is if you could get the girl to initiate the touch but most guys just don’t know how to get a girl to do that. Leaving them in an interaction that is doomed to stagnate and continue in attraction purgatory, never turning into something more affectionate.
Mistake Number 3: Most guys don’t challenge girls Girls love playing games with guys. It’s fun to them to see just how far that can push a guy to do what they want with just the hint that something might happen between them. Most guys readily jump to attention for a pretty girl just for the promise of pussy and do whatever she wants in the hope that she might return their affections and decide to date them.The girl of course has no reason to do this, after all she’s got a bunch of guys doing whatever she wants and she doesn’t even have to do so much as kiss them. The only way to combat this is to challenge her in a way that gets her to realize you’re not such a pushover. The guys that a girl will go for are all people who don’t just do whatever she wants. They’ve learnt the perfect balance between being helpful and being used.
Mistake Number 4: Most guys are afraid to voice their own opinions No-one likes a yes man. Someone who just agrees with whatever you say without giving you any actual feedback that cow;d be beneficial to you. Never suggesting something different to do, never actually adding anything to the situation. Always just agreeing like some shadow of a person.

The problem here is that when guys are presented with a pretty face they fall into the habit of just agreeing with anything a hot girl says. This leads to some pretty boring conversations that pretty much just involve the guy nodding and saying yes. Hardly the kind of interaction thats going to get a girl aroused.

Mistake Number 5: Most guys are too available We often perceive something as being valuable when it is unavailable to us. After all if you can just buy a everyday car that gets you from a – b why do we lust after the more expensive unique models? It’s the lack of availability to us that increases this desire. Whether it’s because we can’t afford it or because it is limited edition the harder something is to obtain the harder it is to get.

Guys often make the mistake of saying things like ” I’ll always be there for you”, and “If you ever want someone to speak to I’m here” or “When you’re next single i’d love to date you” these phrases and more importantly the place where they come from means that a girl can always keep you in reserve and keep looking for that bigger better deal.
Mistake Number 6: Most guys don’t get sexual Women are sexual creatures, you only have to look at the way to dress to see that. The problem is they don’t want to have sex thrust upon them, they want it to rise slowly and to feel the sensation of arousal grow within them.

While most guys idea of sexual escalation involves a kebab and a six pack of beer before getting down and dirty, a girl needs something more, and if you don’t turn her on correctly you’re just not going to get her to want to be sexual with you.

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