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OR follow my full infield from approach to instant date to sex. You will see what I do and how the girl reacts to it JUST LIKE YOU WERE THERE YOURSELF. I will also break down everything for you, every step of the way.

Hi it’s Eddie here from Street Attraction

I’ve been studying and doing pickup for almost a decade and have been teaching men how to get laid for almost five years now.

The most fulfilling part of my job is when after only a few hours of coaching I can get my students to APPROACH AND LAY girls, from the street, in the daytime too.

If you’ve ever watched any of my videos you would know that I’m good with women, despite having a belly. I’ve never been rich, muscular or even very funny. Despite that, I know how to get the hottest women out there.

I studied sound engineering and I’M KIND OF A GEEK. I can spend long hours in front of the computer working on music or on videos. In spite of that, many of my wealthy, ripped and good looking friends are envious about my results with women. When they see what I can do, they are often stunned.

You might have watched guys getting numbers or instant dates on YouTube, but you won’t see anything that will show you as much as Approach 2 Lay will. You will find nothing else on the internet that shows you a full seduction from start to finish explained in such detail.

You won’t find anything like it on YouTube

There are tons of videos out there showing 5 minute number closes. Getting good with women isn’t just about saying a few funny lines or getting a number, the stuff you’ll normally see on YouTube.

Approach 2 Lay is based on a full video interaction that we captured in central London. It follows me and 18 year old English hottie from pickup to sex. See and hear exactly what great game is. Learn how you can use it to GET RESULTS that I’m getting.

You will witness all the flashy stuff as well as all the normal but necessary parts too. You will grasp how to correctly balance your conversations with women.

The actual skills that get you laid like making a strong impact, building rapport and escalating physically cannot be properly or fully explained in a short YouTube clip. This is the unique benefit of Approach 2 Lay.

You will learn every key aspect of an interaction. Whether it’s a cold approach, a first or a third date, there are plenty of things that you’ll learn and be able to apply next time you’re facing an attractive girl.

I EXPLAIN EVERY DECISION, question, compliment and statement that I make and why it works.

This will teach you the skills of an advanced player in a matter of hours. After watching this product you will have enough knowledge to go out in the daytime and confidently attempt to GET LAID FROM THE STREET too.

If you consider yourself at least average (a typical guy) then this stuff will help you to get similar results.

Approach 2 Lay has already been seen by seen by HUNDREDS OF NORMAL MEN and it has gotten them great results

The girls don’t even need to find you attractive

You will even hear it from the girl herself telling me that I’m not her physical type.

If you follow my step by step videos she will have fewer reason not to sleep with you. This is because you will be appealing to her emotional brain. You’ll probably be one of the first guys she’ll encounter who will create such a powerful cocktail of emotions in her in such a short time.

She will talk herself into bed with you

100% Street pickup.
See how to get her to follow you

And best of all is that you won’t have to stress out about what to say to her. After watching me in action you will know how to make her do most of the talking. Your job will be to control the flow and occasionally spice up the conversation.

My techniques will help you to get women hooked to you. You will learn how to create attraction quickly and LEAD A GIRL THROUGH DIFFERENT VENUES, eventually back to your place or hers.

You will know how to:


You will learn how to make your openers more specific and impactful. When you comment on her looks and the way she behaves you will notice that your openers start making a stronger impression. When I started doing it myself I noticed how I was able to HOOK GIRLS MUCH MORE. By applying these tips you will stand out from other guys who have approached her.

Get Instant Dates

You will become a pro in getting instant dates. You will realise how much more you can achieve when you take a girl for a coffee instead of just taking her number. IT WILL SPEED UP YOUR INTERACTIONS AND REDUCE FLAKES. When you get good at instant dates the number of same day lays you’ll get will increase substantially.

Use Routines

You might think that routines are a thing of the past. Despite my game being mostly free flowing I find certain routines can be handy to use with certain women. I use a simple routine to BUILD DEEP RAPPORT AND ATTRACTION. It is a great element that you can bring into any conversation. It will make her believe that you have some special insights into her personality.If you are not sure about using routines or not, watching me will help you decide.


Women quickly lose attraction for a man who doesn’t know how to lead. You may have even experienced it yourself. On several occasions you will see the girl try to lead but I smoothly and subtly prevent her from doing so. My strong leading helps me to take her from venue to venue and eventually back home. The result would certainly have been very different had she been deciding where we were going. I will teach you how to BE VERY PERSUASIVE AND IN CONTROL. You’ll know how to lead a girl almost anywhere you want her to go.


When you approach women you should START ESCALATING EARLY. From the moment I meet her I escalate physically and verbally. You will learn here how to gradually get her temperature up. In this pickup she rejects the first kiss at least four times. After watching me you will know how to TURN FAILED KISS ATTEMPTS INTO AN ADVANTAGE. There were times when I over escalated. For many guys that would be the end of it. I show you how to win her trust back and eventually escalate to sex.

Change Venues

You are probably aware that changing locations during the date will make the lay more likely. It helps to create an illusion that the two of you have spent more time together than you really have. It’s like having three dates in one. In Approach 2 Lay you will see me GOING TO THREE DIFFERENT PLACES before I eventually take her home. These mini dates help to create trust so that she feels safe enough to come with me back to my place. Knowing how to lead her from place to place will not only get you SEX MORE QUICKLY, but it will also make your dates cheaper. You won’t need to buy big dinners in expensive restaurants.

Stay Cool

You’ll see how I deal with her losing interest. You will learn HOW TO STAY COOL WHEN THINGS AREN’T GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN. Throughout the interaction I lost her interest on at least three occasions. She either started looking at her phone or the conversation died. Watch how I manage these situations by spiking and spicing things up again.

Get Her to Your Place

You’ve approached well and she’s followed you all the way to your doorstep, but as you know it can all be lost right at the end if you don’t know what to do. Being decisive is the key to getting her into your bed. Watch how I PUT HER AT EASE TO COME INTO MY APARTMENT WITHOUT HESITATION. You’ll learn how to make your pulls smooth and effortless.

Escalate to Sex

You’ll see me take her into my bedroom and escalate to sex. I give you my best and most effective lines, tips and TECHNIQUES TO OVERCOME LAST MINUTE RESISTANCE. I also share with you my best techniques for great sex, things I do that women love. You’ll even hear my Covert Post Sex interview, which offers an interesting insight into what the girl was thinking while I was busy trying to seduce her. You’ll hear her say that I’m not her physical type and how it was my attitude (game) that made her attracted enough to want to sleep with me.

Throughout this pickup I didn’t have to buy her any alcohol. She was stone cold sober the whole time. The only thing she drank was a bottle of water that she had with her. This seduction proves that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY WOMEN ANYTHING  or get them drunk in order to sleep with them.

You don’t have to look good. You can get great results EVEN WHEN SHE DOESN’T FIND YOU VERY PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE. After the sex you will actually hear her admitting to me that I’m not her physical type. 

Why should you listen to me?

It’s almost a decade now since I first found out about game. Since 2006 I have picked up and slept with almost every type of girl out there.

The skills and insights that I share with you here have helped me ensure that I have a sex life that many richer and better looking men only dream about.

My style isn’t very flashy, instead it’s relaxed but dominant. I DON’T NEED TO BUILD UP A STRONG VIBE in order to pick up and get sex. Most of my lays have been from street game. I rely mostly on my verbal skills and strong leading.

I’ve been teaching men how to pick up women since 2011. I know precisely how to teach others to get the same results as me. I’ve taught hundreds of guys from different backgrounds with many different issues and sticking points. Many of them managed to replicate my success and some have even pushed it further.

Throughout the years I’ve had many guys thank me for helping them to change their lives. Last year we launched the VIP area on our website. The VIP area is a place where we post our pickups with detailed breakdowns. I used this successful format to create Approach 2 Lay.

What is Approach 2 Lay?

Approach 2 Lay is the only video product that allows you to follow an entire interaction from the initial approach all the way to sex. You will see and hear me explain what I’m doing and why it works. The videos show you a skill that very few men have and almost no other pick-up company could capture.

There was very little cutting done. The interaction is kept almost in its entirety. We’ve even kept all the NORMAL AND LESS FLASHY STUFF to show you exactly what a real life pick up looks and sounds like.


You will see exactly how I create attraction. I show you when to start building comfort and how to escalate to seduction.

The content is divided into six parts. Each of them gets me closer to the lay.


You will see how to RECOVER WHEN THINGS ARE GOING BADLY. These videos show moments where the girl is clearly losing interest.

I explain what you should do to stay cool and not lose her.

I will show you here how to get laid in as little as three hours of meeting a girl. WITHOUT MEMORISING CHEESY PICKUP LINES while spending little to no money on a girl. This will not only help you believe it’s possible but YOU WILL TOO start getting the same success as I get


First you see me approach. I open by saying:
‘I just wanted to come over and say Hi. You’re look like the funkiest person here. With your…’.

I explain how to make your openers more specific and personal. When you use this type of opener you subtly compliment her but also give her a reason as to why you want to talk to her. She instantly invites me to sit next to her.

Two minutes into conversation I get her to open up. As you probably know the more a girl talks, the more investing she does. I explain exactly how I make her invest while controlling the conversational flow.

I say ‘So you must have quite strong legs then…’ with a cheeky grin.

By talking about her legs in this way early on I’m able to sexualise the conversation. I make it clear that I’m interested in her body.

After six minutes I ask her to join me for a coffee. You will learn how to get instant dates. The technique that you’ll learn here gets me instant dates with most women I use it on.

Instant Date

You see me taking her to a coffee shop nearby. We chat about a lot of normal stuff.

When she asks me about my age I tease her saying
“I’m too old for you

She is quick to qualify me saying that I’m not too old. A good sign.

We talk about travelling, drinking habits etc. At one point I forget her name. Instead of being sorry or saying how I’m bad with names I remain unapologetic. I explain as to why that’s the best response whenever you forget a girl’s name.

At the end of this section I use a great routine. You might not think it’s not very remarkable but you’ll see just how positively she reacts to it. I will explain the principle behind this routine and how you can use it in your interactions successfully.

After about 25 minutes in the coffee place I decide to change venues. You will learn here how to get her to follow you to from venue to venue.

The Park

I tell her about a cool horse statue that I want to show her. I take a walk with her to check it out, only for the statue to be completely missing.

For some strange reason the statue was removed a few days earlier. I end up looking like a fantastical liar, but I’m able to recover nicely. This situation is a good example of what to do when things don’t go exactly according to plan.

I take her for a walk through the park. On two occasions she tries to lead but I make sure not to let her.

You’ll see how I respond whenever she tries to do the leading. Several times she asks me where we’re going. My responses are brief and on point.

We sit down on a bench and I try to go for the kiss. She refuses. I stay relaxed and show her that I’m not affected. In this part, one of the things I explain is when to go for the kiss and what to do if she refuses.

At the end of this part we start walking in the direction towards my apartment. I tell her that we’re going to a local bar that I know and we start walking towards it.

Date Bar

In the bar she starts playing with her phone. Bad sign? I just ignore it and stay relaxed. I treat it as a basic shit test. The less affected you are when she ignores you, the better.

The cozy and quiet bar makes for a great place to seduce her. I add more and more sexual spikes into the conversation. I accusse her of being a closet bisexual and ask her if she likes having her hair pulled.

It wasn’t easy but I finally get her to kiss me. I use the “Foot in the door” technique. Basically when she doesn’t comply to a request I get her to comply to a smaller one. It works beautifully and we begin making out.

She says that most guys just want sex and I’m quick to tell her that I’m no different. Here you’ll see how being unapologetic really works in your favour.

In this section I demonstrate just how far you can push things by adopting a bad boy lover attitude.

Pre- Sex Coffee

On the way to my place we talk about bums and breasts. I use this as an opportunity to grab her bum.

I get her to really open up, where she feels free to talk about anything. Before I take her up to my apartment, we grab a quick coffee from a coffee shop just opposite my place.

She tells me about her ex-boyfriend with whom she’s still deeply in love with. I don’t care. I know that things are going well and that I’m most probably going to sleep with her.

Finally you’ll see how I bounce her back to my place using a very persuasive technique that I’ll share with you. In this section, one of the key things you’ll learn is how to calmly pull the trigger and become more consistent in getting girls back to yours.

My Place/ Sex

She is back at my place. I make her feel very comfortable. I do this by not jumping on her straight away. Instead I take it easy,

I build more comfort by talking about normal everyday things like movies. My non eager chill approach works beautifully because she ends up giving me no resistance when I eventually escalate to sex.

Despite me not getting any last minute resistance (LMR) from her, in this section I still give you my best lines and tips on how to overcome LMR from girls when it does happen. I also share with you killer techniques for great sex that will have her coming back for more.

Finally you’ll hear the post sex interview where she tells me that she found me attractive and wanted to sleep with me despite not being attracted to me physically. If that’s not the best testimonial for game, then I really don’t know what is.


SAVE HUNDREDS OF HOURS of listening to confusing seminars on YouTube

You will see how I apply the most basic concepts from the approach all the way to sex. At no point will you need to learn any complex game theory in order to replicate the results for yourself.

Unlike most products out there, Approach 2 Lay is not about abstract concepts or beautiful sounding words. It’s a crash course in practical pickup that you can you apply right now.