60 Years of Challenge – From Social to Seduce HER Download

From Social to Seduce HER by 60 Years of Challenge

How To Go From Social To Seducer

Just got back from a talk I did in Miami. Guys wanted to know the true “core” of the 60 Method. They really wanted to know “why” it works so well.

Sure, it’s one thing to use it and have it get you girls. But what is going on? Why are women so crazy about it? It’s so counter-intuitive.

So, I decided to team up with a long time associate and record some audio on “the seductive core”.  This audio explains the “why” giving you a much deeper understanding on the 60 Method.

You get both recordings:

1. From Social To Seducer (Part 1) – The Plan
2. From Social To Seducer (Part 2)  – The Attack
3. The 10 Keys to Sexual Tension Game