60 Years of Challenge – Total Seduction Download

60 Years Of Challenge – Total Seduction Course (70 Videos + 18 Documents (PDF) + 43 MP3 )

60 Years of Challenge – The Secret System (4 Modules)

60 Years of Challenge – The Seducers Mastermind Club

Created by Sixty (Chris Andersen), the Automatic Seduction Mastermind Club is an optional bonus membership program, and an addition to purchasing Automatic Seduction.

Access to the Mastermind Club begins with a no cost 1-month trial. After the trial, you will be billed $39.97 per month for five months.

The membership training program teaches more advanced skills for building a lifestyle with women. Each week you will receive new techniques and methods including:
– Exclusive coaching videos
– Audio sessions
– Pickup tactics
– Advanced seduction techniques

It takes you through the seduction process and breaks down the “entire game” into the 10 core skills necessary to get laid and date hotter girls, including tactics for getting women into bed. Other areas covered include starting conversations, fast escalation, and getting sexual.

60 Years of Challenge – Auto-Seduction Video Demos

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TS6YC.part4.rar – 1.95 GB
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TS6YC.part7.rar – 1.95 GB
TS6YC.part8.rar – 166.96 MB