Liam McRae – Masculine Touch Blueprint

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You’re always going to end up in the friend zone and miss out on true intimacy with women unless you discover this one simple thing…

Have you ever had trouble getting physical with women?

Let’s say you’re chatting to a girl at the bar, or you’re on a date, and you KNOW you should be touching her, but it seems like there is this invisible barrier between the two of you that is impossible to penetrate.

Yet for a small select group of men, physical touch comes easily.

How do they do it?

What it is about them that makes it so easy for them to get intimate with a woman?
If you were to ask them, I can guarantee they’d have no idea how to explain it, or worse, give you some generic advice like ‘just be confident!’ or ‘let her come to you’.

…you’ve obviously tried doing those things, yet women still treat you the same.

Sure, they’re happy to talk to you, and they might even say that you’re funny or interesting. But as far as getting intimate with you… it seems like a distant fantasy.
We both know they’re more likely to go home with one of those guys who really knows what he’s doing.
Meanwhile you’re stuck hoping that you’ll meet a cute girl through your social circle… or maybe one of those flakey girls on tinder will pull through
So why is it that these women aren’t putting you into the same category as those other guys?
Why do you end up in the friend zone when they get laid?
Is it because they’re taller and better looking than you?
Is it because have money and know how to show it off?
Or is it because they were just lucky enough to be born with some elusive ‘alpha male’ gene that makes them natural with women, while you’re left going home alone each night and jerking off to porn.
What if I told you it was none of the above? 

Because the real cost isn’t having to finish into a pile of tissues in front of your computer. It’s missing out on intimacy. I’m sure like every man you want to have regular sex, but there’s also a part of you that craves a deeper connection with women.

To have them look at you with desire and respect.
To have them touch you lovingly.
To have them not only see you for who you are, but to love you for who you are.
The deeper loss…

The reality is that unless you learn how to physically touch women and get intimate, you’re never going to create genuine connections with them;

At best you’ll miss many opportunities for fast hookups, sexual adventures with hot wild girls and end up settling over and over for the average girlfriend you meet through friends.

Even if you’re the funniest, most charming guy out there, or the sweetest nice guy, ultimately she’s looking for a man who she can really trust to treat her like a woman. And even if you think you’re that guy, go ahead and try asking her out.

I’m sure she’ll tell you that she thinks of you “just as a friend”… or make you wait 6 dates and lock you into a codependent relationship.
And it doesn’t matter how much attention you give her, or how much money you throw her way, eventually she’ll end up with the guy who has that mysterious x-factor. The one who just seems to be surrounded by women constantly, who has an abundance that you’ve never gotten close to before.
The Friendzone SUCKS
See, at the time I thought that if you wanted something from a woman, the best way to do it was to show her what a great guy you were.
I went out of my way to show her how I was different, let her know I was willing to do anything for her, and hope she’d notice me.
I wanted girls to say “Wow… you’re mature for your age. You see the deeper truths most idiots our age are blind to…” 
But in reality that was me trying to satisfy my ego and ignore the terror I felt when it came to actually having to hold her hand, take a risk, and kiss her.
I was so caught up in my teen movie fantasies that I was totally missing the mark when it came to understanding how women want to be seduced by men.
Let me tell you right now that I know how frustrating that can be. I was raised as a total nice guy. I thought that in order to get girls, to have a girlfriend, or even just casual sex, all I had to do was treat women with respect and give them compliments.
That if I was a friendly, fun guy then eventually they’d take an interest in me, and it wouldn’t be long before she was gleefully spreading her legs for me. Well… that was the fantasy movies and books have implanted in my brain.
As guys, we like to discuss things in a direct and straightforward manner. If you’re getting your car fixed by the mechanic, you expect him to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it, how long it’s going to take, and how much it’s going to cost you.
But that’s not how seduction works. Instead it’s an intricate dance between two people, where the emphasis is on what’s not being said. Beyond the actual words is a whole interplay involving flirting, smooth body language and most importantly, touch.
In my early days, however, I had no idea about any of this. My parents were caught between Catholic guilt and 1960s free-love ideologies, and sent me a LOT of mixed messages.
When my dad found a porn DVD I’d been hiding, he gave me a lecture about not objectifying women. I wanted to be respectful, so I became extra cautious around women, treating them like delicate flowers and hoping they would notice my chivalry.
So I went through life being a nice guy. Constantly paranoid about offending women, doing or saying the wrong thing, terrified of being labelled as a weirdo or creep. And if I witnessed other guys doing this, I saw it as my duty to be the white knight, protecting girls from sexual deviants.
And as to be expected, this meant I went without getting any sex, or experiencing any kind of connection and true intimacy with women.
The turning point came when I found out my family would be hosting a french exchange student to stay at our place. She was fair haired, bright eyed and full of youthful exuberance.
Of course, I fell in love with her instantly. Every time I saw her I was polite and respectful, making sure to demonstrate to her that I was a sweet guy who had her best interests at heart. Soon enough she’d realize that I was the guy for her, and we’d fall madly in love.
Or so I thought. 
One night she came home from a party and stumbled into my room a little tipsy, as I was playing guitar.
(I was writing a song about her.)
“Hey Liam” she whispered sweetly. “Can I ask you something?”
My heart skipped a beat.
“I have a question… about love…”
Yes! I thought. I finally had my moment! After waiting for so long she was finally going to profess her feelings for me, realize that I was the right guy for her, not all of those assholes who didn’t bother to respond to her texts.
“Sure” I answered, barely able to contain my excitement.
“So I met this guy tonight…” she began.
And my heart proceeded to sink into the bottom of my chest, down into a black hole of despair and bitterness. She went on to tell me about a guy she made out with who ended up leaving with another girl. They exchanged numbers, but she wasn’t sure if he was still interested.
“Do you think he likes me?” I remember her asking me.

Looking back I don’t even recall what my response was. It was probably some encouraging words, typical of my nice guy self in those days, but the feeling of soul crushing disappointment will never leave me. It was like the mirror had shattered, that I had been pulled out of the Matrix and seen the truth; that there was no chance of her ever seeing me as more than a friend.

Here I was, a devoted loving guy who had yearned for her for months, ready to commit myself to her at any cost. And meanwhile she was more captivated by some guy who she’d just met, made-out with at a party, and then watched LEAVE WITH SOME OTHER GIRL?
I didn’t get much sleep that night. Instead I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling, swearing that this would never happen to me again. That I’d never fool myself into thinking that girls would be attracted to a guy who is nice, friendly and respectful. That I’d never again fall hopelessly in love with a girl who saw me as nothing more than a friend. From that night on, I was determined to master the art of masculine touch and never get stuck in the friend zone again.
Now you might be thinking “but Liam, why didn’t you just tell her you liked her?” The truth is that the only way for you to truly convey your sexual interest in a woman, is to show her. In this regard your words are meaningless.
I was coming to realize that you can’t talk your way into a girls pants, and that what women really want is a man who can touch her confidently, excite her, and lead her through the seduction in a fun and relaxed way.
I wanted to be that man, to be able to confidently show her my masculine desire but I realized that there was something holding me back. Until then I’d blocked this, even though it had always been lurking underneath the surface the whole time. Truth be told, I was terrified.
Terrified of getting rejected.
All of the ‘nice guy’ behaviours I had developed were really there compensate for my lack of confidence, a convenient way to avoid having to face my fear of rejection.
Not only did I now have to process all of the regret I had unearthed, recognizing that I’d spent years doing the exact same thing and getting the exact same result (and never learning in the process), but now I had to find some way to overcome my fear of rejection.
A week later, we had a party at my place, to celebrate the french girl going home. As she danced with her guy, I sat alone in my room surfing the web… and a friend showed me this website. “Dude, it shows you how to get girls…”
“Like porn?”
“No… like how to be smooth with the ladies…”
A New Hope…
First I scoffed at the idea… but I had to admit to myself that I needed help. I needed to learn from an expert; other guys in my social circle could get girls
but nobody knew how to actually explain it.
The typical advice I got was either misogynistic:
“Just stick it in.”
Or so vague it was useless:
“Just be yourself, they’ll like you for you”
I tried asking my well meaning female friends, but as high school teenagers, they weren’t able to articulate what they wanted.
“Be romantic… buy her flowers, and make her a card to show her how you feel” they told me, gushing.
(Years later I realized they were actually describing the way they wanted their rebellious boyfriends to treat them… this is a key insight into female psychology which you need to understand if you want to balance intimacy and personal power… but that’s a story for another time.)
After looking deeper into this online world I realized that there were guys out there like me who were struggling but trying to figure out how to do this. I woke up to the fact that unless I did something about this, things would never change… I was never going to have a woman make all of the moves on me.
Initially I found things aimed at intellectual guys that would help them to ‘talk their way into a kiss’. It was branded as the “thinking man’s” guide to pick up. These techniques promised me regular hot sex, even though I was nerdy intellectual.
I practiced the lines in front of a mirror, and after downing several vodka shots I headed out to the local bar to try it out.
I couldn’t believe it! It worked… sort of. As I stumbled onto the dancefloor and bumped into a girl, mumbling my line to her, she gave me a hug and told me I was cute. And 2 blurry minutes later, our lips were locked together and I transcended and time space… before rushing to the bathroom to throw up my vodka shots.
While nursing my hangover, I was still euphoric. I had cracked the code.
This turned into my Friday night routine… practice my pick up lines, get drunk, and go try to kiss some equally drunk girls. As the initial excitement wore off, the hangovers got worse… and so did my depression.
I was falling in love every Friday night and having my heart broken every Saturday morning.
None of the girls would answer my calls or texts, let alone meet for for a date. I was lonelier than ever, feeling like I was so close to understanding women but having no idea how to get more than a drunk kiss.

I wanted intimacy, adventures, magical moments, sex, a girlfriend… and instead I had hangovers and mastubation. There’s nothing worse than stumbling home drunk at 3am, jerking off to porn and passing out alone.

After weeks of this routine, I was ready to give up. My drunken attempts to find love were seriously affecting my music career, and I was ready to abandon my pursuit of sex all together to focus on my studies. “I’ll become a successful music composer, make it to Hollywood, and then I’ll have all the women I want” I told myself.

A few days later I found myself clicking through an entire photo album of a girl I kissed months ago who had stopped responding to my messages, when a notification popped up on my screen. 

“Natural Game seminar in Melbourne, tonight” it read. “Learn the true secrets of female psychology from James Marshall.”
“Aragon is teaching seduction now?” I thought to myself. But I was intrigued. 
I was skeptical at first, but I was desperate. So I did what any man backed into a corner would do…
I spent my rent money to go to his seminar. I was captivated, and immediately signed up for an introductory coaching session with him.
I rocked up to his hipster wearhouse in Melbourne’s coolest district and told him about my experiences.
I tried to impress him by telling him my best pickup lines… and he burst out laughing.
“That shit really works? This stuff is getting you laid?”
My heart skipped a beat. No one had actually called me on my bullshit like this before. I was living a lie, still trying to hold onto that idea that I was great with women, but he cut through it like a samurai sword.
“Well…” I mean, I make out with girls in bars every weekend.”
“But… do you have any regular girls? Are you going on dates? When was the last time you had sex?”
“Eight…” I mumbled.
“Eight days? Not bad” he said.
“Eight months” I clarified. He laughed again.

“Look man, it’s all well and good to kiss drunk girls in bars, but if you actually like women, enjoy their company, and want to make real connections with them, you’re gonna have to drop all of these social masks.

Listen, training with me is expensive, but it sounds like you really want to make a change and you seem like a genuine guy…there’s 2 spots left in my next program.” 
I signed up on the spot (even though I could barely afford it). It turned out to be the best investment I ever made.
Over the coming months, he taught me some simple but powerful lessons:
– “You don’t have to wear a social mask.”
I realized the pick up lines had been a cover up for much deeper core insecurities… and if I didn’t address them now, they would only get worse.
“Authenticity is powerful; communicate clearly.”
It was a relief to hear that I could still be myself, and that women actually responded better to honest communication (as long as you were comfortable expressing your sexuality.)

“The seduction is a story, you are playing the romantic adventurer that must lead her physically past her fears and into her desire.” 

“It’s not about what you say. It’s about how you say it…with your body.”
How you say it…with your body?
It wasn’t exactly the 3 step plan I was looking for. His “Natural” philosophy scared me, because I knew I would have to be real. I would have to actually show my true self.
But at the time I was so caught up in using lines and routines, thinking my words were building attraction and inviting a woman to connect with me, that I was completely cut off from the other fundamental parts of seduction.
How she feels when you look into her eyes.
How she feels when you look into her eyes.
The electricity that shoots up her spine when you touch her on the thigh.
A gentle hand on her lower back that instantly communicates to her how good you are in bed.
As I applied the lessons James taught me over countless nights infield, I began exploring how to get physical in a smoother way… without needing to rely on alcohol.
At first I took things to the extreme and started touching women at any opportunity I could. As soon as I approached I’d be touching her arm, playing with her jewelry, taking her by the hand and leading her somewhere.
But these amateurish attempts along with years of trial and error revealed to me that it’s not a matter of implementing a set of steps, like pressing buttons on a machine. If you do that you’ll just come off as robotic and fake.
True intimate touch requires an appreciation of women that allows you to touch them in a very specific way. It starts from within.
A woman won’t be aroused if you’re methodically touching her arm, then neck, then thigh, thinking it’s leading towards sex.
She will however be receptive to an internally cultivated desire to express your appreciation of her through touch.
It’s not about touching her hand because that’s the next step in the list.
It’s about touching her hand because you want to feel the softness of her skin, how delicate her fingers are, to play with them underneath the table when you’re sipping coffee.
However, if you’re expecting to just be able to do whatever you want to a woman and have her respond well, you need to understand this key distinction:
It’s normal for a woman to be hesitant the first few times you touch her.
Even if you have consent and she clearly likes you, part of the dance of seduction is her rejecting your advances and watching how you respond.
Do you shut down and give up on trying to escalate things further?
Do you blow up in a rage and call her a prude?
Do you lose interest and go off chasing another girl?
It’s important that you resist the temptation to do these things, because here’s the secret I’ve wanted to share with you all along:
If a woman doesn’t respond enthusiastically to your touch, it doesn’t mean no.
It could just mean ‘not yet or ‘I’d like to get to know you better first’ or ‘we can’t do that here’.
See, touch doesn’t always work in black and white, but it’s more like a traffic light. You’ll either get a green light, which is full steam ahead, or you might get a red light, which is a solid and straightforward ‘no’. But most touch falls in the murky middle, the amber light, where things become a little more confusing to interpret.
Understanding this simple dichotomy was the key for me to unlock the world of intimate touch and true connection with women.
  •  I no longer held off touching a girl for weeks, sometimes months, in fear of being rejected.
  •  I no longer freaked out when a girl said no.
  •  I no longer spent lonely nights jerking off because I’d been put in the friend zone one too many times.
Instead, I was able to make women comfortable in my presence and express my appreciation of them, not through a flurry of compliments, but through touch and a relaxed vibe. Because most of the time women are nervous when they show up on a date; they want it to go well, they want to be with a man who can make them feel like a woman, and yet they’ve had so many awkward dates in the past that they’ve started to wonder if there are any real men out there.
But when I could make them feel safe and demonstrate that I knew how to communicate using my body, they could then open up and offer me the connection that I truly wanted to have with them.
And sure, some of them were so used to clunky dates that when I began touching them, the reactions weren’t what I was hoping for. But as long as she hadn’t explicitly said ‘no’ and was still talking to me, I figured it was still going somewhere. So I’d try again, and maybe this time the response would be a little warmer.
Soon enough I was seeing dramatically different results with women. I began to have a very clear idea of which girls were interested in me and which ones weren’t. Girls that were previously off limits to me were suddenly interested because I wasn’t afraid to show express interest, even if they were playing hard to get.
Soon the “Rapid Escalation” method I was implementing led me to have a string of wild sexual encounters. I was fearlessly expressing my raw desire, which allowed me to quickly discover which girls were into me, and start the romance based on powerful seductive chemistry.
I got a lot of feedback from the women I slept with that many of them had held a fantasy of being with a man who could sweep them off their feet and quickly unleash their wild side (without all the courtship games of lengthy dating). But perhaps most importantly of all, I started to realize that women had a set of problems I had never imagined…
Women have total sexual power and choice… right?
From the perspective of a nice-guy, I had thought that women were constantly bombarded with offers from attractive, confident men and had their pick of the litter.
Instead I started to hear stories of guys who they’d been friends with for years, only to have them suddenly ruin the friendship by professing their love for this mystified girl. Guys who had pushed things a little too far and been unable to see the signs when a girl was really saying no, making her feel uncomfortable and unsafe around him.
It became clear to me that most men belong to either one of two camps.
The first is how I used to be, the friendly nice guys who just want to be polite and respectful to women, terrified of offending or upsetting them. I’m sure you can relate to this.
But the second is the guy who gets the girls, sure, but in the worst of possible ways. These are the assholes I used to HATE when I was a nice guy.
Yet the ones who really suffer in this dilemma are women. Part of them wants to be treated respectfully by men, but not put on a pedestal. They want a guy who has the ability to listen to her, but not in a false act just to get sex and ignore her the next day. They want a guy who they could easily see themselves being friends with, but who could also take them home and give them the wildest sex of their life.
So where does that leave you?
In my search for answers I begun to realize that, just like when I first started out, there are thousands and thousands of men out there who are confused about women’s sexuality.
They have no idea how to convey their interest in women without explicitly saying it.
They have no idea how to touch a woman unless it’s after several months, several beers, or several routines scraped from some dark corner of the internet.
They have no idea how to start having more sex with women, to start building the connections they’ve always wanted and, most importantly, to find true intimacy in their lives.

After joining The Natural Lifestyles team as a coach, I specialized in helping guys overcome their sexual blocks and step into their masculine power. James recognized that I was blazing a new trail and uncovering a whole style of escalation that everyone else in the industry was ignoring.

In cities all over the world, I watched my students go from friendly, pleasant nice-guys into charming, bold seducers, and consistently shocked the other coaches with the results my clients started seeing.

I literally had virgins having their first kiss within hours of working with me.

I had introverted technical minded engineers suddenly accessing their playful and sexual side, taking girls home off the street, and performing seductions they’d never before thought possible.

My mission shifted from one of discovery to one of distillation. I had to find a way to teach guys like you everything I’d learned from those years of rejection, from fumbling my way through seductions not knowing if I was turning the girl on or making a fool of myself and creeping her out.

After years of teaching my methods live, I decided to distill my most powerful insights, methods and mindsets into a home study course designed to map out to you the whole blueprint of a man who is naturally sexual and seductive with women.
I’m proud to bring you the Masculine Touch Blueprint, your guide to intimacy and sexual touch with women.

The Masculine Touch Blueprint is a five week course designed to teach you how to never end up in the friend zone ever again.

How to experience true connection and intimacy with women.
We’ll start by identifying and reframing your own issues around sexuality.
Do you feel ashamed for being sexually attracted to women?

Do you find it unnatural to express this attraction verbally or physically?


Do you feel like you need to exchange a monogamous relationship for sex? 
You’ll find that a lot of these issues are relics from the past, and by the time I’m finished with you they’ll be replaced with a more realistic and beneficial approach to touch and intimacy.
Next I’ll be teaching you about your bad mindsets around women and female sexuality. It might seem easier to quickly learn the exact moves you need to be making, but if you’re still walking around judging women for liking sex, they’re never going to open up to you sexually.
From there we’ll cover the skills I’m sure you’re dying to master; how to touch a woman properly. To make sure you’re doing it right I’ll be teaching you the ‘empathy / boldness axis’, a system I’ve been refining and mastering for nearly a decade that ensures women are aroused by your touch, but still feel like you’re respecting them and tuned in to their boundaries.
This isn’t just a bunch of random information I’ve pulled together, but a proven system that I’ve taught to thousands of men over nearly 10 years of being a professional dating coach. These are men who came to me terrified of touching women out of fear they’d be creeping them out, and walked away confident to not only get physical, but starting to truly experience the intimacy and connection with women they’ve always craved.
Each week, you’ll receive a new module to watch via a private membership site.
In the module, you’ll have a theory section explaining core mindsets, then action steps and daily missions to do.
You’ll also join a private Facebook group where you’ll have a community of like-minded guys to mastermind with and brainstorm any questions you have related to the course.
So what’s in store for the course? How about I break it down for you week by week.
 Week 1: 
Before we begin the process of improving your ability to intimately touch women we’re going to have to explore your sexual mindsets. Without going through this important stage you’re going to be carrying around a lot of old beliefs, mindsets and bad habits which will eventually rise to the surface.
All it’s going to take is one bad experience to send you hurtling back to your old ways, so we need to take care of this NOW by introducing some new ideas. In we’ll be covering:
  • Some simple questions to ask if you’re actually ashamed of your sexuality deep down, and how to shift this mindset so you can become proud of your masculine energy
  • The negative effects of porn and why awareness of the damage is the first step to making a change
  • Are you forever getting stuck in the friend zone? I’ll be revealing the outdated beliefs your carrying around which makes women instantly categorize you as ‘friend’ material
  • The secret mindset that sexually attractive men have which is proven to transform how women see you as a man
  • What NEVER to do when you’re trying to get a woman into bed
  • The TRUTH about why you secretly love being a nice guy and wish women responded better to it… and what it reveals about your entire worldview

Practical Demonstrations of Grounded Masculinity in Week 1:

For the practical aspect of the course, you’ll get to watch the first video of a series demonstrating the progression from Social touches to Sexual touches. This is KEY if you want to make sure you are making a powerful first impression with your first handshake, and setting the tone for a sexual relationship in future.
You’ll also get a key breakdown about the difference between Sensual touch vs. Dominant touch, and when to use them. You’ll see practical demonstrations with examples, to make sure you use the appropriate touch for each situation.
 Week 2: 
Once we’ve laid a new foundation of positive beliefs about yourself, we’re going to focus on your beliefs about women and their sexuality. Whether you like it or not, society has influenced the way you view women, and if you’ve gone through life being dumped into the friend zone you’re likely going to be even more jaded and confused about how women really feel about sex. By the end of week 2 you’ll have completely revolutionised the way you view women and sex, with a focus on:
  • Why women are taught to hide their sexuality from a very young age, and how you can create a safe space for them to share their beautiful inner world with you.
  • The easiest way to identify if you’re secretly jealous of the sexual power women have, and how to solve this issue in 3 easy steps.
  • Most women are either total sweethearts or sluts, right? WRONG! I’ll be showing you why this terrible mindset is a massive blindspot that means you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with women every single day.
  • How do you spot a woman who is going to be responsive to your intimate touch? The answer may surprise you…
  • The majority of women love sex, so why do they still turn you down when you’re making a move? I’ll be revealing the truth about what women are really looking for when they have sex.
  • If you think you need to trade relationships, fancy dates or gifts for sex, then you’re always going to be giving more than you’re getting and never be truly sexually satisfied. In week 2 you’ll learn how to develop connections with women without giving too much away (and why she doesn’t WANT you to have to buy her love)
The 2nd Pillar of of Masculine Touch, Embodiment, is in many ways the simplest concept, but the most confusing to understand. I’ll be interviewing James about his extensive research on the dilemma of ‘how to be relaxed and cool in your body in stressful situations’, based on his exploration of Vipassana meditation traditions and Shaolin Kung Fu practices.
Practical Demonstrations of Grounded Masculinity in Week 2: 
In this weeks practical videos, I’ll be demonstrating a range of Sensual Touches. This type of touch is discreet, but leaves her wanting more. The live demonstrations of this show you how to apply this in a way that is subtle but powerful.
In some ways Sensual Touches are the most important touches. Most men intuitively know how to touch sexually in the heat of the moment, but building up to that with more subtle touch is an elusive art form I’ll be sharing with you in Week 2.
Ever get stuck in your head? See the beautiful woman you want to approach but are worried what people will think? This week you’ll be getting an in-depth breakdown on the sources of our social shame and fear, and how to move beyond that into Social Freedom.
 Week 3: 
Packed full of content I’m sure you’re dying to dive into, Week 3 will focus on the basics of understanding touch. Now that we’ve cleaned out the attic and thrown out your old beliefs about yourself, women and sex, we’re going to cover the basic essentials of intimate touch.
How do you touch a woman without being creepy? How do you know she’s enjoying it, versus wishing you’d leave her alone? This is the week where we’ll be covering important points like:
  • How to avoid getting nervous when you’re getting sexual with women PLUS how you can teach her to calm down too!
  • Why tuning into your bodily sensations instead of fantasizing about women is the key to having better, more fulfilling sex
  • What NEVER to do when you’re jerking off, and how this devastating mistake will ruin your sex life
  • The secret to lasting longing the bedroom and why most men finish way too quickly
  • The quickest, easiest way to retrain your body and incorporate the new mindsets about your sexuality and women you’ve learned so far in the course
  • The single most important thing you need to do every day to build your sexual energy as a man (and why most men DON’T do it!)

Practical Demonstrations of Grounded Masculinity in Week 3:


From a practical standpoint Week 3 will be heavily focused on specific things you can do when you’re first meeting a girl or on your first date with her. Instead of giving you a step-by-step system that could blow up in your face the moment things don’t go according to plan, you’ll learn how to apply these touches in a dynamic and fluid way.
Examples include:
– Both how to kiss a girl and how to pick your moment by looking for the signs I’ll be demonstrating on female models. This week you’ll get a heavy dose of practical examples
– The difference between a romantic kiss and a sexual kiss, how to move between the two, and how to know when you should use one over the other
– How to take something as simple as a coffee date and make it sexual, all using discreet touches that will undoubtedly turn her on
-What to do when you’re on a couch with a girl, whether it’s at your place watching a movie or tucked away in a dark corner in a lounge bar.
 Week 4: 

Now that you’ve developed a basic understanding of touch, it’s time to take it to the level of mastery. Obviously it’s going to take time for this to become second nature, but the focus of this week is implementing what you’ve learned so far into your interactions and dates with women.

In an ideal world you’ll know how to touch a woman every step of the way, from when you approach her on the street or at a bar, during the date, all the way to taking her home. That’s why week 4 will delve into:

  • The secret formula for implementing more touch into your interactions with women, and why your nice guy habits have blinded you from seeing this powerful truth.
  • Mastering intimate touch means you’re never going to get rejected, right? WRONG! Learn why your fear of rejection is the biggest thing holding you back from connecting with women (and how to get over it!)
  • Three ways to tell if a woman wants you to keep touching her (and what to do if she doesn’t!)
  • What NEVER to do before touching a woman: the biggest MISTAKE men make when they try to escalate that completely blows their chances of getting laid.
  • Why mastering rejection is the gateway to having more intimacy in your life…PLUS the core mindset you need to make rejection a non-issue.

Practical Demonstrations of Grounded Masculinity in Week 4:


This week includes an entire live demonstration of a date – all the way from the cafe to the bedroom. You’ll see multiple possible reactions the woman will have and learn how to handle whatever mood she’s in.
Should you go straight for the kiss, or show her funny cat videos? All these questions and more will be answered.
You’ll see examples of touch to do even once you’re on the bed with her. This is an area that is almost never talked about – where else can you learn this? You’re getting a rare glimpse into the final stages of escalation of a master a seducer.
 Week 5: 
The final week is about putting all of the pieces together, and incorporating touch into the grander scheme of seduction. I’ll be taking you through a full suite of different touches you can experiment with, as well as strategies for dealing with rejections. This is a chance to really zoom out to the big picture of seduction and your launching point to making intimate touch a normal part of everyday life. You’ll be learning all about:
  • How to master the 5 sexual archetypes that will stop women from labelling you as a nice guy and start them fantasizing about a romantic adventure with you
  • TRUE OR FALSE?: Most women don’t care about having an emotional connection with a guy they sleep with. This is utterly FALSE! Learn the quickest, easiest way to spike a woman’s emotions so she doesn’t opt out of sleeping with you at the last minute because it feels empty and meaningless
  • Why you should touch in a way that has the woman trying to prove herself to you, and why it’s so important to get her invested in you.
  • CAUTION: These critical flirting mistakes could be costing you sex and intimacy before you even ask the girl on a date.
  • Most men think being smart and funny are the keys to a woman’s heart. Learn why they’re not only the quickest way to end up in the friend zone, but wasted energy that could be better spent on building her attraction towards you
  • Simple roleplays that will get any girl sexually invested in you WITHOUT having to invest hours trying to spike her interest… and how roleplaying will revolutionize your sex life and why most men avoid doing it

Practical Demonstrations of Grounded Masculinity in Week 5:


If you’re a nice guy who has a tendency to play things safe, you’ve probably missed many opportunities because you didn’t pull the trigger when the girl was ready… but how fast is too fast? How should you escalate when she’s really excited and ready to go? What are the signs you should look for? The answers to these questions are revealed in this video.
What about after you’ve had sex… should be touch her in a loving way to deeper your connection? Or be distant so she’ll chase you? Watch this week to discover to perfect balance of touch after sex, to build intimacy without seeming clingy or turning her off.
Accountability Facebook Group and Missions
If you thought you were going to be able to sit back on your couch with a bag of potato chips and cycle through the course content, you’re sadly mistaken. Each week I’ll be giving you homework missions directly related to the topic of the week to make sure you’re not only learning the ideas behind masculine touch, but actually going out and implementing them.
It’s true that if you sign up for the Masculine Touch Blueprint today you will be getting a 5 week course that teaches you everything you need to know about touching women intimately. But I’ve also included a suite of bonuses to ensure you’re staying on track towards your goal of being able to truly connect with women in a natural and intimate way.
 Bonus #1:
In this bonus, you’ll see me do in-depth breakdowns of infield footage that I filmed over last 3 years, where I show real examples of me touching women I met on the street during the day.
You’ll see what’s possible in terms of getting physical and learn that you don’t have to be a crazy dancing monkey to start touching women in a seductive way. The more calm, relaxed, and subtle you are, the better. This works really well for introverted guys.
These infield videos come from the vault of crazy unreleased footage we’ve accumulated over the years, put together into a cohesive package.
  • This bonus is worth $197… but today, I’m throwing it in for free.
 Bonus #2:
When putting together this course I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t giving you a one sided viewpoint and talking on behalf of all women. Instead, I made sure to sit down with four different women and talk to them about how they experience men. Afterall, haven’t you always wanted to ask girls questions like:
What does it feel like to go on a date with a man who doesn’t touch you?
 Why do you want to sleep with some men but only see others as friends?
How do you know a man will be a good lover, and what signs are you looking for when deciding whether to go home with him?

Instead of having to find women who are in touch with themselves and open enough to answer these questions, I’ve done all of the work for you by conducting these bonus interviews, exclusive to the Masculine Touch Blueprint.

Since you’re reading this I imagine you don’t have any women in your life who you could really ask these questions to, and unless you want to ask your mother or sister this is your one chance to get the answers to these kind of questions.

  • As a stand alone interview series this would cost $97, but it’s included for free in the Masculine Touch Blueprint.
 Bonus #3:

A big part of our philosophy at The Natural Lifestyles is recognizing that every man has a different way of expressing himself and connecting with women.

Instead of trying to create a ‘one size fits all’ approach I’ve sat down with coaches such as CEO of The Natural Lifestyles James Marshall, Inner Game Coach Shae Matthews and Tantra Teacher and Sexual Performance Expert Shaney Marie to get their unique perspectives on touch, intimacy and how they connect with women.
This is a great opportunity to build your understanding of natural seduction and piece together the key components of sexual touch by hearing from expert coaches with a combined 30+ years of experience.
  • The combined wisdom of these coaches would set you back thousands in live coaching fees, or $129 as a video course, but today it’s free.
 Bonus #4:

A big part of the journey I’ll be taking you on during the Masculine Touch Blueprint involves circumventing your mind and tapping into something deeper within you.

It’s fine to know the intricate theory of touch and escalation, but having knowledge isn’t necessarily going to mean you’re experiencing a change.

These meditation audios are designed to tap into something deeper within you, to directly access your subconscious mind and rewire the way your brain processes sexual desire and stimulation.

Just like the homework exercises I’m offering this bonus with the assumption that you’re committed to getting involved in the course and applying yourself to the activities like the meditation audios.

  • These kind of audios are typically available for $97 a piece, but today I’m throwing them in for free.
 Bonus #5:

Having been passionate about touch and intimacy with women for so long, along the way I’ve dedicated a lot of time documenting my thoughts and experiences with women.

As a bonus I’m throwing in three of my books which will prove an invaluable resource for you to learn about my seduction journey and expand your awareness of intimate touch.

Rapid Escalation, my first book, details how I first got started in seduction and went on to develop my own style of connecting with women through quickly getting intimate with them.
Tinder Seduction Stories highlights the ways I’ve adapted my mindsets around my own sexuality and women’s sexuality into the digital format. And finally Limitless Seducer documents the successes and lessons of a summer spent trying to do it all; fitness, business, spirituality, and of course, seduction.
  • The combined value of these books is $147, but if you sign up for the Masculine Touch Blueprint I’ll be throwing them in at no extra charge.
 Bonus #6:
During the Masculine Touch Blueprint I’ll be conducting three live webinars where you’ll have to opportunity to ask me any question related to the course material, or touch in general. I know it can seem daunting doing a course like this, worrying about a key component which you just can’t wrap your head around, or stumbling upon something which just doesn’t seem to match your style. So be sure to save your questions for the webinars as this is going to be a great chance for the community to exchange knowledge and grow together.
  • Right now you’d only ever get access to me in this manner through a personal skype coaching sessions which would cost almost $1000. But these webinars will be included for free if you sign up for the Masculine Touch Blueprint today.
 Bonus #7:
This video contains simple techniques and exercises James Marshall learned that allowed him to go from guy who couldn’t stay hard if his life depended on it to a guy who can fuck forever.
James and Shae shared these with me 8 years ago and it completely revolutionized my sex life. So much of the anxiety I had around touch was rooted in knowing how lackluster my performance was in bed. These are actual practical exercises you can start implementing today to make you last longer in bed, have harder erections, and better orgasms, leading to more satisfied partners and a sex life you actually enjoy.
  • This bonus is priceless when you think of how it affects your sex life, and would set you back at least $197 if it purchased on its own.
 Bonus #8:

A big part of our philosophy at The Natural Lifestyles is recognizing that every man has a different way of expressing himself and connecting with women.

Have you ever found yourself getting stuck in deep conversations with women, and never be able to shift into a more lighthearted and playful banter? It’s incredibly common for nice guys to want to avoid small talk and anything that seems frivolous so they can go directly to building a deep connection by peering into a woman’s soul.

The problem is that you end up portraying yourself as a one dimensional man who can’t adapt to the social situation around him. As a final bonus I’ll be sharing with you the secrets of Role Playing.

This simple conversational technique will enable you to lighten the mood of any interaction, allowing you to draw the woman out of the drudgery of her day to day life and step into a more exciting character. You’ll be providing the framework and safety she needs to embody the archetypes of her unfulfilled sexual fantasies, whether she’s becoming the naughty schoolgirl who needs to be punished, or the dangerous femme fatale who’s seducing her boss for that elusive promotion…

Being able to role play is vital in all areas of life since you’re always going to be meeting new people from a range of different backgrounds. By learning to embody different archetypal energies, whether its the boss, the generous host, the free artist, the serious listener, the philosopher… or perhaps the uninhibited, wild alpha beast, you can become a well rounded man who is like a chameleon that can adapt to any social situation.
  • Considering that this is content we’re exclusively teaching on our latest workshops this bonus is worth at least 97$, but I’m throwing it in for FREE with the Masculine Touch Blueprint.
“So, how much does the Masculine Touch Blueprint course cost?”
So Here’s The Deal:

In order to get access to the Masculine Touch Blueprint and learn how to implement intimate touch in your life you’re not going to have to pay a 5 figure sum to train with me on one of our live workshops.

You’re not going to have to invest time and money into random lessons and courses trying to piece together touch and escalation.
And you won’t have to learn the hard way like I did, spending years and years blowing countless opportunities with women until finally unlocking the secrets of Masculine touch.
What you’re learning here is material that is only available on our live workshops. And coupled with the exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else this is a unique opportunity that’s going to completely transform how you connect with women.
So if you’re afraid to touch women and what to know exactly what you need to do, this product is for you. And if you’re already having some luck with women but recognize there are still plenty of opportunities you’re missing, you’re going to truly reach the next level with your game.

You’re not going to have to pay a 4 figure sum of $2200 for this course!


You won’t even have to pay half that $1100
As an exclusive launch price you’re going to be able to access the Masculine Touch Blueprint online course…

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