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J.D. Fuentes – Gut Impact PDF  Description
Gut Impact teaches you how to bypass others’ reasons, so that you can speak straight to their needs and desires. In reading Gut Impact, you will learn how to use an easy, efficient, covert, conversational form of hypnotic command. You will also learn to recognize and motivate specific personality types. As a result, your words will have more impact on those around you than ever before. In reading Gut Impact, you’ll learn to recognize others’ motivations, soothe their feelings, leverage their existing beliefs, smoothly impress new ideas, and inspire new desires–your words will smoothly and pleasurably impress on their thoughts, as smoothly as your thumb imprints the warm wax of a melting candle. You will learn to spot their needs. You will learn to open their hearts. You will learn to guide and drive their feelings. You will learn just how easy and powerful and pleasurable hypnotic communication truly is, because you have ordered Gut Impact…and they will love you for it.

J.D. Fuentes – Power Press

PowerPress: How to Instill an Intense Belief within Yourself in Moments
Do you want a massive impact on your moment to moment experience?
One you can choose to change what you are feeling and thinking, no matter what or who is in front of you?
Do you want to really feel yourself back in complete control?
Then use the PowerPress.

See, there are two basic kinds of pick-up products. One of them has to do with things you say and do externally, with women. The other has to do with what you’re doing in your own head, and in your own body. This second category is sometimes called “Inner Game”– there are lots of products designed for this, but bluntly, most are a bit clunkly and time-consuming. In fact, much of what’s been “developed” for ramping up confidence and the like is actually just a matter of experience– “Go approach a hundred women… and then you’ll feel different!”

It’s a tool for radically shifting your own beliefs– not in an abstract, “mental” way… but in a felt, physical, enduring way.

It’s designed to help you change what your body, your instincts, your gut believes is possible.

You can use it to wrench old, unhelpful beliefs out of yourself… or jam new beliefs into your gut, your spine, your shoulders, your brain.

Use it, and you will feel and believe differently… in moments.

And the more often you use it, the faster you’ll get with it.

Imagine walking into a club full of hot women, believing… in your bones… exactly what you want to believe… in ways women can feel. In ways they naturally respond to. Imagine having complete control over your own beliefs.

Now imagine what having fast, firm control over your beliefs will do for your actions. For the choices you make. For the life you choose to have. For the whole realm of possibilities you haven’t let yourself truly consider.

(And imagine showing a girl how to shift her own beliefs– right then and there! Who’s gonna be her guru now?)

Now expand your mind’s eye view for a moment… and really take in the fact that you can apply this tool to *any *part of your life.

How many parts of your life are held back– not by your actual competence, but by your doubts?

How many things do you avoid becoming masterful at– just because you’re not sure you can… so that you never really try?

Imagine how different your life will be, when you can ram in new convictions and new beliefs– in moments!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

J.D. Fuentes – Sexual Key PDF Download

Sure, Women Can Seem Frustrating.BUT Their Emotions Follow a Specific, UNCONSCIOUS Pattern–a Pattern That You Can Easily Control… Just By Using a Few Simple Words.
Want to SEE
Step-by-Step VISUAL Instructions
for Driving HER Thoughts?

J.D. Fuentes – Speed Seduction On Steroids Download

This is the sexual key complete system on how to take a woman and completely get into her mind and get her to do whatever you want in a good way just by language and emotions. Now anyone who knows about Sexual Key knows its the real secret behind Speed Seduction that Hypnotica and Ross Jeffries, Vince Kelvin dont seem to be able to explain about what is really going on and what they are doing. This guy takes everything they do and it completely helped me understand what all of them were doing and what they were talking about and trying to explain.

With this system I have been able to talk to women and within minutes of meeting them I have been able to make them feel like they have know me forever and they talk to me about things that they say I dont even know why Im telling you this. After about the 3rd time I talk to women using what he teaches and how he teaches it. Im banging them garaunteed. Its been working for me I know it will work for your you. This is the blueprint on how Speed Seduction is really supposed to work.

J.D.Fuentes (Sexualkey.com) – The Magnetic Grid Download

The Magnetic Grid DVD

***NOTE: This is advanced material; you must already own The Sexual Key and understand The Inward Spiral to apply this information.***

It’s one thing to entertain a woman; it’s another thing entirely to make her feel she needs you in her life.

This kind of need–this kind of intense attraction-is what she feels in the presence of a billionaire: this shall satisfy all desires.

The funny thing is, there’s another type of guy that has the same effect on women. And this guy doesn’t satisfy all their material needs.

He usually doesn ‘t come close.

He usually doesn’t even try.

In fact, if anything, they tend to his material needs. And his emotional needs. And his sexual needs. And, not least, his housecleaning needs.

For such a man, things like looks, achievements, and credentials are irrelevant. Even when he has them to offer, he chooses to give women something else.

He does this, because he has something rarer and better. And the more he uses it–the more he gives it out–the more he shares it-the bigger, better, more potent, and more powerful it becomes… and the more brightly his growing charisma shines on all the women he meets.

What is this man’s gift?

His vision.

What is this man’s self-selected role?

The guru.

Playing guru is an art, and there is a structure to this art. Not understanding the structure usually means winding up like a street-corner preacher: much anger, no sex. (Think there might be a connection?)

When you understand this art, you can ditch the tacky handmade signs. You can stop standing on streetcorners, haranguing passersby. You don’t have to dress in robes or wear suits from Goodwill. You don’t have to wave some holy book around.

When you understand the structure underlying this art, you can take your understanding and your newfound skills into any context. You can use them at work, in the bar, in the bedroom. You can use them at the negotiating table or the dinner table, and with people dressed in suits, in sweats, or in a state of perfect undress, naked and oiled on a hot and shimmering beach, their bikinis crumpled and tossed to the edge of the towel. You can put on a black turtleneck and click your way through a Powerpoint presentation, all the while guiding a hushed throng of thousands through rhythmic raptures of revolution, revelation, redemption, and resolve.

Greater than any machine on a pedestal, greater than any device at your fingertips, you wield the power of the grid. It is this invisible grid that marshals and herds others’ fears, wishes, and efforts. It is this grid that makes you both the center of safety and the summit of power-this, in an uncertain world.

This is the power to encircle, channel, and bind the scattered hungers of a woman’s soul.

This power–the power meant to be yours–we call the Magnetic Grid.

What you’ll learn from the Magnetic Grid:

*HOW to assume the role of GURU
*HOW to create a BELIEF-SYSTEM
*HOW to make anything a woman experiences reinforce the power of your BELIEF-SYSTEM… and her HUNGER for your GUIDANCE.
*THREE DIFFERENT WAYS to make your outlandish suggestions incredibly… compelling! Obvious! True!
*HOW to make your world a VIRUS that infects her speech… her mind… her heart!
*HOW to become the ONLY guy who fully “understands” her… without having to listen to her in the first place… so that her pussy and her money are the only ways she can BEGIN to REPAY YOU!
*HOW to make her MENTALLY DIVIDE the world into pain… and the PLEASURE of DOING what you WANT!
*HOW to catch her within a NET of IRREFUTABLE BELIEFS… so that she YEARNS for the CLARITY you can give her!
*HOW to EASILY weave stories from thin air, so her UNCONSCIOUS always has something sweet to suck on!
*HOW to make all her past choices the PROOF that she should do what you desire… and JUST GO AHEAD and spread ’em!
*HOW to EASILY make her FEEL YOUR POWER… just as quickly as she FEELS the HEAT and TINGLING in her panties!
*HOW to QUICKLY, EASILY, SMOOTHLY move the conversation, and her feelings, into the world of LOVE and PASSION and INTENSE ALL-ENVELOPING NEED!

Advanced and Supplemental Materials

Here you can learn about our advanced Sexual Key videos, as well as some of our other products. The videos assume an understanding of Sexual Key, and the Inward Spiral model of the female psyche; as they will make little sense without them, I suggest that you get them only after you get Sexual Key.

The other products listed you can use even before you understand Sexual Key.

Advanced Sexual Key Video Sets
Build on the power of the Inward Spiral!

The Sexual Key Audio CD set teaches you how to use the Inward Spiral, an incredibly powerful model of how women feel and think, so that you can grab hold of their emotions and make them melt as you talk to them.

Our advanced materials teach you to build on this foundation, so that you get results even more quickly, more deeply, and more easily.

Note: you must already be familiar with Sexual Key, and the Inward Spiral model, for the advanced material on these videos to make sense to you… and make your life even more fun!

J.D.Fuentes (Sexualkey.com) – The Outward Spike Download

SK Video: the Outward Spike (DVD format)

“Challenge her! Make her excited! Show her you’re the prize!” You’ve heard this before–and hey, it sounds good. But how do you actually do it? What do you look for? How do you act? What do you say?

Now you’re going to find out.

Includes the “Rings of Resistance,” your simple system for moving her in just the right way–based on where her emotions actually are, as she’s standing there in front of you.
Seduce Women with Hypnosis and Sexual Key!
Hot, cold, bored, tranced–whatever she’s feeling, you’ll now know what to do at each stage to nudge her to the next level!

Picture this:
You’ve stopped a hot chick someplace. You’re using SK with her, she’s getting hot, her eyes have got that fuck-me shine to them.

You keep going-you’re grinning, teasing, you’re shifting your shoulders, shifting your hips-your body’s making all kinds of little movements that show her you’re a sexual powerhouse.

Then something changes.

She leans back in her seat. Her eyes go dull, her arms fold beneath her breasts.

Something’s building inside her, and it’s not good.

You successfully outwait her, and at last she talks-but what she says isn’t what you want to hear.

Suddenly her life is full of intricacies and obligations, all of which prevent her from spending time with you.

Not that she’d want to.

Not that she knows you.

Not that she cares to know you.

Etc., etc., etc.

Congratulations– you’ve just felt the sharp end of the Outward Spike.

The Outward Spike is the hidden complement to the Inward Spiral. The Inward Spiral is a woman’s process for exciting herself; the Outward Spike is her process for getting screechy, needy, hostile, and bitchy.

And when you understand this process-when you understand the Outward Spike-you can turn it around. You can turn the tables. You can turn her flashes of resistance and hostility into excitement and arousal.

Or picture this:

You’ve elected to build multiple long-term relationships for yourself. You’re happy, they’re happy. Things are great.

Suddenly something hits a snag. One of your women turns edgy, guarded. She moves on to sulking, and then, before you know it, she’s picking a fight. You’re tempted to call up Girl 2 or Girl 3 or Girl 4, or maybe just go find Girl 5, but then it occurs to you: Hell, they can all get like this once in a while. And it’s not always driven by menstrual cycles–sometimes a girl just gets weird, and whatever explanation she gives for her feelings makes no sense.

This, too, is the Outward Spike.

Wouldn’t you rather avoid this?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time having fun? Isn’t that better than fighting? Instead of letting her suck your time and energy, wouldn’t it be better for all concerned if she just sucked you off?

Wouldn’t you rather see her edginess become eagerness?

Wouldn’t be fun if every time you see a woman get cool, you know you’ve an opportunity to make her even warmer than she was before, because her attraction is now solid and real?

You already know the answer.

See, I’m sure you’ve heard suggestions to “be aggressive” and “go for what you want” and “don’t settle for her bullshit, be firm about pursuing your desires”… and you may have thought, “Okay, but what now? How do I do this?”

Now you have an answer. Just as the process of exciting and inspiring her has a structure, the process of shaking her out of her defensive reflexes, out of her bitchiness, and into respect and impulsiveness and the desire to do something, now has a structure, too.

Sexual Key II: the Outward Spike is super-concise and super-efficient–it’s all boiled down to an easily-watchable two-VHS set. There’s no filler, no “entertainment,” no weekend-killing, clock-watching, time-wasting blather–it’s pure info, pure technique, pure power.

The whole thing is on two videocassettes, and the total running time is under one hour.

What the hell? A video set that’s less than an hour? Yes! It’s packed with tons of info–and this comes in simple, easily remembered formulas. Don’t settle for watching a video set that will teach you four or five techniques in the space of ten hours–instead, get the Outward Spike, spend an hour and emerge with a dozen new tools in your toolbox! A fast running time plus tons of info means you can practice easily and learn quickly. It’s all step-by-step, so it’s all easy to learn and actually use… so you get real results, as quickly as possible.

No entertainment, no filler; it’s pure info, and pure power!

The Outward Spike gives you back your power, so you can make your own entertainment… and you can fill her yourself!

Here’s what you’ll learn when you get the Outward Spike:

*WHY she loves emotion, and WHAT your use of emotion gives her… so YOU can FEED her this at YOUR LEISURE!
*WHAT she doesn’t know… YEARNS to know… and HOW you can use this to RATCHET her ATTRACTION through the ROOF!
*HOW she makes sense of events, and what you can do to FORCE-FEED your interpretations of the world DEEP into her THROAT!
*WHAT her resistance and hostility really mean… and how to turn these emissions of anger into PORTALS of PLEASURE!
*HOW to turn her over, when she tries to cut you down!
*HOW to pull on the SIMPLE LITTLE HOOK that will make her bite all she can of your BadBoy bait!
*HOW to tear away her social veil, and get to the NEED she tries to hide BEHIND it!
*HOW to INSTANTLY turn the tables, so you’re back on top, and she’s back DOWN on her KNEES, BOWING to PLEASE!
*HOW to EASILY, SPONTANEOUSLY come up with things to push her buttons and yank on her leash!
*HOW to turn her SUBSERVIENCE to the opinions of her friends and family into the INCENTIVE that will make her want to pay you in HONEY-SWEET PLEASURE!
*HOW to make teasing and prodding her and making her giggle as she accepts your power as simple and easy as SWATTING a FLY! No thought, all ACTION!
*HOW to COMBINE the POWER of the most important things you’ve learned into something as INSTINCTIVE as GRABBING at GOLD!
*HOW to penetrate her RINGS of RESISTANCE, so no matter what she does or says, you can connect instantly with what the Little Girl INSIDE her is BEGGING you to GIVE HER! NOW, AT LAST–you have an INSTINCTIVE RESPONSE for every move she makes in the conversation. Her various twists and turns require DIFFERENT KINDS of RESPONSES, and your pick-up is directly related to your ability to shift styles, based on where she’s at! But since you want to counter all her shifts, and since SK II is FINALLY available, you need to do only one thing–get the Outward Spike video set, now!

JD Fuentes – ‘GBSS’ Gender Based Subliminal Selling Download

JD Fuentes – The sexual key – How to use the structure of female emotion to arouse a woman in minutes

JD Fuentes (Sexual Key) – ‘Rousing the Lion’

JD Fuentes – The Energetic Wave – First Third PDF Download