7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online by Tyler Tray

Tyler Tray – 7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Download

Tyler Tray - 7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Download

Tyler Tray – 7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Description

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online : Day One – Setting Yourself Up For Success:

• The ONE question you need to answer before assuring yourself success with women?
• The TRUTH about how to really be successful with women.
• The most intensive Online Dating Review. Discover which sites you’ll have the most success on, and where to find the hottest and largest amount of available women.
• How to avoid making the big mistake that spells disaster before you even start.
• SECRETS to a DESIRABLE PHOTO.   You’ll discover the triggers you need and don’t need in your photos that nearly all guys have no clue about. (Great Section For The Not So Good Looking Guy)
• The absolute most critical skill you need for women to approach you.

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Day Two – Your Catchy Profile:

What Women are Really Looking For. “Surprise!”
• Straight talk about setting up your Profile: “What Most Men Do” and “why Most Men Fail.”
• 3 critical questions you need answered before you promote yourself.
• 5 things women look/feel for in a profile before responding.
• How to create a KILLER PROFILE that stands out from other men.
• The “8” key point formula when describing yourself. Discover what makes you a dream come true to women.
• Blue Print Project – Garenteed to bring consistent success.
• Tips and Techniques for un-attractive men.
• HEADLINES that make women want to know more about you
• How to prevent the “burning” effect from happening to you.
• How to get your profile to the “TOP” of the viewing list, so you are the first that any woman will see.

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Day Three – Your 1st Email OR Message:

First impressions make or break you.
• Straight talk sending the First Email: “What Most Men Do” and “Why Most Men Fail.”
• How to know who you’re really communicating with (weeding out the scams, worthless, desperate, time takers and LIARS).
• The “bomb proof” 6 point formula for creating the perfect email. This e-mail has brought us more success than any other e-mail and it will do the same for you.
• Cutting out 97% of the work that most men get caught up in and SETTING the stage to already be moving into a date.
• The ONE secret tip that will increase your email responses by 30% or more.
• What test women will always try on you; you will know how to pass it and even turn it around on them.
• You’ll discover what emails and subject lines are garbage to women and what e-mails and subject-lines are like chocolate to women .
• What to write to get those really hot women to respond to you. Some women get an insane amount of emails; you must follow these secrets if you want them to desire you!
• What to plug in about the woman’s profile to make her feel that FINALLY she has found someone worth writing back.
• Exercising The GREATEST Laws of Attraction.
• The best Day and Time of the week to send emails. Our research has shown across the board that if you send emails at this time of the week women are more ready to respond and meet up with you.

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Day Four – Getting Her Phone Number:

It’s time to have more numbers than you can handle
• Straight talk about Getting the Number: “What Most Men Do” and “Why Most Men Fail.”
• The SECRET templates that move your success in the online world into the real world.
• How to create the feeling that moves women to take action (some of these powerful emotions are curiosity, social proof, scarcity, mystery, etc.)  You will know how to implement these emotions into your email. They’ll be excited to meet you.
• How to know when to ask for her number and make it seem like she is asking for your number.
• How to read between the lines of her responses so you know what she really mean and how to respond back.
• The absolute best time to move your Success from Online into the Real World.
• The perfect words to closing the deal and getting the number.

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Day Five – Your Smooth Phone Call:

Setting the Right Tone for Yourself.
• Straight Talk about Phone Calling: What “Most Men Do” and why “Most Men Fail.”
• How to start off the phone conversation that guarantees a successful outcome.
• You learn what’s actually fun, confident, important and desirable when talking on the phone.
• 1st phone conversation : The five points to get across and the bulletproof routine that gets you a date in that first real conversation.
• The HUGE mistake men make while talking that will turn her off and might ruin your chance of a date (and you may not even know you’re making it). Follow this step and it will turn her on and compel her meet you.
• The #1 way to acquire the date/meeting.
• What’s the right time call and the best time to set the date.
• There’re certain days you should set the date and there’re repercussions if don’t set it on those days.

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Day Six – Your First REAL Interaction:

What really makes a successful first interaction
• Straight talk about the Date: What most men do and why most men fail.
• Before going to meet, putting your head on right.   Most men set them selves up for failure before meeting up, you won’t.
• First DATE:   What to wear? What to do? Where to GO?   Who to be with? You will be blown away by what really makes a successful first date.
• Learn the SECRET body language and words to use that turn the woman into wanting to win you over.   She will feel it was a successful date because you wanted to keep pursuing the relationship.
• The tone is set: What are you going to do now? How to watch her signals if she is ready and where take it from there (go home together, kiss, finish the date off)
• The 3 Key Elements to get her back to your place.
• 2 perfect ways to kissing her.

7 Days Course To Meeting Women Online Day Seven – Finishing What You Started:

This is where most guys miss out – you won’t • Straight talk about Finishing what you have Started: What most men do and why most men fail
• Why you should be happy to see lots of competition and to use it to your advantage.



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