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Adam Armstrong Seduction Materials DeluxeBundle Collection Download

Adam Armstrong – 5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed Download

5 Techniques Turn You Into The Sex God She’s Always Wanted

What if you could master 5 simple techniques and give your woman mind-blowing, multi-orgasmic sex?

You’ll Discover Exactly: What She Wants In Bed How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms The Big Mistakes Most Guys Make In Bed Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could transform yourself into the kind of guy who could SATISFY his woman, any time, any place – and all it took was 5 simple techniques? Let’s cut to the point…

You’re reading this because you want to please your woman in bed like no other guy ever has before…

Make Her Orgasm… Blow Her Mind… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME

I’ve just released a special report – ‘The 5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed’

And There Are Some Things You Should Know Before You Grab Your Copy…
  • These Techniques Work Together

    Knowing 1 or 2 of these techniques is OK – but the magic only happens when you master all 5. In this special report you’ll discover ALL 5.

    It Costs Money…

    So it’s only for guys who are willing to invest in their future sexual success and actually put the simple, yet amazingly powerful techniques into practise.

    It’s Totally Proven…

    Time and time again men come to me wanting to know how to totally SASTIFY their women in bed. I always teach them these 5 techniques and the techniques ALWAYS work. It’s just the way it is. No point trying to fight it.

If you want your woman to cream her panties every time she thinks about you –
these are the 5 sex techniques you need to know and master…

Before You Make Up Your Mind Here’s, Just A Little Of What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • The 5 secret techniques every woman wants in bed… use them on your woman and prepare for her to call you “A Sex God”… “The best she’s ever had”… and… “A beast in the bedroom”

    What Adam highlights in this special report is really simple – yet he’s dead on. This is precisely what we women want in bed and he explains it in a very easy to understand way. This is ‘required reading’ for any guy who wants to please his woman in the bedroom ~ Rebecca D

  • Why women want to be ‘taken’ in the bedroom and how to make your woman feel this way during sex
  • The truth about dirty talk, why women love it and how to do it the right way – so you ‘get your woman off’ over and over again (as opposed to turning her off and making her laugh)
  • A ‘fool-proof,’ cant-fail way to keep the sex interesting and exciting – even if you’ve been with the same woman for years
  • 10 tried-and-tested dirty talk phrases that are certain to make her hot, wet, horny and extremely orgasmic – all you have to do is say them to her, and BINGO, the magic will happen!
  • Why ‘good girls’ do want to do very BAD things in the bedroom – and how to leverage this fact to make the sex much more wild, adventurous and exciting
  • 14 examples of how to make the sex ‘naughty’… this is great because women LOVE naughty sex (so long as you do it the right way. Follow my simple instructions and you can’t go wrong)
  • The single biggest thing EVERY woman wants during sex and how to make it happen – she’ll never tell you what it is, but when you give it to her… she’ll worship you as a Sex God
  • How to give her vaginal orgasms – master this simple technique and giving her vaginal and multiple orgasms becomes EASY… you’ll also find her sex drive and desire to please YOU both massively increase when you give her vaginal orgasms. Happy days 😉
  • The one thing that’ll make her ADDICTED to you in the bedroom, forever (FACT: over 90% of guys fail to make this happen for their women – explaining why many women lose interest in sex or cheat to try and get better sex)
  • And much more than I can list here…

ATTENTION! Great Sex Really Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4, and… 5* (*So Long As You Know The 5 Steps 😉


So that you can totally SATISFY your woman every time In this special report you’ll discover…

The EXACT 5 techniques you need to know to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom and have her call you ‘the best she’s ever had’ and make her totally ADDICTED to having sex with you


Giving your woman incredible sex – complete with mind-blowing multiple orgasms – really is as EASY as mastering the 5 techniques you’re going to discover in my special report…

‘The 5 Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed’

You see, contrary to popular belief, being a GREAT LOVER isn’t actually that hard.

But most guys are LOUSY lovers because nobody ever taught them what women really want in bed… because most sex advice is misleading… and because women themselves don’t want to tell you what they want!

Women just want you to ‘step-up’ and show them what you’ve got.

And once you know what women REALLY want… that’s pretty easy to do.

But if you don’t know what women want… trying to give it to them is about as easy as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube whilst blindfolded and stood on your head.

It’s not gonna happen.

So it’s really your call my friend…

Do you want to discover how to give your woman incredible sex?

Do you want to ‘get her off’ over and over again – EVERY time?

Do you want her to become addicted to your touch… addicted to your manhood?

If you’re nodding your head and saying “YES” – click the download now button to get started today…

Would You Like Her To Please You In Ways That’d Make A Whore Blush?

Would you like her to want sex WHENEVER you desire it?

Would you like her to greedily drop to her knees and suck you off whenver you feel like it?

Would you like her to be your ‘naughty little slut’ in the bedroom – whilst still being a respectable lady outside of the bedroom?

Would you like her to worship you like a Sex God and be totally ADDICTED to you?

Look. Here’s the deal…

To get your woman to behave like that for you – to turn her into your naughty, willing little slut in the bedroom – you simply have to master the 5 techniques in my special report.

That’s it. Period. The end.

These 5 techniques are THE KEY to giving ANY woman incredible sex. It’s not open to debate. It’s just the way it is.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the “Get Instant Access” button below and your PDF copy of ‘The 5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed’ will be available for immediate download after your payment has been accepted…

Adam Armstrong – 37 Secrets About Women And Sex Download

“37 Secrets About Women And Sex”

Here Are The 37 Most Important Secrets About ‘Women And Sex’… Use Them To Become Much A Better Lover…

Dear Friend,

Would you like to learn more in just 15 minutes than most men do in their entire lives about how to SEXUALLY SATISFY women?

Would you like to know why many women cheat on their men and how to prevent this happening to you?

Would you like to discover the most important kind of ORGASM you must give your woman if you want to give her truly GREAT SEX?

Would you like to find out how to increase your woman’s sex-drive and get her to do everything you want in bed?

Well, here’s the thing…

If you answered “YES” to those questions – I’m not really surprised.

I mean, what man wouldn’t want to know all that kinda stuff about women and sex?!

The unfortunate thing is – most guys will never know even the basics about how to SATISFY their WOMEN in the bedroom. And the result of their lame love-making will be that many of their women cheat on them to get better sex.


Not nice.

But that’s what many women do when they aren’t having their ‘needs’ met in the bedroom… they find another man – a man who CAN fulfil their sexual needs.

And that’s a FACT.

The Real Secrets About Satisfying Women
Are Hard To Find…

So the reality is that most men would LIKE to satisfy their women, but most men NEVER will.

The question is:

“WHY will most men fail to satisfy their women?”

The answer is because most guys don’t look hard enough for the information they need… the information that would help them to become better lovers.

And the fact is – that information is very hard to find.

You see, most guys who try to educate themselves on the subject of WOMEN and SEX choose to use the mainstream men’s magazines. And whilst I’m not going to name any of them, you know the ones I’m referring too. Not porn magazines, but the ones that have exercise, fashion, nutrition and sex advice inside and hot women on the front covers.

The information in these magazines is massively incomplete and does not tell you THE REAL SECRETS about satisfying women.

There are two major reasons why these magazines don’t contain the information that we guys really need to know. Here they are:

1. Most of the so-called ‘sex-experts’ who write the articles probably AREN’T experts. Sure, they may spend all day writing about ‘women and sex’ – but that doesn’t make them an expert in my eyes.

RESULTS make you an expert. If you know how to give women incredible sexual pleasure – you’re an expert. If you don’t – you’re not, regardless of how many articles you may have written.

2. The REAL SECRETS about ‘women and sex’ are hard-core

Some of them are not what people want to hear…

Some of them would scare the average man to death because he doesn’t have the balls to accept the truth…

Some of them would have feminists puking in their boots…

But I don’t care about scaring or offending people. I care about helping men –men just like you… men who want to ‘step-up’ and discover how to truly blow their women’s minds in the bedroom.

Is that the kind of man YOU are?

…The kind of guy who wants the very best information on how to improve his skills in the bedroom and become a better lover?

If you are nodding your head and saying “YES”, keep reading…

How To Become A Much Better Lover…

You could go out and read every magazine article, internet blog post and book on ‘women and sex’ and end up more confused than when you began because too much information can be worse than none.

Luckily, I’ve set out to prevent you wasting a load of time reading a bunch of B.S. That’s what most sex advice is by the way – B.S.

It’s crap that doesn’t work.

But I’ve actually spent the past 10 years or so of my life experimenting with different techniques to find out what really works with women IN THE BEDROOM.

And I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it…

‘It’, being PLEASING women IN BED.

And I’ve not gotten good at it because I have any super-human powers. No, I’ve gotten good at it because I’ve put the hours in – thousands of hours.

I’ve read the crap, thrown it away and then found the stuff that works.

Now I’m willing to bet $10,000 with you that you don’t want to have to spend 1000′s of hours trying to find the real secrets about women and sex. And the horrible thing is – you could spend 1000′s of hours and still miss them!

Now that’d be a major bummer, right?

But you could still try…


You could read this simple 17 page report that condenses down everything I’ve learned about ‘women and sex’ and becoming an AWESOME LOVER into an easy 15 minute read.

This report contains just the absolute basics you need to know if you want to become A GREAT LOVER – the kind of guy who can please any woman, any time, any place…

Here’s Just A Little Taste Of What You’ll Discover In The ’37 Secrets About Women And Sex’ Special Report:


  • The truth about your ‘size’, STAYING POWER and sexual experience and how these things effect your ability to satisfy your woman
  • The 3 most important things you must focus on if you want to cure premature ejaculation
  • 7 different types of ORGASM that you can give your woman – “YES,” really – 7 different types
  • How to give your woman multiple orgasms
  • The 5 traits that every woman wants in a man in the bedroom (HINT: if you want to be a GREAT LOVER – these are the 5 things you need to work on)
  • The type of sex that women really like – this isn’t what you think
  • How to be a SEX GOD in 5 simple steps
  • Why DIRTY TALK is really important if you want to give your woman mind-blowing sex
  • The best aphrodisiac in the entire world – seriously, this’ll make her horny for you all the time
  • A simple technique you can use to keep your relationship with your woman ‘strong, happy and healthy’
  • What most women do when they get lousy sex – this is totally SHOCKING
  • And much more than I can list here…

Here’s What You Can Expect From This Report…

Listen up.

I’ve gotta be totally honest with you…

This report probably won’t answer ALL of your questions about women and sex.

And it probably won’t turn you into A GREAT LOVER after reading it once.

But the truth is that there isn’t a book, audio program, DVD or seminar on the planet that would answer ALL of your questions on this subject because it’s just too big and complex a subject (and that’s why most men totally suck at it).

However, what this report will do is this:

It’ll teach you the ESSENTIALS…

The stuff you absolutely, positively MUST KNOW if you want to become a better lover and learn how to give your woman great sex.

And it’ll only take you 15 minutes to read. Just 15 minutes to learn the 37 most important secrets about women and sex…

The 37 secrets that 95% of men will never know…

The 37 secrets that YOU need to know in order to turn yourself into the man in the bedroom that you desire and deserve to be.

So the investment I’m asking you to make is very small – just $7 and 15 minutes of your time…

But the rewards are HUGE, really huge – you’ll gain knowledge that every man on the planet needs but most will never get… knowledge that you could still fail to gain even if you read 100 books on women and sex.

If you’re starting to think this report is pretty MAJOR – that’s because it is.

Take a second to imagine… 
  • Never having to worry about your woman cheating on you
  • Being able to SEXUALLY SATISFY any woman, any time, any place
  • Having your woman scream your name because you make her come so hard
  • Being able to last as long as you want
  • Being able to easily keep your woman’s sex-drive sky-high and make her want to have sex with you all the time
  • Enjoying the feeling of knowing that your woman thinks of you as ‘the best she’s ever had

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Now here’s the thing…  I can’t promise you that you’ll read this report and instantly start living the kind of sex-life like the one I just described.

But what I can promise you is this:

This report will get you off on the right track to eventually enjoying your DREAM SEX-LIFE. Sure – you’ll have to put some work in, but that’s the same of everything worth having in your life…  If it’s good – you have to work for it.

This report will give you the very best start on your journey to becoming a GREAT LOVER.

Adam Armstrong – Bedroom Boss Download

‘Bedroom Boss’ – New Program From Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong

Discover How To Be The Dominant, Dirty Talking, Sexually Creative STUD Your Woman Secretly Wants You To Be…

Hey, it’s Adam Armstrong here,

And I’m very happy to tell you that my latest program – Bedroom Boss – is now live.

In Bedroom Boss you’ll discover how to:

  • Take control and lead your woman in the bedroom
  • Use expert dirty talk to ‘get her off’ over and over again
  • Give her over 12 different types of orgasm (“YES” – really, 12… NOT a typo!)

What you’ll find in Bedroom Boss are 69 different ‘nights.’

On each of these ‘nights’ I’ve done the hard work… I’ve laid out step-by-step instructions for you. All you have to do is the FUN bit…

Put the steps into practise and share mind-blowing sex with your woman.

To avoid BOREDOM and PREDICTABILITY – the 2 great enemies of incredible sex – there is massive variety over the course of the 69 ‘nights’…

On some nights you’ll make the sex loving and romantic…

On other nights you’ll make it more extreme…

Some nights take place in the bedroom…

Other nights require you to ‘get it on’ with your woman OUTSIDE of the bedroom…

The great news is that the Bedroom Boss nights are virtually ‘fool-proof’ – you simply can’t go wrong, so long as you follow my simple instructions.

She’ll Never Tell You What She Really Wants In Bed…

Having spent over a decade studying ‘women, sex and relationships’ I can tell you that most women will NEVER tell you what they REALLY want in the bedroom.

They keep this valuable information a secret because they fear being negatively judged if they reveal their true sexual desires.

I can also tell you that most women secretly crave sex where:

  • Their men DOMINATE them
  • Their men use a lot of dirty talk
  • Their men make the sex new and different every time
  • Their men make them feel ‘naughty’
  • Their men give them ENDLESS pleasure, meaning a ton of orgasms

And guess what?

When you grab your copy of Bedroom Boss – that’s EXACTLY what you’ll discover how to do over the course of the 69 nights…

You’ll sexually dominate your woman…

You’ll talk dirty to her (using my scripts for inspiration)…

You’ll make it ‘naughty’…

You’ll make it different every time…

And, of course…

You’ll give her COUNTLESS orgasms.

Simply put…

You’ll become the dominant, dirty talking, sexually creative STUD she secretly wants you to be – and you’ll be able to give her the panty-soaking, mind-blowing, life-changing sex she (and every other woman on the planet) spends a lot of time day-dreaming about…



I thought you would be

What If You Could Become The Dominant STUD

Your Woman Secretly Craves In The Bedroom?

You’ll Discover How To:

Give Her More Than 12 Types Of Orgasm Make Her Sexually Addicted To You Get Her To Do Anything You Want In Bed

What if you had so many simple, proven, ‘fool-proof’ ways to blow your woman’s mind in bed… that she became ADDICTED to you and couldn’t get enough of you in the bedroom?

Let’s get straight to the point…

You’re here because you want to have AMAZING, mind-blowing sex with your woman…


In my new program – Bedrom Boss – you’ll discover
69 ways to fuck her like a boss!

Before You Rush Off To Grab Your Copy, You Should Know That…

  • It Will Make Her ADDICTED To You…

    So if she’s not your girlfriend, fiancée or wife – and she’s ‘just some girl you’re fucking’ – you may wanna think twice before using the techniques on her because they are devastatingly powerful

  • It’s Not Cheap…

    So it’s only for guys who are serious about having amazing sex with their women and who will therefore actually put the techniques into practice

  • It Contains Only Proven Techniques…

    Every technique in Bedroom Boss is proven to work. And I should know, because I tested them all 😉 There is no theory here – only what WORKS in ‘real life’ with real women

Listen. If you’re NOT sold on the idea of giving your woman sex so good it SOAKS HER PANTIES
every time she THINKS about it… don’t bother grabbing a copy of Bedroom Boss.

Before You Make Up Your Mind Here Is…Just A Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • How to give your woman more than 12 different types of ORGASM… do you think she’ll be impressed when you do all that? Damn right she will!

    If a guy can ‘get me off’ multiple times, EVERY time we sleep together – I’m going to be addicted to that guy and there’s nothing I can do about it. ~ Britney M

  • How to become so sexually creative you’ll be able to think of NEW and EXCITING ways to f*%k your woman for years to come… meaning that the sex will never become boring or predictable
  • The “YES” Ladder and how to use it to make your woman willingly do pretty much ANYTHING you desire
  • 27 simple and effective techniques that you can use to dominate your woman in the bedroom – she’ll LOVE every single one of them
  • A natural, cheap, great-tasting, 100% effective and totally safe SUPERFOOD that will increase your testosterone levels, cause you to ‘blow a bigger load,’ and make your erection harder, stronger and longer-lasting
  • A sweet, great-tasting, extremely healthy and natural drink that is a proven aphrodisiac… use it to get yourself and your woman ‘in the mood’
  • Dozens of proven dirty talk example scripts… use them and you’ll become a MASTER of dirty talk faster than you ever imagined possible
  • The Missing Manual Your Woman Should Have Come With

    Bedroom Boss is the ultimate done-for-you blueprint
    for having AMAZING sex with your woman.

    All you have to do is put the blueprint into action
    and prepare to become your woman’s
    sexual SUPERHERO…

    The dominant STUD she’s secretly craving in
    the bedroom.

    Here’s how Bedroom Boss works…

    You get 69 nights.

    Each night contains specific instructions that any guy
    could follow – even if he’s sexual inexperienced and
    lacking confidence in the bedroom.

    The detailed, yet simple instructions tell you:

    – How to get her ‘in the mood’ and make
    her hot, wet and horny

    Exactly what to say… via dozens of dirty talk scripts

    – What techniques to use to give her orgasms

    And by the way…

    You’ll be giving her LOTS OF ORGASMS 😉

    In return…

    She’ll feel a massive desire to do
    WHATEVER you want in the bedroom.

    Is Bedroom Boss ‘fool-proof?’ YES.

    Is it going to revolutionize your sex life? YES.

    Does it contain only proven techniques? YES.

    Should you grab your copy TODAY? YES (if you want to have the best sex ever!)

    Here Are Some More Sexual Secrets…

    3 simple steps to perfect SEXUAL VISUALIZATION and why you must do this if you want to become a true Bedroom Boss (Hint: it’ll give you extreme sexual confidence and enable you to give your woman pleasure that’ll blow your mind as well as hers)

    What to do immediately after sex – fail to do this and you’ll be in big trouble (even if the sex was amazing)… get it right and your woman will think of you as her ‘knight in shining armour’

    How to use Post Orgasm Bonding to cause her to want to get even more freaky with you between the sheets… the great news is that Post Orgasm Bonding only takes 5 minutes and it’s really easy to do

    11 simple steps to giving your woman a killer massage that’ll get her HOT, WET, HORNY, and BEGGING you for more

    A tried-and-tested 4 step process for giving your woman outstanding ORAL SEX… follow the 4 steps and she’ll be climaxing all over your tongue in double-quick time

    The simplest, most ‘fool-proof’ technique for making your woman vaginally orgasmic… once you get the vaginal orgasms working you’ll be able to give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time

    Everything you need to know to turn your woman into a ‘squirter’… once you get the squirting orgasms working she’ll experience A LOT MORE pleasure when she climaxes

    In fact, once you use my techniques to turn your woman into a ‘squirter’ and start giving her MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time – she’ll think she’s hit the ‘sexual lottery’…

    She’ll be ADDICTED to your touch…

    She’ll ALWAYS be ‘in the mood’

    She’ll want YOU and only you

    And her desire to ‘get freaky’ with you ‘between the sheets’ will SKYROCKET…

    And we’ve barely gotten started:

    Here Are Even More Ways To  F*%K Her Like A Boss!

    Inside this powerful step-by-step guide to having
    incredible sex with your woman, you’ll discover:

    • How to give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS using your fingers… even a total idiot could give his woman at least 3 orgasms in less than 5 minutes using this technique
    • How to give your woman a Combination Orgasm – she’ll think all her Christmases have come at once when you do this because it’ll give her unreal amounts of pleasure
    • How to give her vaginal orgasms during intercourse… this really ‘separates the men from the boys’ because EVERY great lover does this for his woman – and once he does… she wants, needs and craves his touch for the rest of her life
    • Why having sex in the bedroom is NOT always a good idea and dozens of other cool places to f*%k your woman
    • An ancient Chinese sexual technique that will take your thrusting prowess to the ‘next-level’ – use it to LAST LONGER and ‘get her off’ during intercourse very easily
    • 5 steps to giving your woman the perfect ‘quickie’ – you’ll both feel ALIVE afterwards 😉

      Sometimes I just want my man to take me, hard and fast. It’s so exciting! I love knowing that he’s really enjoying my body~ Joannie A

    • The secret to making your woman BEG YOU for anal sex… and the crazy thing is… she’ll think it was all her idea

    Adam Armstrong – Better In Bed Download

    In ‘Better In Bed’ Newsletter, You’ll Discover:

    • How to quickly and easily give your woman powerful orgasms
    • The secret thing all women want in bed that 95% of men have no idea about
    • How to ramp up your woman’s libido and get as much sex as you want
    • Secrets about dirty talk that you can use to drive your woman wild and make her addicted to your voice
    • How to make sure she never cheats on you

    Adam Armstrong – Dirty Talk Phrases Download

    “Here’s a Massive List Of DIRTY TALK Phrases That Are Tried-And-Tested And Proven To Work”

    If You Want To Know EXACTLY What To Say To Drive Your Woman Crazy In The Bedroom And Make Her Literally ADDICTED To Your Voice, This Will Be The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read…

    Dear friend,

    Have you had one or more of the following things happen to you?

    You were having sex with a woman and no matter what you did, you just couldn’t ‘get her off’… or perhaps it took far longer to give her an ORGASM than you’d have liked

    • You were in bed with a woman and you tried to TALK DIRTY (thinking it’d ‘turn her on’ and get her more sexually excited), but instead – what you said made her LAUGH
    • A woman you were dating or were in a relationship with asked you to talk dirty to her during sex and you simply didn’t know what to say
    • You accidentally INSULTED a woman you were in bed with when you tried to talk dirty
    • You were in a situation where you wanted to talk dirty to a woman, but you were so worried you’d say the wrong thing – you never bothered trying

    So, have you been in one or more of those situations?

    Listen up.

    I’ve got a CONFESSION to make…

    I’ve been in ALL of those situations. Yep, every single one.

    But, and this is rather a large “BUT”, so please keep reading carefully…

    I now coach men on how to have better sex… much better sex. And one of the things I spend a lot of time doing is coaching men how to TALK DIRTY.

    The question is:

    “How did I go from being clueless with dirty talk, to being good enough to teach other men how to do it and why the hell should you care?”

    Well, I got good at dirty talk by practicing. Quite simply – I talked dirty in bed to the women I dated and over time I realized what worked and what didn’t (and “YES”, I made many mistakes along the way).

    The reason why you should care is because I’m going to teach you all of my dirty talk SECRETS – secrets that took me YEARS to figure out – and I’m going to do it in just a few minutes – no joke.

    The Truth Is Hard To Find…

    When I was trying to figure out how to talk dirty, I read, listened and watched EVERYTHING I could on the subject and then I tried out the stuff that sounded like it might work.

    The problem was – MOST of it didn’t work.

    And because most of it didn’t work, I ended up making some women LAUGH, insulting others and sometimes avoiding the whole ‘dirty talk thing’ altogether because I just didn’t know what to say.

    And that sucked…

    It really sucked…

    Because I knew women wanted dirty talk and I was having trouble doing it – not cool.

    Fortunately, I didn’t give up on dirty talk and eventually I managed to figure out what worked. And when I say that I figured out “what worked”, I’m not kidding…

    I’m not messing about…

    This Is Serious Stuff…

    Dirty talk is a very big deal – a very big deal indeed my friend.

    Allow me to explain by sharing a huge “AHA” moment with you…

    The fact is that for women SEX is a very MENTAL experience. Most guys are happy with just the physical aspect of sex, but this isn’t the case for women.

    Women need both physical AND mental stimulation.

    In the bedroom, you stimulate your woman’s mind with DIRTY TALK. There is no other way… no other option…

    This means that if a guy isn’t prepared to MAN-UP and talk dirty to his woman, what he is really saying is that he’s okay with giving her LAME sex because without the mental stimulation – the sex will always be lame for a woman – regardless of what she might say to protect her man’s feelings.

    To back up what I’m saying, let me share a very simple, yet very POWERFUL quote with you that EVERY woman I’ve ever showed it too agrees with:

    “Silent sex is lame sex”

    It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    The bottom line is that women NEED dirty talk in order to have INCREDIBLE SEX. Period.

    So What Are You Going To Do?

    Well, you really have 2 options:

    1. Do it the tough, challenging, hard, slow way, just like I did. Do 1,000’s of hours of research, tons of practice, make A LOT of mistakes along the way and eventually – if you’re lucky – you might just find out the truth about dirty talk.


    2. You can do it the really EASY way – the way I’d have LOVED to have done it if I’d had the chance

    Right now you must be wondering…

    “What is the easy way?”

    Good question…

    Glad you asked…

    Here’s your answer…

    Over 150 Proven Dirty Talk Phrases You Can Use To Drive Your Woman CRAZY In Bed Tonight…

    What if instead of having to figure out the dirty talk puzzle on your own, there was a super cool book you could read in about 20 minutes – 30 minutes max – and this book would provide you with the answers…

    No fluff…

    No filler…

    Only the good stuff – EXACTLY what you need to SUCCESSFULLY talk dirty in bed.

    This book would give you over 150 PROVEN dirty talk phrases that you can ‘take and use as your own’.

    Would that be cool?

    Well, guess what?

    It EXISTS…

    It’s called “Dirty Talk Phrases”…

    And I’m willing to bet you’re going to enjoy this book A LOT – feel free to write me a testimonial once you’ve read it, used some of the phrases with your woman and had her go WILD during sex…

    Here’s just a little taste of what you’re going to discover in Dirty Talk Phrases:


    • Phrases you can use to ‘turn your woman on’ and get her IN THE MOOD for sex – use these and you’ll GET MORE SEX than ever before
    • Dirty talk phrases for beginners
    • What to say to your woman DURING FOREPLAY… this is essential if you want to get your sexual sessions off to a good start (REMEMBER: you should aim to give your woman at least one orgasm during foreplay)
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    • Absolutely HARD-CORE dirty talk phrases for taking your ‘bedroom game’ to the next level and taking your woman to places during sex she never even knew were possible… the truth is that you really need to read and use the material in this book to fully understand what I’m talking about right here
    • What to say to your woman during intercourse BEFORE you’ve given her an orgasm and what to say AFTER you’ve given her an orgasm – understanding the differences in these 2 situations will take your love-making to the next level
    • The 2 rules you must obey when you ask your woman questions whilst talking dirty – this simple, yet incredibly POWERFUL SECRET will make it way easier for to make your woman climax
    • What to say to your woman when she is very close to having an orgasm – this will help you to send her ‘over the edge’ and ORGASM more quickly – and if your woman regularly ‘nearly gets there’, but doesn’t quite have the orgasm, this’ll help you to make those orgasms a reality (something she’ll be very GRATEFUL to you for)
    • A simple word that can greatly increase the effectiveness of your dirty talk
    • A full range of dirty talk phrases, ranging from ‘soft and sweet’ to ‘downright nasty’… HINT: There’s a time and a place for both and you’ll discover exactly when to use these different types of phrases)
    • 3 powerful tips for extending your woman’s orgasms and giving her a lot more pleasure

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    Here Are 7 Simple, Yet Highly Effective Secrets For Improving Sexual Performance And Lasting Longer In Bed

    I was doing a little research the other day and much to my amazement – I discovered that the average man only lasts 5 minutes during intercourse.

    “YES”, really – just 5 minutes.

    I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that 5 minutes ISN’T VERY LONG.

    And whilst I’ll be the first to tell you that LASTING LONGER is no guarantee of giving your woman incredible sex, what I can also tell you is that…

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    And women love sexual confidence.

    It’s also pretty obvious that only being able to last 5 minutes during intercourse – and feeling like you have VERY LITTLE control over your erection – is going to kill your sexual confidence.

    So with those thoughts in mind, here are…

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    Dear friend who wants to have more interesting, fun and exciting sex,

    Have you ever had any of the following things happen to YOU?

    You were having sex several times a week with your girlfriend, fiancée, wife (or even a woman you were ‘just seeing for sex’) and although you were having a lot of sex – the sex wasn’t the kind of sex you wanted

    • You asked a woman to try something NEW with you in the bedroom and she didn’t react well – either taking offence or laughing at your suggestion
    • You just weren’t getting as much sex as you’d like (or perhaps you weren’t having any sex at all), leaving you sexually frustrated
    • You were receiving a HAND JOB or ORAL SEX from a woman and she just didn’t have a clue what she was doing
    • You wanted to have anal sex with a woman, but you didn’t know how to get her to try it with you
    • You were in a relationship with a woman that was really great, except for the fact that THE SEX WAS LAME and she didn’t fulfil your sexual needs – in other words… great girl, but she didn’t sexually satisfy you
    • You were seeing a woman who didn’t want as much sex as you… her sex-drive was LOWER than yours… leaving you frustrated and wanting more
    • You were actually having GREAT SEX with your woman and you wanted to take things to the next level and try new stuff in the bedroom, but you didn’t know how to communicate these desires to your woman

    Now let me ask you this:

    Are you experiencing any of those situations in your life right now?

    Are you dating – or in a relationship with – a woman who isn’t totally SEXUALLY SATISFYING you?

    Here’s A Huge Secret About ‘Women And Sex’…

    The secret is that you can get any woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed…

    And I do mean absolutely ANYTHING…

    But here’s the thing…

    Most men don’t understand how a woman’s mind works IN THE BEDROOM and they have no idea how to communicate their sexual intentions to their women – the end result being that most men aren’t sexually satisfied and they are actually sexually frustrated most of the time.

    Pretty sad.

    However, with that said – this doesn’t have to be your reality…

    You CAN unleash your woman’s inner ‘bad girl’ and get her to do absolutely anything you want in bed. Period.

    You see, the truth is that all you need are some simple tips and techniques and you’ll be having the exact TYPE OF SEX you want to have with your woman very soon.

    Now, read this next part carefully because I’m going to share 3 HUGE MISTAKES with you that average men make in the bedroom all the time – mistakes that STOP their women from wanting to do what they want in the bedroom…

    3 HUGE MISTAKES Most Men Make That Stop Their Women From Wanting To Please Them In The Bedroom…

    NOTE: Having helped thousands of men to improve their sex-lives and because I get dozens of emails a day from guys who want help with their ‘bedroom activities’, I can safely say that more than 90% of men make at least one of these destructive mistakes every time they ‘get it on’ with their women…

    Giving Their Women Lame Sex…

    There are a lot of guys out there who give their women LAME SEX.

    Said differently – they go to bed with their women on a regular basis and FAIL to SEXUALLY SATISFY them.

    Not good.

    Then these guys wonder why their women often can’t be bothered to have sex and when they do, they don’t seem very into it and they don’t want to do anything other than lie on their backs and wait for it to be over and done with.

    But when you stop and think about it – it makes PERFECT sense…

    If you don’t sexually satisfy your woman, why should she be bothered to try new things in the bedroom and satisfy you?

    Here’s a simple, yet incredibly important TIP…

    If you want your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed, make sure you SATISFY HER every time you have sex with her.

    Talking To Their Women As If Sex Is A Logical Event…

    Here’s another huge mistake many average men make when it comes to sex…

    They talk to their women as if sex is a LOGICAL EVENT.

    This means that when they want their women to try something new in the bedroom they often try to have a logical conversation with her about it – perhaps over breakfast, whilst watching television or whilst driving in the car.

    The problem is – this approach very rarely works.

    The reason why this approach rarely gets your woman to do what you want in bed – and very often annoys her and makes her NOT want to do what you want – is because for women SEX is an EMOTIONAL event.

    Let me be clear…

    For women – sex is NOT a logical thing.

    This means that if you want to get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want IN BED – you have to appeal to her emotional side and not her logical side.

    Super-important TIP:

    Saying something like THIS to your woman over breakfast will rarely work:

    “Hey honey, will you give me oral sex tonight?”

    However, saying something like THIS to your woman – immediately after you’ve given her a powerful ORGASM – will virtually ALWAYS work:

    “Babe, suck me off”

    See the difference?

    Good, let’s move on…

    Failing To Talk Dirty In The Bedroom…

    This is a MASSIVE MISTAKE and virtually guarantees that a man will NEVER get his woman to do everything he wants in the bedroom.

    Now, how can DIRTY TALK have such a big effect on what your woman does for you IN THE BEDROOM?

    Good question.

    The answer is actually very simple…

    To get your woman to do EVERYTHING you want IN BED, you have to effectively communicate your desires to her in a way that makes her want to fulfil those desires for you.

    And in the bedroom – the only way to effectively communicate your sexual desires to your woman is by using DIRTY TALK.

    The sad fact is that most men are scared to talk dirty, or they had one or two bad experiences with it and it put them off for life.

    But the thing is – they don’t realize that by failing to talk dirty they will never get their women to do everything they want in the bedroom.


    The simplest and most effective way to get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed is to communicate your desires to her using DIRTY TALK.

    Obviously you need to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it – but the most important point is this… In the bedroom you use DIRTY TALK to tell her what YOU want.

    The Truth Is Right Here…
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    The truth is that there are lots of products on the market that teach MEN how to give their women INCREDIBLE SEXUAL PLEASURE.


    There are very few (if any) products that teach men how to have more pleasure in the bedroom.

    It’s always about how to give your woman more pleasure.

    But what about YOU?

    You deserve to experience INCREDIBLE PLEASURE during sex too, right?

    Of course you do.

    And that’s exactly what my book Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ will teach you how to do.

    It’ll teach you how to not only get your woman to do absolutely ANYTHING you want in bed – it’ll also teach you how to get her to do anything you want IN BED and actually LOVE doing it.

    And that’s a very big deal because you don’t ever want your woman to do sexual things for you because she feels like she should or because you are forcing her into it.

    That’s not cool.

    You want your woman to fulfil your sexual desires because SHE WANTS TO do so.

    That’s the healthy way to look at things in the bedroom.

    Inside Unleash Her ‘Bad Girl’ I will reveal to you:

    • How to get your woman to BEG to give you ORAL SEX – “YES”, really… I’ll teach you how to make your woman BEG to SUCK YOU OFF (take a second to imagine that – your woman begging to please you with her mouth!)
    • 5 sneaky (yet totally ethical) techniques for turning your woman on and getting her IN THE MOOD whenever you like – so you won’t ever have to be frustrated again because you want sex and she’s “not in the mood”
    • Why giving your woman ORGASMS is essential if you want her to do absolutely ANYTHING for you in the bedroom
    • A simple technique to get your woman to suck her juices off your ‘tool’
    • A simple “2 Step Process” for getting your woman to obey your commands in the bedroom (this is ridiculously easy-to-learn and works every time)
    • 7 different Hand Job Techniques your woman can use to give you incredible pleasure
    • A little-known, yet remarkably powerful concept that’ll help you to understand how women are ‘wired’ when it comes to SEX (this concept will help you to get your woman to give you everything you want in bed)
    • The secret reason why most men struggle to get what they truly want in the bedroom
    • 7 Oral Sex Techniques you can teach your woman to use as she’s pleasuring you with her mouth
    • 5 things you need to do in the bedroom to make your woman totally crazy about you (NOTE: When she’s totally crazy about you it’s about a million times easier to get her to do ANYTHING you want in bed)
    • The BIGGEST MISTAKES most men make that ‘turn their women off’ and STOP them from wanting to do what their men want in the bedroom
    • A simple way to increase your woman’s sex-drive (meaning you’ll get MORE SEX)
    • How to teach your woman to give you a SENSUAL MASSAGE – “YES”… I’ll teach you how to get your woman to give YOU the perfect massage
    • How to teach your woman to give you HAND JOBS from Heaven and mind-blowing ORAL SEX – receiving PLEASURE will never have felt so good
    • 2 techniques for getting your woman to be more careful with her teeth when she’s giving you oral sex (if the first technique doesn’t work, the second one WILL)
    • Why many women only seem to have ‘one gear’ when they give you pleasure and how to train your woman to mix things up and make it WAY MORE EXCITING as she pleasures you
    • What to do if your woman only likes to have sex in the MISSIONARY POSITION and how to get her to want sex in any position you like
    • How to make your woman’s vagina feel TIGHTER during sex and how to make your erection feel bigger to her
    • The 2 types of SEX POSITION that will help you LAST LONGER and have more enjoyable sex
    • The sex positions that you must avoid if you want to LAST LONGER because they encourage you to ‘blow your load’ too soon
    • A cheap and effective SEX TOY that can help you to get a harder erection and last longer
    • My fool-proof, ‘works every time’ strategy for getting your woman to BEG YOU for ANAL SEX (when you use this strategy you’ll realize that getting ‘back door action’ is easy when you know how)
    • How to get your woman to let you take SEXY PICTURES of her and make SEX TAPES… if you’ve ever wanted to pull out your camera/video camera and film yourself ‘doing your woman’ – THIS section is for you
    • How to get your woman to have sex with you in public
    • How to make your woman want to have threesomes, foursomes and group sex with you
    • A powerful DIRTY TALK technique you can use to make your woman want to do absolutely ANYTHING with you in the bedroom (NOTE: this is seriously powerful, so please use it responsibly)
    • How to get your woman to ‘play with herself’ in front of you… getting your very own SEX SHOW has never been so easy
    • How to get your woman to LOVE it when you ‘blow your load’ on her face… YEP – I’m not kidding around… I’ll teach you how to get your woman to literally beg you to ‘blow your load’ on her face!
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    • Dozens of examples of DIRTY TALK phrases that you can use to increase your woman’s pleasure AND get her to do exactly what you want her to do during sex
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    • Advanced concepts and strategies that you can use to gain TOTAL POWER during sex… when you use these ‘concepts and strategies’ your woman will do absolutely ANYTHING you ask of her in the bedroom… no if’s, but’s or maybe’s… she just will
    • 5 things you must do in the bedroom in order to be A REAL MAN (HINT: women love to do whatever REAL MEN tell them to do)
    • And much more than I can list here…

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    In June 2014 I launched something called The Huge Load Formula…

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    The idea behind ‘The Huge Load Formula’ was very simple…

    Give men a great-tasting drink that could be made in 2 or 3 minutes, in the comfort of their own kitchen.

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  • Develop the kind of staying power that Superman would be proud of


  • Blow freakin’ HUGE loads (because women love a huge load. But more on that later)

Long story short…

The Huge Load Formula was a massive success. And guys have been emailing me testimonials ever since.

Just a couple days back I received this email from John, in California:

Blowing Huge Loads…

“Hey Adam, I have been drinking the Huge Load formula most days. I’m blowing huge loads right now. My ‘fuck buddy’ really gets off when I unload in her pussy, screaming my name. She also loves it when I blast it on her face and tits.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s another email, this time from Tim in England:

Running Out Of Her Nose…

“Hi Adam, I’ve only been using the formula for a fortnight (and I’m just on the super-basic version – haven’t bought the more interesting ingredients yet.) Anyway, how can I put this, last night it was running out of her nose! Sorry to be gross but I thought that would make you smile. All the best, Tim”

You know you’ve really given a woman a big load when she takes it in her mouth and it runs out of her nose, right? 😉

Bottom line?

The Huge Load Formula really works and thousands of guys are reaping the benefits of harder, stronger, longer lasting erections. And much bigger loads.

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Now here’s the thing…

Many of the guys emailing me to tell me how AMAZING The Huge Load Formula is have also asked me this question:

“Adam. What other formulas have you got?”

Ah! You want more?

OK. Cool.

You asked.

So I’ve delivered…

Introducing – The Huge Load Formula: Extreme Edition

The Huge Load Formula: Extreme Edition picks up where the original formula left off.It still tastes great. Actually, it probably tastes better than the original (76% of the guys who tested it said they preferred the taste to the original).

It’s still ridiculously quick and easy to make. Just chuck the ingredients in a blender, whizz it up and it’s ready to drink!

No hassle.

Takes 2 minutes. 4 or 5 minutes if you’re kinda slow in the kitchen 😉

It’s still designed to help you:

  • Get rock-hard erections whenever you want, with zero effort
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But here’s the thing…

As the name implies, Huge Load Formula: EXTREME edition is more powerful than the original.

The original is still great – as thousands of guys have already found out.

But the new EXTREME edition is OUTSTANDING.

What makes The Huge Load Formula: Extreme Edition outstanding? And why is it so powerful?

3 reasons why The Huge Load Formula: Extreme Edition is Outstandingly Powerful:

Firstly, it contains the number one Superherb in the world for increasing Testosterone Levels. (This is a relatively new discovery for me and therefore wasn’t included in the original formula).

Secondly, it contains the number one Superfruit in the world and several of the most powerful Superfoods. Combined – not only do they taste great – they do wonders for your sexual power, testosterone levels and the size of your load.

And thirdly, the optional ingredients are mind-blowing.

Adam Armstrong – Ultimate Orgasm Techniques Download

It’s Here… The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Woman The Most Powerful ORGASMS Of Her Entire Life”

Here Are All The Proven Sex Techniques You’ll Ever Need To Give Your Woman Clitoral, Vaginal, Squirting, Multiple and Anal Orgasms… And Make Her Totally ADDICTED To Your Touch…

Dear friend who wants to sexually satisfy his woman,

Take a couple of seconds to answer these questions honestly for me:

Have you ever had sex with a woman and FAILED to give her an orgasm?

Have you ever felt unsure as to whether or not you were really satisfying a woman in bed?

  • Have you ever wondered if a woman you were sleeping with was ‘faking’ her orgasms?
  • Have you ever wondered how you compare to your woman’s previous lovers?
  • Have you ever spent a long time – 5, 10, 15 minutes or more TRYING to give a woman an orgasm, and still not succeeded?
  • Have you ever wanted sex and had your woman say “I’m not in the mood?”
  • Have you ever felt confused by all the contradictory mainstream sex advice about how to give women pleasure and mind-blowing ORGASMS?


If you’re anything like me when I first started figuring out how to give women incredibly powerful orgasms – you’ll have answered “YES” to at least one of those questions and quite possibly ALL of them.

And I know that if you answered “YES” to one or more of those questions you’re not one hundred per cent confident with women in the bedroom.

I also know that when you lack that total confidence in your ability to sexually satisfy women – it makes you feel like a bit less of a man.

No amount of money, power, athletic prowess, bulging biceps, ripped ‘abs’ or movie star good looks can make up for that feeling you get when you go to bed with a woman knowing that you don’t know how to SATISFY her.

It sucks.

And it takes the enjoyment out of having sex.

But there is good news …

It’s Possible To Quickly And Easily
Give Your Woman Countless Orgasms …

The reality is that when you’re armed with the correct ORGASM TECHNIQUES, it’s entirely possible to quickly and easily give your woman countless orgasms…

It’s possible to give her not only the usual ‘clitoral’ orgasms, but also vaginal, multiple, squirting and anal orgasms too.

Imagine THAT.

Imagine giving your woman clitoral, vaginal, multiple, squirting and anal orgasms.

Better still… imagine giving her ALL those types of orgasms WHENEVER YOU LIKE, with very little effort required.

Do you think she’d be happy girl?

Of course she would.

Do you think you’d feel like THE MAN?

You betcha.

Do you think she’d have eyes for you and only you?

For sure.

Think about it…

Most average guys struggle to give their women a single clitoral orgasm during any ‘sexual session’. And even if they succeed in giving their women a single clitoral orgasm, that’s NOT enough to truly satisfy them.

You don’t need a 10 or 12 inch penis to feel like a REAL MAN, but you do need to be able to give your woman incredible sexual pleasure

The reason why I say that is because women are capable of experiencing so much more pleasure than that.

Take my current girlfriend as an example…

Every time – and I really do mean EVERY time – her and I ‘get it on’, I give her at least 3 vaginal orgasms and more often than not… she’ll have squirting and anal orgasms too.

And “YES”, that means she has MULTIPLE orgasmsevery time we have sex.

Needless to say – she’s kinda ADDICTED to me.

And she doesn’t have any kind of special super powers that enable her to experience all these orgasms. She just has a brain and a vagina – like every other woman!

So what’s the secret?

Well, it’s pretty simple really…

You just gotta know the right techniques… the techniques required to produce each of these powerful kinds of orgasm.

And once you know the techniques – it becomes possible to give ANY woman this kind of incredible sexual pleasure.


And when you give your woman all these orgasms, one thing is for sure… she’ll become sexually addicted to you…

She’ll think of you as a SEX GOD…

She’ll want more sex

And she’ll want to PLEASE YOU in the bedroom.


Well, let me tell you more…

 It Took A Decade To Figure This Orgasm Stuff Out…

Giving your woman countless, body-shaking, toe curling orgasms every time you ‘get naughty’ with her is a wonderful thing.

It truly is.BUT…

The truth is that it’s taken me the best part of a decade – 10 freakin’ years – to figure this stuff out.

That’s quite a long time and A LOT of money, effort, experimentation and, “YES” – mistakes along the way as well.

Do you fancy spending A DECADE trying to figure out how to give your woman endless pleasure?

I didn’t think so.

And that’s why I’ve decided to make this real easy for you…

What I’ve done is taken the very best orgasm techniques I know and I’ve put them together – along with illustrations and diagrams – into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program called Ultimate Orgasm Techniques.

Ultimate Orgasm Techniques is the ultimate guide to giving your woman powerful orgasms.

It’s easy-to-read, contains zero ‘fluff or filler’ and has absolute GOLD on every page.

Seriously – if you really want to know how to SATISFY your woman with mind-blowing orgasms – you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop when you read it.

If you want to give your woman every orgasm ‘in the book’… clitoral, vaginal, multiple, squirting and anal… it’s required reading. Period.

Here’s Just A Little Taste Of You’re Going to Discover In Ultimate Orgasm Techniques…

  • The simple way to give your woman multiple orgasms… use this technique and giving her 3, 4, 5 or more orgasms EVERY time you have sex with her will becomes easy. Page 30
  • How to give your woman SQUIRTING orgasms… Do this and she’ll experience even more pleasure when you make her climax.
    Page 50
  • A little-known, yet highly effective thrusting technique… use it to ‘get your woman off’ during intercourse and to help you to last longer. Page 47
  • The difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms and why it’s essential to give your woman vaginal orgasms if you want to totally sexually satisfy her (NOTE: Less than 30% of women have ever had a vaginal orgasm, but every woman has the potential too – they just need a good man to show them how) . Page 16
  • How to give your woman truly outstanding oral sex… .
    Page 24
  • 2 fool-proof techniques for giving your woman clitoral orgasms using your fingers. Pages 20-23
  • The most powerful sex technique in the world for giving your woman VAGINAL ORGASMS… You’ll also learn multiple variations of the technique, which means that your woman will never get bored of what you do to her in the bedroom. Page 35
  • The easy way to tell if your woman is ‘faking’ her orgasms… It’s 100% accurate, totally based on biology and science. Page 86
  • How to give your woman ANAL orgasms… these are probably the most powerful type of orgasms you can give a woman and much less than 1% of women have ever had one. Page 64
  • Examples of what to say to her as you use the orgasm techniques – using these ‘dirty talk examples’ will help you ‘get her off’ even quicker. Page 69
  • The truth about G-Spot stimulation, why it works for some women and doesn’t for others and what to do if your woman is unresponsive to it… (Hint: I’ll teach you a much more powerful way to give her vaginal orgasms, even if she’s never had a single one in her life) . Page 33
  • The 2 huge mistakes many average guys make when they give their woman oral sex – mistakes that virtually guarantee she hates it – and how to easily avoid them. Page 24
  • How to give your woman vaginal orgasms during intercourse – when you do this… she’ll want you to penetrate her ALL THE TIME (Hint: you won’t need to rub her clitoris to ‘get her off’ during intercourse. Instead, you’ll be able to simply thrust in and out of her and still have her cum all over you) . Page 43
  • The 3 things you need to focus on when using ANY orgasm technique on your woman. Get these 3 ‘magical’ things right and you’ll cause her eyes to roll back in her head as you make her cum over and over again… But get them wrong and you’ll struggle to ‘get her off’ even once. Page 19
  • How to give your woman anal orgasms during intercourse. These can be considered the ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to female orgasms… Give your woman THIS type of pleasure and you become a SEXUAL MASTER in her eyes… Take a second to image it… penetrating her ‘back door’ and having her climax as you do so – without needing to rub her clitoris. Priceless. Page 66
  • A simple exercise you can teach your woman that’ll make her squirt harder and ejaculate more fluid when she has a squirting orgasm… all of which will make her orgasms much more pleasurable. Page 55
  • My proven ‘Master Plan’ for totally blowing your woman’s mind EVERY time you have sex with her. I’ve laid it all out for you in an easy to use, step-by-step fashion – all you have to do it follow it and enjoy the results! . Page 72
  • The major mistakes guys make when it comes to touching their women’s asses. You’ll want to avoid these mistakes because they’ll turn her off ‘back door action’ for good. Page 59
  • A clever way to combine oral sex and fingering techniques to double your woman’s pleasure and give her a unique kind of orgasm that’ll leave her breathless and wanting you to give her EVEN MORE. Page 42
  • A quick and easy 2-step process for looking after your hands. Remember – women like men with soft hands, especially when you’re touching them ‘down there’. This simple 2-step process will help you get ‘baby soft’ hands – even if you lift weights or do a manual/physical job. Page 32
  • Which SEX TOYS you should use with your woman and which you should avoid at all costs… get this right and you’ll increase her pleasure and she’ll think you’re great in bed… get it wrong and she may become addicted to the sex toy instead of you. Page 40
  • The 5 reasons why vaginal orgasms are much more pleasurable for women than the usual clitoral orgasms and how to quickly get them working for your woman. Page 29
  • The best sex toy for getting your woman ready for anal sex and exactly how to use it. Page 63
  • And much more than I can list here…

And that’s not all…

You’re also going to get a very special bonus.

Here are the details:

Exclusive Bonus: How To Make Sure Your Woman
NEVER Gets Bored Of You In Bed…

The truth is that giving your woman endless ORGASMS is the very best way to keep her sex drive sky-high and make sure she never gets bored of you in bed. And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do in Ultimate Orgasm Techniques.

However, there are 3 other simple things you can do to make double-sure your woman never gets bored of you in bed and remains interested and excited in having sex with you FOREVER.

And that’s precisely what I’m going to reveal to you in this exclusive BONUS PDF report that comes as part of the Ultimate Orgasm Techniques package.

Quite simply… this special report will teach you how to quickly and easily become a more SEXUALLY CREATIVE lover – a lover who knows how to keep his woman’s sexual interest all the time. Day in, day out.

Here’s just a little taste of what you’ll discover:

  • How to use dirty talk in combination with other orgasm techniques, to give your woman more even more POWERFUL orgasms and make the sex more interesting and exciting for both you and her
  • 11 simple ways to make the sex different, new and exciting EVERY time
  • Why women love ‘naughty’ sex and examples of exactly how to give your woman the kind of naughty sex she’ll NEVER get bored of
  • And much more than I can list here.
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