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Zenity Fitness – Sherlocking Investigating Her Pleasure PDF Download

Sherlocking Course

Sherlocking is the practice of surveying your woman’s body so that you can realize the location and sensitivity of her pleasure spots.

This lost art is often a key link to helping us to realize our full abilities as lovers. Stripping away the need to guess when paired with an understanding of Stacking (Sensual Progression) and SSP (sensual super power) you will have the tools to investigate, plan, and satisfy any woman using true knowledge, no guessing needed. Feeling confident in knowing what you are doing is a masterstroke.

-Learn to do a pleasure survey
-Maximize the benefits of foreplay
-Dozens of techniques for internal massage
-Mapping pleasure in your partner
-Grading sensitivity
-Recognizing sensual show and tells

You don’t have to be a pro-baller to have a mean jumpshot. You don’t have to be in the league to get respect on the court. But you do have to know your way around how the game is played and engage a strategy that will let you emphasize your strengths. Be a man of mystery and Sherlock like a Holmes.

Zenity Fitness – Pleasure Principle Audio Pro Download

Pleasure Principle Audio Pro

Stroke Skills features PPAP, Pleasure Principle Audio Pro an audio sound guide for men to help you to feel your way through your Stroke Skills via audio.

For the first time you can stop guessing about whats happening, is she faking, is it real,
what do I do next, you will KNOW just from how she sounds.

Actions speak louder than words, well Sensual Vibrations speak more than both!

In a recent Course hosted a female sensuality coach to discuss and relay the auditory rhythms of

  • The Clitoral Orgasm
  • The G-Spot Orgasm
  • The Culdesac Orgasm

The capacity to know what kind of orgasm she will have gives you signals to continue
or modify / Change your Stroke Skills .This is a full lecture that gives you the experience of orgasm from a female POV for your benefit.

A gem of a skill to add to your arsenal.


Zenity Fitness – The 80-10-10 Course Download

Customize Your Stroke to Fit Her Shape


The 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy

The 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy is the key to making a woman orgasm using stroke skills.
it gives men a way to attach the right stroke to each shape change a womans
vagina experiences during sex

It is the foundation of the whole system. This is an 80-10-10 intensive course.
We urge you to start here and build a concrete foundation to launch your skills from.

Stroke Skills are used within this strategy in order to help women to orgasm.
If men do not have a strategy to uncover how to make a woman climax they are left fumbling and guessing.

The 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy gives you an approach to engage any woman and use your stroke skills to reveal her orgasmic code , even if she herself has no idea what makes her climax.

Here is what you get:

  • Introduction Guide to 80-10-10
  • A Video on how to tell when and how the vagina changes
  • A Video on how to know how to adjust so she always feels you
  • Course Guide for the 80-10-10
  • An Audio Course on the 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy
  • An Explicit Video demonstrating the 80-10-10 technique during intimacy
  • An Explicit Video demonstrating the art of Yoni Massage
  • An Exclusive Stroke Skill specifically for the 80-10-10
  • A Practice Training Guide
  • A few notes for adding your first stroke.This package allows you to taste how stroke skills approaches developing your sensual skill from the inside out.You have your own unique style, your own sensual super power these strokes you add to your arsenal but the way you fire them
    that is the fun part, that is how you will truly benefit.When you watch the training demo think about where your strength isWhen you watch the live demonstration, pay attention to the positionWhen you see the explicit demo see how her body reacts to the stroke.As a bonus we will also be sending you some mini courses on how to use your new stroke on the following body types
  • – Thick Frame
  • – Thin Thighs
  • – Thick Thighs
  • – Round assets
  • – Flat assets
  • -Thin Frame
  • -Bowlegged
  • And many more…This package downloads automatically as soon as you order
    All the HD videos and audios of the moves and instructions
    you can watch on your computer or mobile device.Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

Zenity Fitness – The Compression Orgasm Download

Add the Compression Orgasm to your skills arsenal.

The compression orgasm is a sex strategy that you
apply your Stroke Skills to.

This unique skill  that makes her orgasm by
that increasing the feeling of girth that you give her.

Her orgasm is pressed out of her, pushed out
through your process of building up then compressing
her spots.

Here is what you get:

  • An Introductory Audio Course explaining the Compression Orgasm
  • A Special Edition Compression Stroke with Demonstration on a Model
  • An Explicit Video Demonstration
  • Step by Step Compression Orgasm Walk Through
  • A High Performance Stroke Skills Guide Book
  • BONUS***How to Stroke Her While She Is Experiencing Orgasm

Zenity Fitness – The Impact Orgasm Download

The Impact Orgasm- EXCLUSIVE

The Impact Orgasm occurs when a woman is stimulated using hitting strokes or Impact Strokes. Learn how to use your stroke skills to cause Impact Orgams with the interactive materials in this package.

If you and your partner enjoy harder, stronger love making consider adding some skills that will make it better than ever.

If you like the feeling of  impact, crashing your body into theirs and seeing their passionate response pick up some extra skills that will make them feel you more while triggering additional lubrication.

Diversity is the spice of good sex, having the ability to give her different kinds of orgasms depending on the mood, depending on the passion, depending on what you want her to think about you.

Knowing how to give it to her hard, and RIGHT is a skill every man should possess.

What Do You Get?

  1. – Impact Strokes Overview with 80-10-10 sexual strategy
  2.  -Impact Strokes Overview Step by Step written component
  3. – Impact Strokes Being Used To Bring A Woman To Orgasm
  4. – 80-10-10 Sexual Strategy Guide for Controlling Her Orgasm
  5. – An  Exclusive Impact Stroke Skill with Exercise Component and  Real Deal
    Performance On Live Model

Zenity Fitness – Stroke Skills Complete Course Download