Mark Smith – Hot To Trot Wife Epub Download

Suburban wives have an image; they are all supposed to be sweet, concerned mothers who drive their children to school, watch soap opera, go to PTA meetings and cook for their husbands. But is this image real? The answer, like most serious answers, is a complex one. Many wives in fact do lead domestic, tranquil lives. But others don’t.

Sheryl Demon falls into the latter group. She was bored; in fact, she can’t remember not being bored, so long had it been since she’s experienced a good time. Her husband, Gerald, is a man who obviously doesn’t know how to make a beautiful woman happy. Still, for three years Sheryl puts up with it.

But everything changes when one day Sheryl sees her neighbor Michelle Reiner, engaging in a wild bout of lovemaking with a strange man. It is obvious that Michelle isn’t bored. Suddenly Sheryl realizes what she’s missing, and from that moment on she makes certain that she’s never bored again. And who can say she I, wrong?