2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the 10 Download

2 Girls Teach Sex - Get the Ten Download2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the Ten  Module 1 – Invincible Inner Game

In this section you will discover why Inner Game is the key to pretty much any interaction with women. If you are not confident in YOURSELF, there is no way a woman will be attracted to you. By the end of this section you will not only be 100% confident that YOU deserve and can get a great woman, you will also notice a new found confidence the NEXT interaction with women.

Here are a few of the specifics this section covers:

How to get a “10? to love your passions, interests and you for who you ARE

How to get rid of any fears and insecurities you may have around a perfect “10?

The insecurities women have and how to use them to your advantage to increase your own confidence

How to actually be confident (not just fake it)

Why permanent transformation about inner game is best and exactly how to do it

How to Rid Yourself of Any Insecurities and be Comfortable with Who You Are

The Easiest Way to Make Changes In Yourself (for getting women AND enjoying life more)

2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the Ten  Module 2 – The Art of Approaching

In this section you will discover HOW to approach a woman. You also discover how to get women to approach YOU in certain situations

We guys know, most of the time we have to LEAD the interaction. This section will give the KEY physical fundamentals to any approach. After watching you will have:

Perfect Posture for Confidence and Attraction

A High Status Voice Radiating Confidence and Comfort (sooo important)

Excellent Eye Contact- You will know exactly how to long to make eye to create a sexual and fun vibe yet NOT appear creepy

Most importantly you are also going to INTERNALIZE the different types of approaches and when to use EACH one on what type of girl and situation.

Here are some of the specifics the seminar will cover:

The important fundamentals of approach and how to NAIL them every time

How to have the voice of a high value, high status male

The perfect voice drill (yes, do this!)

Confident body language that gets women approaching you

The RIGHT way to make eye contact to show her its time to get sexual but without holding it too long and creeping her out

Rock Star Posture: How To Have It And Why It Matters So Much

The Different Ways To Talk To Women And When To Use Each Approach (Use the right approach at the right time and it becomes easy to meet the woman you WANT!)

2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the Ten  Module 3 – Automatic Attraction

In this section you will internalize how to make women “automatically” attracted to you based how you act and what you say. You see, pick up lines and “gaming” is always temporary. After you watch Module 2 of the “Get the Ten” System (previous training video) you will have solid non verbal cues that will make MOST women attracted to you.

In this module, the gaps will be filled in. You will discover how to communicate high value to women (without looking like you are trying hard or desperate). You will also discover how to make yourself a challenge to HER so that she chases YOU! Please pay close attention to module 3 since its all about what you SAY that makes her super attracted to you. Module 3 contains the Conversation skills that WILL totally change how you talk to women (and how THEY respond)

Here are some of the specifics in Module 3: (It’s a lot so watch it more than once if you need to!)

What Is Valuable to A SPECIFIC Woman…How To Find Out And How To Give It To Her!

The 4 Value Killing Traits and how Avoid Them At all Times (Being Upright, Excessive Seriousness, Social Awkwardness, and Negativity)

How to Communicate High Value Naturally

How to Get HER Chasing YOU

Controlling An Interaction With a Woman

When To Touch Her During a Conversation (often leads to kissing)

How to Tell Compelling Stories that Make Her Attracted and Excited Around You

How to Tease Her to Get Sexual Tension Started

Fun Little Games to Use that KEEP You Out of the Friend zone

2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the Ten  Module 4 – Perfect Dating

In this section you will discover the best places to take women out if you want to avoid the friend-zone or even worse the no call back. This section will ensure that none of your work has been wasted, once you meet a girl you’ll keep her…EVERY TIME….if YOU want to.

Here are some of the specifics you will know after watching Module 4:

How To Start the Date (Where and How)

How to Get Her To Meet Up (overtime)

How Long a Date Should Last

When to Pay and When Not To

The Way to Create Unforgettable Dates

5 Types of Dates and When to Use Each One

Ways to Use Online Dating To Meet a Larger Volume of Women or a Few Higher
Quality Women

2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the Ten  Module 5 – Physical Mastery

During module 5 you will discover some NEW techniques about rocking a woman’s world in the bedroom. Limiting beliefs you may have about women and sex will be shattered and you will feel very different about sex and getting physical with a woman. Most importantly you are going to be introduced to the P.A.V.E system which is a framework for rocking any type of woman’s body in the bedroom. I’m really proud of this section and I think you are going to benefit greatly from it

Here are some of the specifics of Module 5:

Why Emotions During Sex Are Often AS IMPORTANT as Physical Techniques

How the Wrong Mindsets Lead to Physical Problems (And how to erase them)

How to Get Rid Of Any Tension the First Time Getting Physical With a new Girl

How to Be Authoritative in Bed in a Way That Gets Her Super Turned On

The Different Types of Lovers, How To Be Each, And WHEN To Be Each One

How Many Positions To Use During Sex

Spontaneity: How to Be Spontaneous to Keep Her Super Excited

How to Create Really Strong Emotions In Your Girl

2 Girls Teach Sex – Get the Ten  Module 6 – Your Execution Plan

During the module 6 video you will discover how to tie EVERYTHING you have learned together. Each Act is BUILT upon the act before it so be sure to go in order when you are studying the course. Watch this video to make sure that EVERYTHING you have learned is expressed in your interactions with women and you get the girl!